On Being A Picky Snob

snobMy husband and I were talking about a person we know. There are very few people he loves or likes or cares to be around.  Consequently he’s lonely. He doesn’t like this either.

I am like this myself to an extent. Time seems so limited, and thanks to my Aquarian parents, who I resemble, I really hate to be bored.

Add to this all the dumbing down, brainwashing, censorship, division and misunderstandings that occur when people try to converse. I realize I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime.  You really only need one checkbox on a dating profile.

Will you confirm my bias?

I wrote this in 2011.

Bitchy Persona

I think that persona did go out of vogue but now we have “Bitchy Persona II”.

I also think this persona was created by social engineering

Are you a picky snob?  How do you feel about picky snobs? What would you expect to see in the chart of a picky snob? Should we try to fix this?

picture: “Snob” by Tarah Lehman

13 thoughts on “On Being A Picky Snob”

    1. This is hitting me hard. Whoa it is my life. I have been wondering in recent years if I am capable of love, if all i really want is to be chosen, seen, validated, etc. I do not thing I have much to offer in return.

  1. I believe people cautiously share their true feelings for fear of reprisals in this era of political correctness. Aquarian influences blunt the celebration of individualism.

  2. I have been narrowing my social circle. I seemed to wake up one day and realise some people were not adding anything positive to my life, it seemed quite one-sided. My Libra placements balked a bit, but it’s serving me well. I put this down to Saturn, but I’m not 100% on that. I don’t want to fix it right now, but may, in the future when I feel less vulnerable.

  3. I would say I am probably a picky snob. I am nice about it though, in that I am usually able to excuse myself with grace from the company of people I don’t want to keep. I don’t want to waste time on people I don’t care about.

    With an Aquarius rising, I really hate being around boring people. With Mars in Scorpio, I’d rather conserve my energy for those I find worthwhile. And with Venus in Virgo, I am picky and detail-oriented!

  4. I’m not a snob, but I am picky about romance. That has literally been nothing but bad for me in life, especially since given my looks I literally can’t afford to be picky.

    It depresses me greatly that the only man interested in me is 30 years older than me. Nice person, but I don’t want to have to boink someone who could be my grandfather…but he’s literally my only option, can I turn up my snotty little nose about it? Seventeen years of nobody wanting me and that’s all I get here.

  5. I think I may be a picky snob in terms of dating? but I am working on changing it. I definitely would not say that is regarding all my relationships at all, but I’ve actually been able to get to the root of my dating psyche problem while all the planets & this recent eclipse were in my 8th. So that’s good news!

  6. I’ve thought about this today and decided it is stupid to be this way (for me). If I am that interesting myself, then I should never be bored.

    1. for me a lot of the issue stems from addiction/neurology.. addicted to my own chemical cocktail produced during attraction or amid toxic relationships… it’s pretty challenging but once I’m hooked it blocks me from seeing others.. so that’s where my pickiness comes into play. The pickiness is an excuse to stay hooked on someone else

  7. I feel like a ‘picky-snob’ could be someone who is afraid to open up for a multitude of reasons and this behavior/way of thinking is more of a protective trait.

  8. I don’t necessarily consider myself picky so much as I just find most people these day to be completely self-absorbed and I just have no interest in that. I probably appear that way and may very well be that way as well. I have no close personal friends and have recently separated from my husband of 16 years. The issue of friends and lack thereof has been on my mind a lot lately. I just have a hard time connecting with people. Using whole sign houses, I have the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in the 12th house. I also have Moon in Scorpio (which reminds me, trust is a big issue for me), and Venus in Virgo.

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