Are You Real?

Someone wrote me today to ask me if I was real.

I thought it was a really good question – one that I understood so I wrote them back and told them I was a real a person as you could find on this planet.

In my case this is evidence of my being a dirt clod… er, earthy. It’s pedestrian and all but something REAL is what you need.

Are you real?

27 thoughts on “Are You Real?”

  1. Satori, you’re hilarious 🙂

    Well gee, you’re asking a Saturn/Neptune type here whether or not she’s real… Hmmm… Let me think….

  2. I’m real just like the Velveteen Rabbit in that book. My fur is all loved off and I’m battered as hell, but I am real.

  3. I thinks so. Even when I wasn’t being myself, I was still always being myself, lol. What I mean is, I have always been insecure about being ME to the fullest, but even when I’ve been me half-assed, I was never trying to be someone else; I’ve always been me at the most basic level. Does that make sense?

    This question also reminded me about something that’s been irkng my nerves. I dislike when people say things like “real women have curves” or celebrities who design clothes for “real women”, etc..etc…
    Every woman is a real woman! WTF!!

  4. No, I’m a figment of your imagination. j/k I’m a Pisces, so to me ‘real’ could mean a million things. In any case, I’d rather be mysterious.

  5. satori-dittolol! (btw i just googled that and I am not the first to use it, crap i wanted to invent internet lingo. anyway…)

    Yes, I am mostly real, at least in regard to things that matter (haha) but I can’t say I don’t love me a whole lotta etherealness. Which naturally leads to my thinking that THAT is as real as anything, so I don’t know if anything is un-real.

    Line forms to the right for buy one get one free cryptic answers from the Zen master…. 🙂

  6. been writing variations on a personal statement all day for crazy academic and work applications – I am honestly beginning to wonder…
    I may be a myth, and, if I live well or die infamously, a legend. But before that happens, I must be flesh and blood. Since most of my life is lurking in the shadows of cyberspace, reading books, experimenting in laboratories, I am not sure I am real at all. It used to involve a lot of travel – but even then, my strength was my ghostliness. Still, if I were dead, would I have such tortured thoughts about my being? Hope to hell not. Hopin’ all the way there…

  7. i recently went to a restaurant called jose paris (name changed to protect identity, but the real name is similarly unbelievable). on the way out i asked the hostess, “is there really a jose paris?” she laughed and said yes, of course..kind of amused that anyone would think he was fake. i guess this is what would happen if you ever opened a restaurant in your name, elsa!

  8. “If I wasn’t I wouldn’t tell you ”

    “Yes, but if you’re intuitive you can discern regardless of what is said.”

    That’s for sure, Elsa, this was just a Neptunian joke… I love Neptune in Aquarius, it makes Leo look like a wet dog 🙂

  9. sometimes. except when i’m neptunian… then i drift and fade…

    dunno, really. try to at least be authentic, but i’m mutable 😉

  10. LOL Satori – I like your answer

    me? I dunno. I think I’m painfully, awkwardly, brutally real but most people don’t seem to see it.

    Oh and shell’s comment about “real women” – thank you! Just because I’m fat doesn’t make me any more (or less!!) “real” or “feminine” than my friend who is slender. It just means I’m fat. I’m OK with that, really.

    That reminds me, I’m off to write a check for my next tango class. 😀

  11. “I fake it so real I am beyond fake.” (Courtney Love) My first husband once told me,”There’s no YOU there!” But he is all Libra, meaning he has a packed first house & a solid ego. I do have my moon in the first and a sturdy (ha) mutable grand cross with Saturn in the tenth at the top but few aspects to my Aquarius sun. People question my reality often. No one believes that my birth name is Misti Velvet Rainwater. So I reside in hologram land.

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