Metaphor For Outer Planet Transits

backfuture_l.jpgsatori writes:

I’m skimming through Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets and I came across something that made me think of a fab metaphor for what happens at an outer planet square/opposition/return. She mentioned that it was the fact of having this tremendous energy available to you, that if you weren’t ready to utilize it it was a missed opportunity. She said that when people were ready later to make a change they just didn’t have the energy available to push it on through.

That totally reminded me of those goofy Back to the Future movies. Marty and the Professor had to get the time travel car hooked up to the power source right at the exact moment or they couldn’t get where they were going. BUT it’s not like anything horrible would happen to them if they didn’t get “back in time.” they certainly could have lived out other existences wherever they were. they just wouldn’t have been their PEAK existences. Interesting.

Do you make good use of the energy available to you?

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  1. I think that particular insight was one of her clearer ones.

    Ever see a person who failed their first Saturn Return and were unable to transition into adult responsibilities? Someone who missed the point of the individuation and spiritualization process of the midlife set of transits? Ever see someone who has missed the point of the Chiron return at 51 or the second Saturn return at 59? All these are psychological and spiritual growth experiences. There is just something empty about these people, failed potential, lost opportunities.

    We have come into a time in our development as a species that just being born, surviving the best we can to the end of life is not enough. It used to be that spiritual evolvement was the quest of the few, now it is the mandate for all of us. It is why astrologers are more important than ever in development and transmission of the cycles of the planets and what they mean to us.

  2. I don’t at all, I’ve failed every time. I’m NEVER ready when the world would support me in doing something. Argh. I’m a walking failure and I can’t stop myself.

  3. I do usually, but not voluntarily. Outer planet transits usually feel compulsive to me, not so much a choice of making good use or not. Good use happens to me whether I want it or not – they squeeze every last drop out of me.

  4. I love being titallated by the old picture of Christopher Lloyd and young “Marty” drawing me into this 10-year-old post! The read was perfect old school Satori, and that is what I’m after today as many of the old tracks (as you write about in real-time) need to be refit for travel TODAY.

    I am making so much better use of the energy I do have, at almost 71 years of age. The lessons of outer transits grows more clear as I age. (I have lots of Capricorn and Saturn planted in me). In the past, I was looking but not seeing clearly, Neptune fogs. I’m learning the gifts and practices of forgiveness and for a Scorpio that is a very big lesson, and if we are lucky, we live long enough to transform the old legacy of power struggle etc.

    Love having these old-time posts to apply the lessons still available on ElsaElsa. Mahalo nui!

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