“Don’t Drive By Without Stopping” So Says My 8th House

friendsThis is 8th house thinking I suppose. And Capricorn. People can die you know.

I was talking to the soldier who was on the road due to pass through a city where he has friends. Good friends. Old friends. He was debating whether he should stop to see them because the time lost could potentially cause him a problem. He had me on the computer calculating time and miles and it was a toss up.

“What do you think, P? Should I do it?”

I thought he should stop and explained that back in the desert, my friends (Leon, et all) and I had a thing we’d say, “Don’t drive by without stopping.” This was a rule we had. We never drove by each other’s house without stopping – It was unthinkable. We drive out of our way to this day, 25 years later and I never expressed my feelings about this before tonight.

“Well if it were me I would stop. No question. These are your friends who you love and you never know when your last chance to see them is going to come. Or for them to see you. So how would you like it if you drove by without stopping and something happened to one of them and you’d just rolled by your last chance to see them?”


“Right. Plus you don’t live all that close. And if you were to count up exactly how many times you are going to be able to see them between now and the rest of your life, the number is probably not that high so I can’t imagine missing one of them. Bad idea…”

He’s with his friends now and I feel good. Whew! These are the kind of things that panic me.

I think you have to connect every chance you can. I don’t find much meaning in life outside relationships. You?

4 thoughts on ““Don’t Drive By Without Stopping” So Says My 8th House”

  1. I could weep reading this. I had an uncle I loved dearly, he lived with us for 18 months when I was a kid. He lived in Australia and I didn’t see him for 15 years…I was in Australia and passed through his town, thinking I’d stop but didn’t, then thinking I’d go back and didn’t. To this day I don’t know why I didn’t stop. He died of cancer, but not before phoning me and asking me what the hell I was thinking, not stopping. Temporary insanity, I don’t know.

  2. pretty much. except work, if it’s service. i can’t help but relating to my students. which is probably why i enjoy it.

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