Evil, Vicious Women & The Moon In Your Chart

leo moonI danced a tango with a vicious woman over the weekend. I have never met anyone like this in my life.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know there are nasty, nasty women out there because I hear of them or I see them in documentaries or something but I never meet them personally.

I think this is because I see them coming a mile away and they hold no curiosity for me. I also think this shows in my chart in that my Moon is very well aspected so I wonder about people who have the opposite experience.

I am not talking about misguided women or women who are merely jealous or snippy. I am talking about women who would stick a knife in you, twist it, and stomp your head into the ground with their foot and then go have their nails done…

Do you routinely meet women who are evil? Where is your Moon and how is it aspected?

48 thoughts on “Evil, Vicious Women & The Moon In Your Chart”

  1. Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th house. My stepmother was evil and I’ve met more than a few spiteful and vicious women who have been out to get me bigtime. Have to say it doesn’t happen quite so much these days, as now I see then coming and I’m far more likely to confront them. Boo!

  2. My moon is in Virgo square Venus and Neptune (from either the 8th or the 9th depending on the time and house system you use).

    My older sister is pretty much exactly the woman you describe. Fun fact, she nearly broke (The arm had been previously broken and it patially rebroken – no need for a cast but it was in a splint) my little sister’s arm while she had my dad up on (bogus) assault charges. She did break the bones of two or three other girls in high school. And did at one point she defrauded another girl and the girls family out of a three week trip to disney world including flight and spending cash. In High school. Before she broke the girls nose and a couple of the girls fingers *stomp*. My mom isn’t such a great person either, but definitely not evil.

    I’d say I’m prone to meeting two faced women, not necessarily evil women. And Women who’ll jack you up as a ‘favour’. But I’m also prone to meeting women who are in difficult relationship straits and I often find myself in a position to help or support them.

    My sister’s moon is in leo cnj jupiter (she often gets off scot free) square her sun and chiron (Taurus).

  3. So how was she nasty to you? Was it overt or covert? I’m intrigued. I never see this kind of stuff and I don’t think my Moon is “well”-aspected, though it’s fairly heavily aspected. (Though with Moon in 12th, maybe I’m just oblivious.)

  4. Aries moon conjunct Aries Venus. I never see evil. Probably sounds strange but I just can’t see it. What others ascribe as evil I ascribe as ignorance. Not sure if this is wise or not but it works for me.

  5. Moon in Scorpio in the 3rd, squaring Sun & Uranus: when I was studying martial arts with a certain teacher, he seemed to attract nasty women into all aspects of his life, and they would take one look at me and go after me. He just stood there and let it happen, and would get mad at me if stood up to them. I have run into nasty women other places, but not so many as when I was associated with him. (He has moon opp. Neptune, Pisces & Virgo, on my 7th & 1st house.)

  6. Oh Jessica I am impervious to this kind of thing. The woman was a specimen in my petri dish. I just don’t usually draw these types and in fact, I didn’t draw her this time, my family did.

    It’s like having a client who has some vicious woman in their life. I am exposed by proxy but this gal came after me which is always a mistake. She was eviscerated in about 10 seconds.

    it’s sort of like that scene in indiana jones where the guy comes up to threaten jones with some karate tricks, jones pulls out a gun and shoots them dead like breathing.

    In other words a woman like this may be able to fuck with some people, or even a lot of people but someone like me… last about as long it takes to blink.

  7. i do meet some, yeah. moon sq. saturn in the 7th. when i do run into one of these chicks, it’s related to some other relationship. (stepkids in particular). i know one or two that would kill if they thought they could get by with it.

  8. Yes I’ve known quite a few (men included). They present themselves as caring and nice at the beginning, only to unveil as a snake (or sociopath) later. Very cautious about any kind of partnering as a result. With pluto transiting here, I’m learning to spot ‘vicious’ and nip it in the bud before I pay the price. Capricorn moon in 7th, and it’s besieged.

  9. My Cappy Moon squares my Aries Stellium, and I tend to shy away from any women whom I perceive as trouble (men too; basically anybody). I too was raised by a Scorpio Moon Mom who was not exactly evil, but definitely taught me to be wary of women from an early age, particularly in groups.

  10. I know this is totally geeked out but I can’t think of a better explanation for my friendships, the good ones and the ones that went bad, than the Star Wars, jedi, thing.

