Living To Your Potential & What Is That, Anyway?

Potential“How can you assess how much someone is using of the potential in their chart? I ask myself this as: what am I doing with what I’ve got? Because, someone can only meet you to the extent they have met themselves.”

– Reader from Boston

Oh!  A person’s elusive potential! Generally speaking, I see people doing a lot better than they think they are.  This is particularly true now, perhaps due to Saturn in Pisces which can make a person imagine they are failing.

The general stress right now is also super destructive. It makes it hard to pull yourself together and be or look your best; or whatever it is you’re trying to do.  Still, I find people are doing remarkably well considering what they’re having to deal with.

I also think “potential” is variable.  Who has never been wonderful by day, bitch by night?  So we’re all just trying.  But when I do remark how well someone is using their gifts, it’s astounding how their energy come together.  I can delineate this for them and invariably, they’re surprised, to see their whole chart, lit up and functioning.

On some level, your energy is like your hair. If it’s curly, it’s curly; whether you mind it or not.  You have an option to futz with it of course.

I worked with a gal over the weekend. When we got on the phone, her life was chaotic and out of control.  You know that feeling of massively screwing up?  It scares you when you feel this way. Like, oh my God, if I screwed that, what other stupid thing am I going to do next. It’s easy for a person falls into a pit of despair over this – their hologram wretchedness?

In reality, this gal was right on top what she needed to be doing.  Specially, she had a Mars Saturn conjunction squaring Mercury; you can imagine what that thing can do. Uranus is transiting.  So maybe she went off, or maybe she just thought she went off. But from my perspective, she was living: taking action to try to accomplish something.  Mars Saturn!

The Uranus transit, suggests she should experiment with how she uses her skills.  Mars risks, you know?  If you fail, you learn. So let’s say she modifies her tactics. I think this would be good, but either way, she’s expressing the potential of her energy.


As another example, let’s say you have Saturn active.  You can be afraid, you can block, you can persevere, etc. These are all potentials that are entirely appropriate depending on your circumstance.  I also don’t think any of us has the potential to be perfect! The challenge is to do your best in the moment, where “best” is wildly variable.

I guess we’re all living works of art. We’re performing in a way. If you see it that way, some performances are better than others. If you do your best in the moment, that’s all there is.  That was your potential in that moment.

What am I doing with what I’ve got?”

You may be asking if you’re slacking here.  If your goal is to avoid that, the concept of a self-exam (nightly) is powerful. Basically you mull and evaluate your own actions over the course of the day. This includes your inactions as well. You’re looking at what you did or didn’t do.

You can imagine how clarifying this. If you make this a practice, you’ll always have a pretty good idea where you’re at. If there is a certain area where you consistently fail, you can focus on it. Astrology helps with that, a lot.

I can also equate this to cooking. I have various ingredients around and this or that leftover. I come up with a meal that will utilize what I have on hand.

I make the meal and then realize I could have made this other, better thing. Oops! In my nightly exam, I can note, I should have used that enchiladas sauce, but am I still okay, utilizing my potential? I say yes.

Do you feel you live to your potential?

8 thoughts on “Living To Your Potential & What Is That, Anyway?”

  1. You’re reading my mind or picking up my vibes. Sitting here “doing nothing in particular “ I caught myself. It’s been a hectic detail thick couple months. We’re planning a plane trip for the 1st time in 15 years.
    I’ve got most of the pieces in place or at least the questions or most the answers in play. I can pace myself without stressing unnecessarily.
    My Saturn-Mars conjunction often presses
    I have a natal Uranus sextile to that conjunction so seeing another option is there in the wings, too.
    Potential and performances yea those two; you can’t get the part if you don’t audition.

    Hmm this was very helpful ❤️

  2. Great wisdom, but I can’t do the reflection on a days work in the evening. I tried and failed. I do it in the morning, effortless. More often than not, my mind has sorted the stuff for me overnight. I know what’s important and what can wait, I have solutions and ideas, all it needs is a bit of quiet time after waking up. I’m super grateful for this powerful creativity of the mind.

  3. I was just reflecting upon this topic a couple of days ago. There is so much more I want to actualise/achieve. I need to put pen to paper and write it all out with a plan and timeframes.

  4. No not by a long shot. I did to a point when I was younger. I wa willing to take risks as I was well supported.
    Now retired, I’m stuck. I know I’ll become unstuck eventually, but I don’t see the point in striving while living in a very restrictive environment that is rife with unpredictability. I am hoping to reach more of my potential in a year or two- mulling, planning. This should be when Saturn reaches the middle-end of my 4th House (Pisces). The NN will be transiting there as well which goes nicely with my 12th House Sun. Creating a sanctuary at home. If I can do that once I find my NEW home, I can take that energy out into the World.

  5. First,I think that your support and encouragement for all of us in these trying and unbelievable times, is critical. Everyone is so raw…

    I am an elder now.I had a lot of “”potential” when I was in high school, a partial scholarship and all that.. but I felt like getting married and having my baby by the time I was 20; my Dad used my college fund for my wedding. I enjoyed being a hippie chick, mamma, wife and astrologer for many years.Was I slacking? I don’t think so. (Life has chapters..) At my Saturn return I embraced some of that other “potential” once again and went back to school and became a Nurse Practitioner. Spent a couple of decades enjoying life, but probably was a workaholic, managed my husband’s office while holding own a nursing job,PTA time, fitness , travel with the hubby, astrology clients..whew, makes me tired to even recall all that, but I was content.. and enjoyed being “productive.I have tons of CARDINAL energy in my chart..SO I figure I am ALWAYS living up to my potential..I rarely hesitate to ACT! (For better or worse..) it’s just that MY idea of WHAT potential I am activating may be different than my parents friends, my society, seem to think!! When I ask myself now, in the evening before bedtime, if I am living up to my potential,I feel like being retired,cooking, having a few astrology clients, and doing as I please from day to day is good enough.. Hardest thing for many seems to be owning their OWN ideas of their potential and separating it from “expectations” of others.. An accurate astrologer, such as yourself,Elsa, is the MOST HELPFUL THING I CAN THINK OF for those who are still contemplating their strengths and their challenges.. and for figuring out how to design a decent life…

  6. Wow, your lead is so powerful & useful, Elsa, thank you!
    “I shd have used that enchiladas sauce, but am I still okay, utilizing my potential? I say yes.”
    What I hear — from your post & the so-rich responses –❤️❤️❤️🌟🌟🌟 is *use the transits* like Moki to help w/what to focus on, how to use the day. A daily practice, “what you did or didn’t do” (I love Su’s overnight “effortless” sorting, morning clarity). And Madeline’s using our “own ideas of… potential & separating it from expectations of others”. I’ll hold these in my heart as I move fwd, thank you!

  7. Avatar
    Hildegards Noviciate

    wow…this explains waking up every night at 3pm for a pep talk. pieces is in my 6th house. that means “Am I healthy enough? Are all my family healthy enough? Why aren’t I stricter in my diet and looking for jobs where I can use my potential. What IS my full potential BTW?…” and the talk goes on for about an hour u til my eyes get tired and I go back to sleep.
    I just finished my Aquarius Saturn Return which was relatively mild. I forgot Saturn is now going through my 6th house of Pisces (jupiter and Chiron there).so I’m sure Jupiter is expanding my worries way out of control.

  8. Love love love this😘 I am constantly trying. I am unashamed in my conversations with myself to try to be easy on myself and at the same time forward love love love this.

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