Mars and Violence in Nature

Mars vintage fabric patchBusted asks on the Christopher Walken, Rambo and the Ballet blog: What sign is the soldier’s Mars in? And if someone who has Mars opposite Saturn who “mastered (Saturn) their fighting skills (Mars)” what are the negative manifestations of that aspect, you think?

Busted the soldier’s Mars is debilitated on Cancer, in mutual reception with his debilitated Moon in Scorpio. I am not sure I get the question about mastery. I guess if someone is skilled they can use their skills for good or ill but if they use them for good then I see no downside.

Problem with Mars / Saturn is it’s violent and some people operate with idea violence can be eradicated from the planet which I think is ludicrous.

So if you accept violence as part of life, it becomes obvious we are in need of people willing to meet violence with violence. Because as any of the people who have been beaten to death by a violent person could tell you, asking the person who is beating and killing them to please stop was completely ineffective.

So I think this energy is like any other energy. It exists in nature and is neutral until it’s directed.

Do you think violence is something that will always crop up in nature?

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  1. Anyone who lives with a cat knows about violence in nature . . . too many people live in urban areas and have become artificially removed the natural cycles of Life. I completely agree about violence being neutral until humans enter the picture – then all bets are off!

  2. Hey Elsa,

    Thanks for that information. I find that really interesting. How do you (or anyone else) account for the soldier’s Mars being debilitated and yet him living such a successfully “martial” life? What counters the debilitation in your opinion?

    I’m asking because I have Mars in Pisces — not a good placement by all accounts. But it’s conjunct my Sun, opposite Uranus and Pluto, and disposited by Jupiter in Aries. It’s been a weird combo to handle. The Mars energy is ANY-thing but sluggish and Piscean,but it’s been difficult to channel effectively.

    Anyone else? Who has planets in what are traditionally considered weak positions, but where those placements are offset by others that give it a different tone, or even contradicted it? How has it worked out?


  3. violence is an essential element of natural processes.
    go look at the birth of a star? that’s a massive explosion on galactic scales.
    spiders are violent violent creatures that also get the ants who are heading for our food. i’m having these conversations often with my son. he’s been fascinated with (trying to understand) death ever since he saw the elderly family dog die when he was 2 1/2. he still remembers it….

    violence is an element of universal processes. we get to choose how to direct ours, though.

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