Saturn Transit The Second House: Your Real Values


Saturn is currently transiting my 2nd house.  I’ve written about this transit in regards to earning your self-esteem. I thought I’d elaborate seeing as I’m living this transit now.

The second house is concerned with money and tangible goods. Buying is restricted. I’m not in financial trouble, but inflation is real as is the burden (Saturn) of clutter. The 2nd house collects and it can get out of hand.  Do I have enough “stuff”? I think I do.

I’m also working to define (Saturn) my values (2nd house).   This is where the stress comes in.

The opposing 8th house rules the collective and acts like a vortex. I labor  to get a boundary in place, separating myself and my values from that of the collective.   I’m surprised at the power of the pull to assimilate.  It’s a lesson for me in the value of  the Taurean qualities being stubborn and immovable.

You could say I’ve decided that I (my self esteem) and my values are worth defending (Saturn).  I think this transit is tied to the Blog Pass idea; my energy has value. Not than anyone has to agree.  This is the whole point of this transit.  What do I value? How do I value it?

With Neptune ruling my second house, I tend to give people value in endless ways, without expectation of getting anything back. I’m talking about time, energy, money, scones, lasagna, vegetables, meat, entire homemade dinners, deserts for a wedding when I don’t even know the people getting married, etc. I also give people tons of rope, tons of leeway… all of these things are being checked right now.

If you doubt me, and this is funny, my husband came home the other night to no dinner.  Do you think this has ever happened before? Ever? EVER? It hasn’t.

I hope this helps someone see this transit is about a lot more than being scared you won’t have money. It’s your chance to value yourself, appropriately.

Now if you think too much of yourself, you’ll get checked during this transit. You’ll be humbled. In my case, I’ve been thinking too little, and this is what you see changing. It feels like a big heavy object on me. I’m pushing it off, and God help you if you try to stop me. It’s time.

Is Saturn transiting your 2nd house? How’s it going?

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  1. I have Pluto in Scorpio in the second and Venus in eighth house and when Saturn was in my second house I think around 2017-2020, I got REALLY REALLY into decluttering after reading Marie Kondo and Fumio Sasaki ‘s books on sparking joy and minimalism. I still buy a lot of stuff (ingrained consumerist brain) but I give away a lot of stuff, some of it worth quite a bit of monetary value.

    I also have naturally low self esteem so I have a tendency to overcompensate with giving a lot of my time, energy, and other resources. I have Neptune in the 4th, so being a martyr is a family mindset passed down throughout the generations.

    1. I get a lot of joy from giving. I feel it’s right and natural; it comes from my heart an automatic, authentic way.

      But I also feel undervalued, taken for granted and also abused at times, so this is what I’m addressing. Quid pro quo.

      1. Ah, yup, this is what happened during my Saturn in the 2nd house. This transit did make me really go through a lot of self reflection. Still going through it after all this years.

      2. I want to say something that I feel is important. I have Saturn in the 2nd house. I WORK my ass off, particularly in health care, in a home dealing with old folks with dementia.

        I always pack my linen carts for the following shift. Bedding, towels, everything. I never get it back in return. People question why I do this. People say I am obsessive and have OCD. I could just give up, but I have such a strong belief in what I’m doing… the selfless value of giving without getting back. I do it also because it defines me as a person. When you see it, you know it’s me. Some people (the good ones) may try to give back, but perhaps I do all this hard labor because I feel grounded when I do. I feel it’s right in my soul.

        1. Kudos to you Mike! I also try to lead by example, and do what feels right to me, and my soul, no matter what anyone else chooses. It can be extremely tough when this energy is not returned, but I’ve still found it feels better to just do the thing.

          It is noticed, I think the effects are just longer-term than we would like them to be. I’ve seen how powerful others’ examples can be to my clients in the long run within my coaching work. Hugs!

  2. Twenty five years ago, Tr Saturn ingressed into my Pisces-Aries-Taurus 2H. At that time, my children receiving a solid education (Piscean goal) was important (2H) so it necessitated a move to a better public school district. I pushed (Aries) my husband hard and got him on board with this subject. Then I worked with a good real estate agent and found a home (Taurus).

    A side note, my 5H of children is ruled by Gemini (primary education) and Cancer (my family). I believe learning is fun! Also, my mother was an primary school teacher.

  3. A lot of the food sharing genorosity may also take in Cancer 7th, because 7th shows how we exchange or treat others. Having Pisces in 2nd makes it hard to get with the human “materialist” programme, it’s much more spiritual and transcends those rules or notions. However this can be detrimental at times as we need to live within the material world and in a body (the body and senses are key to Taurus experience), also to self esteem – if there is a free floating sense of self, self value. Transcendence of self (ego) is very valuable but at times strong boundaries are needed, especially with the other (8th). Uranus and Jupiter transiting Taurus are part of any 2nd house journey at the moment, because they are helping us all define the self, true self, and self worth. So I think it’s a good time to have Saturn there, working in concert with them.

