New Moon in Scorpio 2023: Mars Uranus – A Positive View

reset buttonThe 2023 new moon in Scorpio on November 13th will conjoin Mars and oppose Uranus. The aspects are tight.  You can see the chart here.

Mars Uranus is famous for accidents as well as surprise attacks.  This energy is dangerous by anyone’s standards but I’m just not into hiding under my bed.

There’s no doubt this new moon could bring war (Mars) that shocks (Uranus). I’ll cover this later. This post is about YOU and devising ways to use this powerful energy.

We keep hearing about the Great Reset. Well that is out my hands.  But what if I wanted to have my own “great reset”? Surely this is possible! If it wasn’t no one would ever lose 100 pounds, yet this happens. When I went back to take a fresh look at this upcoming new moon, I thought, the time is now.

Mars is self-directed. Me, Me, Me!
Uranus updates and innovates.

See where I’m going?

The sun and moon represent your vital life energy and your emotional state.  Do you want to hand things over to whoever; let your life and mood be dictated to you? Or might you take your liberation into your own hands?

Detaching (Uranus) is a tactic (Mars) but you may not even need that.  Might you act (Mars) differently? Feel differently (Moon)? Live (Sun) differently?  It’s you life, your emotion, and your power (Mars in Scorpio) to liberate and unleash.

We set intentions for new moons. This one is so charged, you may want to get a jump on it.  Start thinking about what you want (Mars), who you want to be (Sun) and how you want to feel (Moon).  This, as opposed to waiting to see what happens to you, which is utterly against what this energy describes.

The idea living your life as a helpless spectator could also be called, “failure to thrive”.  Mars is about trying, striving, initiating.  Mars Uranus – independent action! Sometimes you need (moon) to do (Mars) something drastic (Uranus / Pluto-ruled Scorpio).

If you’re distracted by what others are doing, you’ll miss this boat. Here’s a song to play in your head as you make your move!

Who’s in the mood to change their life?

33 thoughts on “New Moon in Scorpio 2023: Mars Uranus – A Positive View”

  1. Does it never end? Pluto on my ascendant, and now this smack on my midheaven and opposite my 4th house cusp. Should I batten down the hatches?

  2. The owners of the place I bartend own several restaurants in the area. They have been working hard to open a brewery/distillery with other restaurants and all in the same building. We have nothing like this in our town. Tonight is opening night in the speakeasy which is my new domain. I’ve been working behind the scenes on this for over a year now. It’s been quite a transition and I feel like such a fresh start is allowing me to break old habits quickly and this moon will be a jolt in the new direction I’ve already been taking. I’m excited and the astrology is all there.

  3. Yes its the time for change ! Venus on my AC, the new moon on the midpoint of my moon and mars in scorpio in the 2nd and jupiter conjunct my south node. In the last few days I have finally got the handle on a financial issue that hung around for a long time with lots of attempts to move beyond/solve it and I can SEE the end of it and how it will BOOOST my confidence and really feels like a new start of a new chapter.
    I know by now that I kinda regress in times of ‘nothing going on; what some people call ‘peace and harmony all around’ and thrive in times of crisis – I have always sought challenge and adventure but not the sporty type – more like going the other way and looking into corners that others avoid going near. I’m not boasting, I often didn’t even know how I got there, it’s an attraction of sorts that draws me in.
    And I observe how this energy of the last 2 weeks can wreck havoc and at the same time do good…example is that my friend in Israel has tried for years to open doors for the trauma therapy we teach together and was stonewalled by the status quo and now, in all the turmoil and need, doors open and she just walks through and makes a difference.(She’s a Capricorn and although she’s totally not interested in astrology I see everything happening in her life now played out in her chart) Another friend published his Bachelor Thesis on the same therapy as an intervention for mass trauma a few days ago and his work went straight through to the right people on the other end of the world.
    I’ve also been working behind the scenes on a restructuring of an organisation since March – and begin to see the results, no need to do anything, its as if the earth moves because of what’s happened below the surface without anyone noticing..

    Thank you Elsa, again.

  4. I have Mars Uranus natally. Mars is the co ruler of my chart, in Virgo, in the 11th. I tend to get cuts and scrapes on my hands and knees, sometimes while trying to protect myself from the very accident I end up having. 😬😬😅

    I had a look at transits for Nov 13. That opposition is in my 1st 7th and my natal Venus Saturn conjunction squares it. I’m due for a reunion with my parents who I haven’t seen in 4 years or spoken to since my birthday in July. That didn’t end well. 😳

    I have to speak to my brother who I also haven’t seen in almost 5 years or really had a conversation with in all of that time, to organise their travel arrangements to see me. 😳

    Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m really looking forward to this configuration at all! 😟

  5. Trines everywhere! This new moon will trine my Venus Pisces and my Mars Cancer, which are both in a trine themselves natally. Oh actually, the New Moon will complete a Grand Trine 😊

    Uranus is also at the Midpoint of my Venus and Mars (sextile both).

    Hopefully very nice, and full of spice! 😉

  6. “Start thinking about what you want (Mars), who you want to be (Sun) and how you want to feel (Moon).”

