11 thoughts on “Do Men Snoop As Much As Women?”

  1. There are men who snoop too. My ex-husband did, in a big way. I have a friend who can’t come into my house without “exploring” — although he’s very obvious about poking around and I have plenty of room to tell him, “Stay the hell out of there!” if he’s snooping into something that I don’t want him to see.

  2. Yes, a Gemini man I know does. My Virgo son is the biggest snoop, he’ll tell you where you’ve got things you’ve forgotten you even own, “you know Mom, way up in the attic, under the eaves in the left hand corner, in the yellow box with the brown tape under the box of great-grandpa’s medals.”

  3. I was roommates with a very intimidating Virgo Man (Moon in Leo) and he was the biggest snoop in the world. No fear of getting caught, he’d deny everything. Furthermore, he had incredible, super-sonic ears that could hear you whispering from different ends of the house. He should have been a spy, but his ego was too big.

  4. Yes, men snoop. In two of my past relationships both men read my journals. It caused a LOT of problems between us.

    I think men snoop just as much as women do.

  5. Is snooping the shadow side of ‘investigating’? I bet men do alot of what they’d describe as investigating then. If they’re smart and not floating obtusely through life.

  6. I’m a Virgo (Gemini ascendant to boot)and well…..oh so guilty. I do my snooping online…it’s called googling. 🙂
    But I totally can’t and won’t do private snooping in the physical world.

  7. yup, they totally do! Carielle – my gemini bf loves to do the “exploring” at my place too. Touches and reads everything in sight, lol. So I play with this tendency of course 😉

  8. Oh good god YES. My soon-to-be-ex brother-in-law is as snoopy as they come, to the point of intercepting my sister’s emails on the sly. She figured it out when he slipped and made comment on something she knew she hadn’t discussed with him! He is Scorpio, and unfortunately one who shows mostly the dark side of the sign…

  9. There are men & women that snoop and those who dont. Those that do have usually been hurt before and think by snooping they’re forewarned therefore forearmed. At least thats my excuse.

  10. Hey, Elsa, thanks for posting my question! I only just saw it. Thanks to readers for the replies, too.

    Hmm, so maybe it’s only women who CONFESS to snooping on astrology/self-help forums!

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