    I’m attracted to powerful, intense women (as friends) and most of the time it stays fab. every once in a while, tho, one goes over to the dark side. I usually get clued-in as it’s going down tho, so I’m not completely taken by surprise.

    fear leads to anger. anger leads to hate. hate leads to the dark side.

  11. I attracted one of these women at my first full time job. I also have attracted work bullies.

    I have a fourth house Cancer moon, square a Libra Saturn – Neptune conjunction. Moon is also inconjunct my out of sign conjunction of Aquarius Venus and Pisces Mars.

  12. I have a capricorn moon square mars/pluto conjunction. Also sextile uranus and trine MC.

    I never trusted women until I met my best friend about eight years ago. I had alot of bad experiences before that – at school where close friends would suddenly gang up on me. I remember one girl who was just gunning for me from the minute she met me. Alot of bitchy girls at uni. I always preferred men. Then I had this great experience of an amazing trustworthy female friendship and since then I’ve built up a fair number. Only one close male friendship now. It just turned around! Very cool.

  13. Wow this is so weird having flashbacks of being bullied by a Scorpio female, way, way back when I was in elementary school. When I was younger I was real inhibited, very timid, than sometime around the teen years, I don’t know, that all dissipated and mostly people started being afraid of me. I have Moon in Scorpio, 1st house. Nowadays if a woman like that comes my way, she might try to pull her shit on me once, and then I enlighten her (however I may have to), and there is never a second encounter.

  14. Lis, it’s interesting that you have the pluto/venus thing and have problems with women the same age as you. Maybe Venus=the same age as you and Moon=older women?

    I have the same aspect. While I had some trouble in Jr. High I never met truly evil characters. Maybe because they had bigger fish to go after.

    Moon/Neptune_ most of the women I have trouble with tend to be loopy or manipulative rather than overtly evil, but then again Neptune-they might be hiding it well.

  15. Moon in Taurus, I was never evil before, but when I realized that my boyfriend betrayed my trust I totaly am depressed, evil, angry and I want to pay him back what he did to me…cus if I dont do that my ego wont let me go to live more and be free…

  16. I am a Scorpio Moon in the 4th with good aspects; trine to my Mercury in the 8th, so I tend to be a bit clairsentient (I just “know” how people feel). I have been in 3 fist fights in my life, all as a troubled teen. In my defense I think that other women can sense my personal power and they always seem to want to challenge me… cause I never did throw the first punch! Like Elsa I can take somebody down with one good chop and now I realize the power of that, and use it a lot more wisely. Confrontations now are verbal and with a communications degree, I think I come off like Dixie Carter’s character in Designing Women. I have been told I am a little bit scary but quite frankly, I kinda like it that way. I am warm, loving, deep and very loyal person; just don’t betray me.

  17. Oops I should correct that not ALL women challenge me, just the ones with a chip on their own shoulder concerning personal power.

  18. Sorry Jessica,I missed your question earlier. My stepmother was covertly and overtly nasty! Very manipulative and very clever. My father was terrified of upsetting her. She was neglectful and verbally abusive to both of us and seemed to enjoy cruelty and the power it gave her. To some extent she managed to hide this from other people outside the family but following her death it became apparent that other people were aware of some of her behaviour towards me as a child but were afraid to say anything. Only in my twenties, when I read M. Scott Pecks book ‘The People of the Lie’ did things start to make sense and I realised she was really quite disturbed. That book helped me understand her behaviour and the narcissistic personality a bit better.

  19. Cappy moon trine Pluto & Uranus. Been battling nasty, evil women most of my life and most of them are my relatives. Lots of sneak attacks too.

  20. Cap moon – don’t have my chart here and don’t remember.

    I had my mother and grandmother as a child but I’ve never had a problem with women since. i don’t think it has so much to do with my astrology now as it has to do with the fact that I’m not perceived as ‘a threat’ to anyone on any level at this stage. I’m sort glue factory status now. I’m not even gonna show up as a blip on the radar of any woman with that much energy.

  21. Capricorn moon (surprise!) conjunct Jupiter in the 11th house. I am (unfortunately) related to several vicious women, and have probably overcompensated for their influence in my life by being “too nice” most of the time, so that I’m not mistakenly seen in their light. They manipulate, damage, and hurt people (emotionally and physically), and I’ve taken myself completely out of their sphere of influence…wasn’t hard, since I detached from them emotionally when I was a child because I saw the pain they had no problem inflicting on others. Mama didn’t raise a fool.

