Open Letter To Ex-Boyfriend Cloners

dog cloneAre you an ex-boyfriend cloner?
A lot of people are.

Here’s how the story goes. You have a torrid love affair. The best sex of your life. Or maybe you feel you’ve met your soul mate, but something goes wrong and the relationship ends. He left her, she left him. Someone moved or was married or returned to their ex or whatever the scenario might be.

In the aftermath of something like this, it’s common that people try to clone their ex. If you had a tall blonde, you go looking for another tall blonde. If your ex was a Scorpio with a corvette, you look for another Scorpio with a corvette.

Your ex worked for ABC, your new man works for CBS.

You date a string of Brazilian men, a bunch of engineers, A bunch of Aries who have Venus in Pisces, or whatever you can find that will connect you to this person who has left your life. I’ve done this myself!

It’s an effort to put it back the way it was.  You think you’re zeroing on on something so you can get it right, but in reality you’re swimming ’round a little fishbowl and you know what? Cloning your ex never works.

Think about it.  Do you really want to hook up with a clone of the man (or woman) who left you? Marry a facsimile of someone you loved, or who once loved you?

Is Dating The Same Sign Over and Over A Form Of Repetition Compulsion?

Lots of people do this, to no good end.  But you can learn how to break free of his trap.

Are you dating a template? Fed up with failing and ready to raise your game?  I call this “the wrong idea of what’s right for you.” If you suffer from it, it can ruin your life!

6 thoughts on “Open Letter To Ex-Boyfriend Cloners”

  1. Ooooh…I did this once. Catastrophe! The first one sucked and the second one sucked times 1,000. I can’t even imagine why I would have wanted a clone, they both were such #**@!!!

  2. Haha. I do this with friends, even.

    One of my friends moved away…then I made a new friend…I realized that:

    -they had the same heritage (German)
    -they had the same initials for first and last name
    -they both had an emphasis on Aries

    Then I went to my new friend’s house and she had the same purple couch! I thought it was hilarious.

  3. Ha an ex did that- he married a woman who looks like me only she is definitely NOT me- they are now getting divorced after 18yrs of marriage- he told me she never wants to have sex- which is def not me. I didn’t leave the relationship he did.

  4. Good thoughts, I think you have good view
    I was doing contracting and excavation
    35+years, so naturally I missed the work yes I too, hooked up with someone of the same work background yes I too discovered somehow I was a competition in their thoughts ,came to agree replacing one bucket head for another didn’t work like how you’ve written this; sometimes you are doing something that you can’t see but someone else’s sees very well.great read thanx

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