Can Taurus Change?

Taurus ChangeWith Uranus in Taurus, everyone has been talking about what a difficult fit the planet has there. Uranus, after all, is the changemaker. And Taurus is arguably the most fixed of all the fixed signs. But is Taurus really as unchangeable as people think?

I don’t think they are. As someone with the good fortune to love many people with significant Taurus placements, I can personally attest to seeing them change, grow, and flourish over time. But did you catch those keywords? Grow. Flourish. That is the kind of change Taurus can get behind.

Being fixed earth, Taurus isn’t about forcing things to happen like its cardinal cousin, Capricorn, nor is it about adapting to new circumstances and discerning what is good like mutable Virgo. Taurus is the abundance of a well-tended garden. Have you heard the old saying when planting perennials? It goes “First year sleep, second year creep, third year leap.” That is pretty much Taurus’s timeline.

Or even better, Taurus is like the Thousand-year Rose. This is a rose that has been growing at a cathedral in Hildesheim, Germany for at least 700 years, and is the oldest living rose in the world. It survived the black plague. It survived the Reformation. It survived Allied bombs in WWII. And yet, who could say that the rose is unchanging? It is tall and sprawling, slowly taking over the tower it climbs. Leaves are constantly renewed and added. Flowers burst into bloom and fade away, leaving seeds for new generations. The changes may seem slight, but growth and flourishing take time.

The problem, of course, is that Uranus isn’t interested in small, slow changes. Uranus wants BIG change and wants it NOW. This is obviously not the way Taurus prefers to operate, but even this isn’t as tough as it seems.

Taurus can make big changes as long as the changes are on their terms. After all, even Taurus’s notoriously long fuse has an end. I have personally witnessed a Taurus get on a plane in the middle of the night and fly to a state she’d never been before with only $10 in her pocket. Why? Because she had tried and tried to get her point across that there were slow, small changes that needed to be made, and no one listened. So, she decided she was done trying and simply walked away. Taurus can make a big change. They just prefer to exhaust all their options before blowing things up.

Overall, while Uranus and Taurus are, in fact, uneasy bedfellows, they are less opposed than one might imagine. It may be rare, but when the two work together, they are unstoppable. And with as poorly-understood as Taurus is, both in astrology and in life, I think it’s about time for a change.

What do you think about Taurus and Uranus together? Do you think Taurus has what it takes to adapt and change?

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  1. I waited 21 years and left without a word and about $10.00 and never went back.
    I worked for 25 years endured hell and retired overnight with no regrets.
    Yes we do have a long fuse but watch out when we get to the end.

  2. I am an 11th house Taurus sun, with Uranus in tight aspect to most of my personal planets. I think Taurus can handle big, sudden, drastic change, by taking time to slowly integrate all of the pieces. Less reacting, and more absorbing. Kind of like how lightning strikes! Electricity is always looking for ground and the Earth is fully equipped to receive it.

    1. I love this! The imagery of the lightning is absolutely perfect.

      Also, you’re right – it’s about absorbing and integrating. Being very fixed and having a Taurus AC myself, just the other day I found myself saying to my partner, “Look, I’ll process as fast as I process! It takes time to let life sink in.”

  3. Definitely.
    I’ve seen it in all of my Taurus friends and family members. They are, as you said, growing and flourishing.

  4. I have a 12th house Aries moon, but Taurus also takes up a good chunk of my 12th house. Uranus is closing in on my 17 Taurus ASC/Jupiter. I can verify that I get very set in my ways, can be stubborn, and usually like to research and think things through a long time before acting. But other times I suddenly act rashly. I think sometimes it’s just clearly time to make a move, because enough is enough. Right now is such a time.

    1. Welcome, Maria!

      I have a Taurus AC as well, and you’ve hit upon something I’ve been thinking about for a while. For us, the best action (symbolized by Aries) tends to start in the shadows, and then bursts all at once into life. This might merit its own post! 🙂

      1. Can’t wait! I often think our charts have a lot in common, although I’m much older than you are. (Thank you for the welcome, but I’m not actually new here. I’ve been reading this blog for ages. I accidentally used a different email address this time.)

  5. Lovely, Midara. Thank you. Yes, Taurus is adaptable and can change. Not one to act compulsively (normally), we are sometimes prompted by circumstances beyond our control. In the end, the results are often well-considered & fertile, even if they do not seem to be.

    Quick, unexpected change hoisted upon us – tough.

  6. This sort of conversation is fertile ground for us other ‘fixed’ folk. I’m Scorpio Sun, Taurus’s opposite. With Uranus in Taurus the long fuse and the deep thinking, before, the needed changes are happening for me, too. The difference is the other factors involved with the fixity of my Scorpio Sun. Giving myself the groundedness of Taurus’s energy … long walks barefoot, and Uranus inciting a new way to look at very old internal structures and beliefs and create anew.

  7. Uranus is currently 2 degrees off conjuncting my ascendant at Taurus 15. And i feel like the person in your story: having tried for 50+ years to make something work that i never asked for & never wanted (a relationship with my wicked Stepmother) in order to please my father & keep our relationship going. But finally i am done and walking away. It’s such an unfamiliar feeling that i am quite disturbed, but also feeling very liberated.

    1. I stayed for many years everyone expecting solid Taurus to stay forever until I got called an ugly name and walked off into the sunset with my keys and nothing else; I needed nothing else.Yes we change..yes to liberation

  8. Avatar

    Taurus has plans. And then a few more options. I mean, yiu do not know how many people will show up for dinner right? And if a few have some diet restrictions.

    The change you see from Taurus was already planned. They just did not decide to implement the plan until they saw fit.

    The inklings, research, thoughts were all there. Just no need to act upon them. Until the time is right.

  9. I have recently decided that we are all more alike than we think. ( I do not include those suffering mental health issues) Astrology adds the ‘flavour’ to the individual, and shows how we go about having our needs met. However I feel those needs albeit diverse, are basically similar. Would like others opinions on this.

  10. “First year sleep, second year creep, third year leap.” Now this is mantra! Once it gets moving, there’s no stop to taurus.

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