    I’d much rather just stay away and keep as emotionally distant from those types of vibes as I can. It’s kind of like rotten eggs — you get a really good whiff of it once, and could be happy spending the rest of your life not ever smelling it again. 🙂

  22. Carielle, I agree re. the rotten egg phenomena. My female friends are lovely, lovely women. I have no doubt they would do anything for me. Indeed, they have.
    I attribute my female family members’ viciousness to a cycle of violence. There is no doubt in my mind that other people can relate to this.
    One thing I have noticed is that I try very hard to be good to people around me, and by and large I am happy. The opposite is the case with some of my siblings. The best I can do is not let it get me down. We were raised in the same home, it is nothing short of amazing that we ended up in completely separate places. I try to live my life with a modicum of patience (not easy with all the fire in my chart) and hopefully this will prevent me from ever regretting a thing.

  23. yeah.
    sextile an eighth house aries sun.
    trine pluto in libra
    barely barely maybe in orb opposite saturn in leo.

    i tended to attribute it to my venus/pluto opposition, actually. because it tends to be librans who really feel threatened by me…

  24. Sending warm greetings to you all on Elsa’s Blog. I think that the procedure of feelings Satori described “fear leads to anger. anger leads to hate. hate leads to the dark side” doesn’t apply to everybody. My knowledge in astrology is very poor but I know my strong planets are in Virgo and Leo, my moon is in Leo. I suffer of fear but it doesn’t lead to anger. I always overcome it. I get only angry, really angry when the power people hurt the whole nation, not mentioning the whole world. If I ever get angry at my close one, or acquaintance, my anger is short and it doesn’t lead to hate. It leads to disappointment and regrets. I blame myself for lack of understanding. I don’t recognize hate feeling, however, I met people who hated so much that they would go as far as to cruelty. Hope there is not many of us who would reach this stage. Especially at this time we need to love each other and hold on each other.


  25. Hmm..Lot of Capricorn moons in this post!

    Personally I have never met anyone evil. I only hear about them from friends,news .. .etc .

    Moon in 6th Leo , trine Mercury,Saturn,MC and square Venus,Pluto

  26. Sagittarius Moon, unknown aspects. Just one vicious, sociopathic female to report. She was utterly dishonest. The truth was whatever came out of her mouth, in spite of the obvious facts. I do believe those cold eyes could look at anything she did without remorse. If there’s any justice, she’s probably wearing an orange jumpsuit about now…
    What do you think is the best way to deal with these hannibal types – direct, unflinching confrontation?

  27. 9th house Picses moon opposite Uranus/Merc./Pluto conj. in Virgo, Scorpio Neptune end of 4th house square Saturn and Sun/Venus. Yeah, I have been bullied and abused by evil men and women. It has definitely made me appreciate a sensitive soul in anyone and the three closest women to me growing up were a strange mix of evil, insanity and substance abuse. I tell my 14 yr. old son “I love you” and “you are my gift from God” because nobody did that for me and he is the only person who matters to me.

  28. moon in virgo (7th house), conjunct pluto & uranus, square venus & mars. the only evil woman i’ve had contact with was my Dad’s 2nd wife. they were together for 2 years – when i was 12-14 years old. i truly believe she had no conscience. the only thing that held her back was a sense of self preservation.
    while married to my dad, she had an affair with a state cop and got him to go threaten people she didn’t like… including my mother. (the cop ended up getting fired over this.)
    as vicious as she was to my dad, my sister and my mother – she mostly left my brother and me (the 2 scorpios) alone. (well, she did make one attempt at me early on, but i won that round. 🙂 )

  29. Moon in happy ol’ Sag in the 9th House — but square Pluto in Virgo, soooooo … epic fights with my Virgo mom.

    I love her dearly, but I’ve had to do a lot of work over the years (I turned 45 Tuesday) to reinforce my boundaries and help Mom understand that a) she doesn’t need to know every detail of my life; b) it’s not a slap in her face if I choose to live my live differently than she would (i.e., she always wanted to go to law school and kept pushing for me to do it — FAIL!); c) everything I do does NOT necessarily reflect on her!

    Mom also has Moon in Capricorn, which makes her preoccupied with what other people think of her.

    Mom’s is a tough chart — plus Sun in Virgo and Moon in Cap, she also has Mars in Scorpio and Venus retrograde in Virgo. She’s the oldest child in her family and had to take on a lot of responsibility at an early age — and I think she’s a bit jealous that I am the oldest child in *my* family but didn’t have those same burdens.

