Why Are Scorpios So Proud Of Being Scorpios?

scorpio costume jewelry vintageDear Elsa,

I was watching Conan O’Brien the other night, and David Ortiz of the Red Sox was on. He was wearing a jacket with a glittering Scorpio on his back. Conan asked what the jacket was all about, and David almost burst with
pride. “I’m a Scorpio,” he told Conan (and the world).

I am always amazed at how proud Scorpios are of their sign. There’s a Scorpio at my work, and he is always wearing Scorpio shirts too. I’m a Virgo, and I would never wear a Virgo shirt.

Why are Scorpios so damn proud of their sign?

Humble Virgo


33 thoughts on “Why Are Scorpios So Proud Of Being Scorpios?”

  1. Scorpio is perceived as sexy and powerful. Western culture worships sex and power. It also is not comfortable with its shadow, whereas Scorpio is all about exploring the shadow. So there’s a certain mystique and intimidation factor with Scorpio that most of us denizens of the eighth sign use to our advantage – our consolation prize for being seen as such scary, bad people sometimes.

  2. I don’t know either. But where I work all the Scorpio Suns go out every year together for their birthday. (I’m not invited, but there is one Cancer they always invite).

  3. I have to agree with Moni on that one. I’m pretty proud of being a pisces too though. I don’t know any other pisces to party with. That sounds like fun.

  4. I think it must be because they’ve been given such a “sexy” image via Sun sign astrology. This will give a boost to their morale – which those ultra-sensitive, paranoid souls obviously need…..(running away)…;-)

  5. I’m a scorpio (and love it) and have found this to be true of other scorpios too. I have to admit that I don’t mind the sexy powerful connotations the sign has. 😉

    1. I am a Scorpio and we are proud of being Scorpio’s because only us know what we possess and what u have in your depths as a Scorpio ..we are blessed

  6. I have a pair of trousers with a centaur and I’m very proud of being a Sagittarius.
    Well, it’s not a centaur, it’s more of a unicorn, but if it were a centaur I’d wear them even more proudly 😉

    Scorpios are definitely overrated, just as Virgos are underrated. It’s a trend.

  7. Feh. I’ve heard my entire life about how horrible and evil Scorpios are. So I would be inclined to interpret the jacket as, ‘No, No… FUCK YOU.’

    [‘On the other hand, I’ve never taken to advertising my sign, except when I get into discussions like this.’]

  8. lol…because they’ve got a reputation 😉 The majority of people I work with are also scorpios…and they celebrate their birthdays with pride too! Funny.

  9. My brother is pretty proud of being a Scorpio, too. But I feel it’s a badge he’s rightfully earned. I look at how intense and tenacious he is and realize I’d never have the stomach for that. He’d go down in flames before he’d compromise…even when he’s pig-headedly wrong wrong wrong. 🙂

  10. *lol*
    What about us Leos? I’ve never met a Scorp that outshone *snert* a Leo when it comes to sign-pride.
    Like so:
    “So when were you born?”
    “Oh, me?” *bats eyelashes, tosses hair* “I’M a LEO.” *big grin*

    You’ve all seen it. 😉 Scorpios are positively demure in comparison.

    1. Nop,lol! Leos are prood of literally everything, even if its nothing they will be prood of it, cause they always think they are the best.BUT its so amazing to see a scorpio being so proud for his sign cause we absolutely deserve it.WE ARE THE BEST SIGN EVER! YOU LEOS JUST BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE BEST, BUT SCORPIOS REALLY ARE.Oh, and please dont mess up with a scorpio cause you will lose, babe??

  11. HaHa sooo true…Leo pride!
    I plan on getting the Leo symbol tattooed on the inside of my wrist (in red maybe) pretty soon…yay!
    Those scorpion tattoos are pretty nifty too…they just look so bad ass..lol.

  12. they feel they need to show their importance everywhere, they are quite conceited and bad in all the water signs. they are the worse, cancerians and pisceans are good people while scorpios are so bad and wicked

    1. We are not wicked ..we tolerate so much wickedness and bad deeds from people that when we get fed up it will turns out to be as twice of what they did to us

    2. “cancerians and pisceans are good people while scorpios are so bad and wicked”?


      I’ve met “cancerians” and “pisceans” who were bad and wicked, too.

      1. Its so trueeeee!I am a Scorpio, and one of my ex friends is a Cancer, and she is super two-faced, she seems quit and sensitive, but she is really mean.I dont know if all Cancers are like that, thought. SCORPIOS ARE AUTHENTIC AF. PERIODTT

  13. Scorpio Sun is just one minor aspect of a my personality. My leo Moon Is just as prominent. Let’s not for get rising signs here (cancer), I guess the point is… everyone is more or less a quilt of different personalities that function as a unique self-aware unit. Wearing a scorpio T-shit, to me is like wearing a shirt with a large “J” on it (for Jon) hahaha Maybe i should do that…

  14. I would also say that passing any sort of judgement on scorpios or any other sign without taking a walk in their shoes for a day is just as infantile as the said behaviors under scrutiny. You would be grumpy all day too if there were images of monsters lurking in your brain all day and night and the the only way to find peace is to draw them constantly. Just saying… Also not all of us think we are beautiful, actually I’ve found it to be quite the opposite.

  15. Most Scorpio eyes are hypnotic, once you see into it, you will fall for him immediately. On the other hand Aura of Scorpios is so strong you will be affected by it even if he is standing silent far from you in a meeting, party or elsewhere.
    They are very intuitive and mystery seeker.

  16. I think its because we are perceived as powerful, sexy and just unique, instead of annoying and emotional like people treat us in real life. Also Scorpios are typically emotional and complex, in the compared other signs and people so its a form of identity, or make us feel that being a Scorpio is a good thing and it also gives clarification and identity when Scorpios are so intense and deep, its like a floodlight for our SOUL… Boat. Yeah! ?

  17. When Scorpios are young they tend to either be shunned for being so out there and intense or people gravitate towards them because of their intense energy, and aura. So in all the hubla about them being crybabies or being crazy or being emotional, really its because they are learning to work with their emotional intensity. I for one was an emotional and dramatic child, and my parents had a heck of a time with me, but they loved me and always knew to remind me that I’m special and set apart and that I have goodness in my soul and how my soul was a deep and old soul, very rare these days. So I take that and the title of a Scorpio and keep going and enjoying what I am.

  18. its a strange dichotomy isn’t it? 😀 they like to hide in the shadows (like a scorpion in the desert) but are out there. wearing black and sometimes, oftentimes sunglasses, hidden underneath the dark tinted windows, and still proud. lol
    there are scorpios who aren’t into astrology, would not wear scorpio sign on their jacket, but they still wear black on a daily. lol it’s maybe subconscious.

  19. Lol this is one of those things that really get under my skin. When I come across them, I either roll my eyes or it makes me want to punch their lights out. tbh.

    My husbands a Scorpio and he doesn’t believe in astrology. Thank God.

    I believe if you think youre powerful you automatically lose your power. Period.

  20. Avatar
    Tess Charbonneau

    Thanks Max. Yes I agree with your interpretations around the loud jacket or T shirt. The thing I see is some folks do not like the way we can see through and cut through for that matter…. the small talk and BS that so many folks seem to regurgitate. It’s hard to hide who you are from us folks…..no hiding from a Scorp

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