  4. I have Pluto and Saturn in my 2nd house of Scorpio as well. I obsess and fear about my money and earning abilities, and ultimately about my abilities to survive.

    But I always try to remember, what I need in order to survive is deep within my psyche (and soul), and that depth is all I need to stay alive.

  5. I also have Saturn transiting my second house, although I use Placidus so this causes my second house to begin at 14° Aquarius and I feel this process has been going on for quite a while. While Pluto has surely played a role due to how it’s been hitting my chart, Saturn retrograde has offered the most powerful insights. I’m cleaning house, but mainly when it comes to my unbalanced relationships.

    I’ve always loved to give to others, it just makes me happy to make others happy. Especially when it’s my specific brand of giving. However, I have noticed how unbalanced things can get over time. People get used to it and stop appreciating it, or maybe they never did. I’m sure there’s been some self-delusion here.

    But recently I have gotten to the point where I’m ready to start over completely, if need be, to ensure things feel more balanced. I just care too much about me to be taken advantage of anymore. I keep thinking to myself, “I’ll burn it all to the ground if I must.” I’m more willing to take risks because I feel more confident in my abilities, and I just don’t care so much about “failing” anymore.

    A little over the top perhaps, haha, but as I become a more authentic version of myself I just can’t accept anything less than equality in my energy exchanges (overall). Thank you Saturn for helping me see my value and stand up for myself.

  6. “The opposing 8th house rules the collective and acts like a vortex. I labor to get a boundary in place, separating myself and my values from that of the collective. I’m surprised at the power of the pull to assimilate. It’s a lesson for me in the value of the Taurean qualities being stubborn and immovable.”
    So right, Elsa. I have the same transit and detachment is coming easy, finally; although nothing is going to stop me from calling my Scorpio mother out, I’m afraid — blame my Aries Sun, perhaps. 🙂

  7. Saturn will be in my first for quite some time but it’s good to think ahead and learn what it means when it travels through the 2nd house.
    I have Chiron in my second, so I do relate to what’s being discussed. I think self worth/esteem is what it comes down too. I think if we focus on increasing our self worth, earning more money is likely.

  8. Saturn was in my second house capricorn. Combined with pluto so much loss. Lost my husband 2019. My brother at the end of the transit. Financially I was able to get myself back on track at the end of it.

  9. It hit my 2nd during the lockdown, and I lived somewhere that didn’t really recover and had to move states. I am still trying to parse the past three years out. Suffice it to say though, regarding money, the lockdown/inflation combo had driven my personal cost of living in that city up over $16,000 a year, I couldn’t afford to stay, though with the severe entropy there, I didn’t want to. Like I said, I’m still trying to make sense of that time, and it still doesn’t make any. It was very tough, the whole dang transit.

  10. Saturn is transiting my 2nd house, and I love the opportunity to know it’s a time to value myself appropriately, as you put it Elsa. Several links in life are presenting themselves at this time: Pluto finished transiting my 12th house not long ago. I’ve come to know the taste of humble pie.
    Just recently my intuition suggested a shift in perspective from Equal House to Placidus in dividing up the 12 houses in my chart. That shift moves house placement for the Moon’s North and south Nodes. (and my Sun placement) With Saturn transiting my 2nd House my values and my North Node in Taurus 4th House with Uranus closely conjunct that combo gives me plenty of material to get real, innovative and surprising.
    I’m a grand mother of two now; family and internal personal values play large now. Public life not so much now. I have a second chance to make things right .
    If I play my cards right me and my family generations into the future will be spiritually grounded in meaningful relationships with the seen and unseen . It’s hard work, very few free rides, but I am not alone; I’m gonna give it a go!

  11. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I have Aries 2H Saturn in natal chart – seeking balance between giving and giving too much. I have been learning and applying what healthy giving is and also how to value AND give to myself. I have spent much of my life undervaluing me and my hard work and always putting others first. Life long lesson.

  12. Interesting post. Some things is beginning to make a kind of sense now. Because with Pisces in my 2nd, this giving thing is real and I help people earn money when I get none of it myself.

    Then, you get to a point where you start to become pretty darn resentful, when you need THEM.

    I am beginning to learn to be more discerning with my time and effort and who I help. I need to learn to say “What’s in it for ME” too… SN in Libra and NN in Aries transit seems to underscore this!

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