  30. Capricorn moon in 7th, in opposition to Sun and Venus.. Pluto transiting here has brought out some very dark energies and control issues… in both women and men.. I’ve become so good at detecting this, people who need control or power are very fearful people underneath… if someone is destructive and you are in the line of fire, you simply get out of the way and become inaccessible as quickly as possible. If it is a family member or a work associate or a boss that you have to get along with at least temporarily, the way I dealt with it was to act like everything is fine and to become unflappable. some of the time you can soften these people to at least be peaceful, but you can’t necessarily trust them if they had it in for you from the beginning.

  31. my moon is in aquarius on the cusp of the 6th house opposed saturn in the 11th, trine pluto in the 2nd, sextile neptune in the 4th, quincunx virgo ascendant (pluto, neptune, and ascendant all share the 8th degree for exact aspects to my 8 degree aquarian moon!). for a long time, reading up on moon in aquarius equating to a cold mother i just didn’t get it. my mom’s a scorpio (sun & ascendant) with mooon in leo and she’s been nothing but wonderful and much loved by all us kids our whole lives.

    however, i just realized with the my moon on the cusp of the 6th in wide opposition to my 29 degree saturn in cancer, maybe i have been looking in the wrong area because my whole adult working life, i have always encountered sociopathic female coworkers (moon in 6th?)! THIS makes much more sense to me. there is always ONE woman in whatever company i’ve worked for who is utterly out of her mind and completely passive-aggressive and manipulative about the dumbest little things in the office. also, usually HIGHLY emotional and dramatic. yes, i’ve finally figured it out! because honestly, i’ve never thought a bad thing about my mom and she’s very loving and warm.

  32. Very interesting post. Its uncanny for so many scorpio and capricorn moons to have had these expereinces. I wonder: is the expereince the same for both men and women? Either way, it seems that the particular aspects to the moon will shape the evil-doers actions as well as who gets the brunt of their wrath.

    Im an Aries moon, and I have crossed some very hateful women but I steer real clear. But I wasnt so lucky to have grown up with my older sis who was–you guessed it–a scorpio moon/cap sun. A bully if I ever knew one, although she is transcending it as she grows older.

  33. I have a cancer moon in the 8th house and it is squared by both mars and saturn in libra in the 10th but trine jupiter in scoprio in the 11th I also have venus square pluto (i’m not sure if this adds to the whole bad women vibe). Women are touch and go for me and i’m trying to figure out why. I actually believe that empowered women are amazing. It’s just so sad to see that women are more willing to tear down another woman that they perceive as a threat rather than use that energy to make themselves better.

    Overall, HELL YEAH I have had some vicious women in my life. My mother tops the cake, frenemies and just random women that don’t like me. I have even had women at a former place of employment gang up on me and talk bad about me because a very attractive, well liked Scorpio male showed interest in me. I am noticing that as I begin to embrace my femininity more some women are nice and others are just plain mean. I really don’t get it and to be honest with you I don’t want to delve too deep in understanding why they are acting the way they do because on some levels I know why (Pisces Sun)–insecurity and self-hatred-things that I can’t fix for them. I’m only understanding now during my Saturn return that I can’t continue to hide myself out of fear that other women will have something bad to say about me which what I’ve done most of my life

    As long as the vicious women keep their distance I’m good.

    Sorry about the long post, but this topic interests me.

    I love this blog by the way! 🙂

  34. Moon square Pluto/Sun. Soo much jealousy from women starting with my mom that I don’t even bother trying anymore. I only befriend men. I can see that once i talk to women or genuinely smile at them, something goes off in their head and they react from a strange place. Now when I talk to women I do it from a “script” ie. blank stare, fake smile, fake voice, etc. That seems to stop them from going bonkers. If I show one bit of my true personality is where the trouble starts. Not sure what it is??!!!

    I can’t exactly ask anyone as the few girlfriends I have, really really liked my personality from the start…. :/

    I guess I will never know.

  35. I have the Moon in Aquarius, exactly quincunx Venus in Virgo @ 28 degrees, each. I was once told by an astrologer who did my chart that I could have problems with women, and I have, from time to time. My Chiron is Aquarius @ 22. My Pluto opposes (wide @ 6 Virgo) my Moon, as well. Biggest problem with women was via my sister, whose Leo stellium (Venus/Mercury/Saturn/Pluto) is in the 8th, while my Scorpio stellium (Sun/Neptune/Mars) is in the 11th. Her Sun opposes my Moon/Chiron midpoint.

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