Venus in Leo in Aspect to Neptune: Disabled By My Hair

gilda-radner1.jpgWith Venus in Leo (hair) in aspect to Neptune, I suffer beyond all imagination due my hair. I am confused by my hair, disabled by it – I could go on and on.

Now I am supposed to be making astrology videos but I just don’t want to have my hair (Leo) filmed (Neptune) because I imagine (Neptune) it looks bad. Now I am told by my lover (Venus) that my hair looks good, but he may be deceiving me (Neptune) or confused himself (Neptune).

rita moreno.jpgNow I could just go look in the mirror and see how my hair looks except for when I look in the mirror I see all kinds of distortions and if you wonder what I mean – well…

4 days ago, I thought my hair looked like Gilda Radner’s.

The next day, when I went to Back To School Night, I was convinced I looked like Rita Moreno in West Wide Story for which I thanked God (Neptune) for the delusion (Neptune).

jethro-tull-sm.jpgLast night, the soldier was watching a Youtube video of Jethro Tull which caused me to exclaim, “There! That’s what my hair looks like!”

Now obviously I am not going to film myself with what I believe is Jethro Tull hair (or Michael Brady of the Brady Bunch hair which I have also had before) but then I pull up these old videos and I don’t know what I am worried about because my hair looks like hell in half of them anyway! What was I thinking when I filmed them, hmm?

Don’t worry, I get the plot. My hair is irrelevant if only it was.

14 thoughts on “Venus in Leo in Aspect to Neptune: Disabled By My Hair”

  1. elsa, you nut, your hair is cute and fun! (it always looks that way in the videos)

    certainly not as frizzy as jethro tull’s…not as helmet-like as rita’s…and as weird as gilda’s

  2. Ah I can relate. Curly-haired Venus in Leo here too. I cannot even bring myself to wear a hat on bad hair days and if I cut my hair beyond a certain point? Instant ego deflation.

  3. Elsa,

    That’s Ian Anderson, founder of the band Jethro Tull. His hair is a lot tamer now. The band is 40 years old.

    The band was named after an agriculturist (30 March 1674 – 21 February 1741), who invented and improved farm implements.

    I like my husband’s curly hair (Sadge). Mine is limp and very straight.

    Your videos are wonderful, regardless of how you look!

    Sue Ellen

  4. Ha! There are times my hair actually does look like Jethro’s (except shinier and not as bushy) and I love it! What’s a Leo without a mane, eh? 😀 Those Gilda days are horrible, though. . .
    Hey! I haven’t had a Gilda day in years! I wonder what I started thinking that changed that perception?

    (Leo sun trine Neptune can turn any bad into good. And vice-versa.)

  5. Yeah, Sue Allen, the soldier told me someone was going to clue me in but the fact it was 40 years ago is the point!

    Today I looked like an aerobic instructor from the 80’s! I gotta do something about this hair! I have lost my chunkiness though, I will say that and pretty soon I am going to be a mean lean grillin’ machine! Hee!

  6. OK I gave away my age, again!

    I used to do big hair in the 80s. Carried it into the 90s, but we’re way behind the times in the upper Southern USA.

  7. Since I have super straight, stand-out-from-my-scalp, hair, I envy your curls, Elsa! Over the years, I’ve spent a small fortune trying to get my hair to look anything like yours. Having come to realize I cannot win the battle against nature, I now just have a pixie cut.

    I like your hair and know that won’t make you like it. Still, it’s good hair to have. :p

  8. Rainie I agree, it’s just grown wild! See, I used to have straight hair when I was young (really) and the soldier thinks if my hair were long again it would be straight so this is his experiment but I am telling you it looks like a freakin’ SCIENCE experiment on my head. You know how all that furry hair grows in a petri dish? Like that!

  9. my hair drives me regularly insane… and sometimes it does seem like gilda… those are ponytail days. but once i put it in i can’t take it out because it looks even worse…
    it just does what it wants, mostly, and sometimes i’m cool with it.

  10. I like your hair. You take care of curly hair very well. It isn’t frizzy or big like Roseanna Roseannadanna’s. The curls are very orderly. Mine used to be frizzy, big and pyramidal like Roseanne Roseannadanna’s in college when I didn’t cut it for years. My mom used to say I looked like Louis Philippe who has a pear shaped face, apparently. Right now at least I got a haircut.

  11. I gave R a ‘high and tight’ tonight. y’know– hair-related news.

    I’ve always wished I could cut your hair. I know I could make it just right.

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