    Just reading that got me revved up!

    Also, that’s my favorite Fleetwood Mac song ever…great song for driving on an wide-open road.

  7. This probably doesn’t fit the theme of “positive view” but wanted to bring up a peculiarity. Joe Biden born 11-20-1942
    Ali Khamenei 4-19-1939
    Since I have no control over any of this crap, I will do my best to take care of myself, which is enough.

  8. Thanks for your positive and courageous approach Elsa. I’ll come out from under the bedcovers where I’ve been lurking for two days with Pluto on my Asc. My poor Scorpio sister who is in mourning for her first-born has this eclipse on her birthday, I feel all this planetary Energy in my body ( biologically psychic) and waiting for the other shoe to drop. 7am here…I’ll take a hot shower, have breakfast and a dose of Swedish Bitters, feed the birds and go for a walk.

  9. Interesting to say the least!

    Uranus is directly on top of my natal moon in the 8th house 21 Taurus,
    which opposes my sun/mars conjunction in the 2nd. My natal Sun 22 Scorpio, which is where mars is, and my natal mars is 17 Scorpio. Endings/Beginnings/Surprises…..bring it on!!!

  10. It’s on my birthday! I turn 50 and I have a natal mars uranus opposition. I really could use a year of upgrades and progress. Working to become fit & healthy seems like mountain to climb, I want good health more than anything. After coming of long covid, energy come back has been slow, hopefully this birthday lunation might do the trick ?

    1. Happy birthday!

      May I humbly suggest you look at your bloods to see that everything is in order (thyroid working, adrenals working, no iron deficiency, no Vitamin D deficiency) and if that offers up no clues, to investigate your gut (any symptoms there that might compromise food absorption) before you start supplementing. I’ve found Peruvian Maca powder to be very helpful for energy. However, I should warn you that it tastes like dirt. 😁

  11. I host a New Moon Salon in my home every month again. (Was on hiatus during covid..) and I am going to use the info in this post as a guidepost for us when we meet this coming weekend.. thank you! I love introducing your work to others,Elsa.And it is a potent time, that’s for sure. We need to be ON this energy! this New Moon falls in my 8th and I am feeling a pull towards my mediumship studies, and also deep dive into how I wish to experience the next few months when holiday times brings out a lot of stress in others..I want peace and depth of Spirit this year, cookies, move nights, and long walks.. not into the rush rush rush scene..lots of soul searching this week! Also delving deeply into astrology studies this week..

  12. I sure am, My birthday is the 17th. Joined the ymca, hoping to lose some weight, regain some health. It seems as soon as I get up, I get knocked down again. Just woke up sick with the flu.

    1. My is the 16th Happy Birthdays to us, Opalina!!
      A brand new grand daughter arrived just as Saturn turned direct, last Saturday. We preparing to visit her later in the month!! Embracing the new with enthusiasm!!!

  13. Avatar
    Bob (in Australia)

    Hi Elsa
    Thanks for the heads up.
    I’ve got this activating a Grand Cross between Jupiter,Mars,Uranus & Chiron in my Progressed Chart, so the urge to remove myself from the dynamics of close relationships which trigger me (and them) is even stronger. It gets a bit lonely not being able to connect on the same level, particularly when you know they are hurting.
    Best left alone, unfortunately.
    On a more positive note (as per your advice), the conjunction is smack bang on my ascendant so I am acutely aware of the discomfort and can transmute the energy constructively for my own use creatively. Tower moments are tough for everyone (even collectively), no matter what stage you are at. That’s why we came here.
    You have a great New Moon and take extra care!

    1. Copy that down- under.
      Catch you on the flip side as it were.
      Sorry couldn’t resist it. Have a great day. If you haven’t noticed take a deep dive into why gravity is diminishing with suspicious observers YT.

  14. Hi Elsa. Ur transiting 1H/NN. natally in the 8H. I’m under surveillance and followed by an obsessed prick trying to keep me scared inside the house. Any advice considering this is all happening in the 7H? I’d book a consultation but truly this person is out to get me and whoever I get in contact with that they deem is not “fit” to their agenda.

  15. No good reason to go Rome the fields today. Staying home to guard the wife and daughter both well? One a Phoenix the other a Scorpio. 🤭
    Taurus Aries Capricorn ever rising.
    Wolkup with pressure in the third eye. Must be a major download incoming.

  16. Oh My Gosh!

    Three personal planets around 20-21 degrees Scorpio, 10th house (Sun, Venus, Jupiter).
    Now Mars, Sun, Moon on those too?! Phew!
    Total reset? Erhm… How about a tsunami of change?! And, I hope, in good way!

    Birthday coming up on the 12th of November. This will be the bang of the entire shit-year I’ve had, I suspect. It has already started , I have been “influenzaed” this with a fever so high I haven’t experienced it in almost 20 years since Monday. Perhaps the final purging before the whole clock turns a reset?!

    Well, anyhow, going for a job interview on the 14th, this will probably be ahem… powerful.

  17. it’s been beautiful, so far.
    but it lights up my t square that’s been vexing me forever… so i’m learning new ways to solve really old problems…

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