Painful Love: Taurus Man, Scorpio Woman

taurus brass bullDear Elsa,

I fell for a Scorpio female a few years ago. We quickly felt a connection between us. The whole “opposites attract” thing. It escalated quickly and she has taken me deeper and deeper into her life.

Being passionate people, it was not long before our relationship took a physical turn. This has been going on and off. I helped her save her house from foreclosure. I have spent thousands keeping her head above water financially yet she is still in over her head. These days she has no use for me physically. All of a sudden she says she doesn’t know why it has stopped but she cannot give me what I need.

Now I am starting to believe that I have just been a useful resource all along. She says she loves me and I am everything to her and she cannot see her life without me. But I do not know what to believe. She is such a damn enigma that I do not know what to do. I want to make love to her so badly but at the same time I want to strangle her for using me.

How can I get out of this tangled web? I have loved her like no other in my life. Given her everything but my soul and I am fed up.

Stellium in Taurus
United Kingdom

Dear Taurus,

It’s very simple. You’re and addict and she is your drug of choice. Check this:

Dear Elsa,

I decided to snort some cocaine. It made me feel good. I felt things I have never felt before.

I felt so good, I spent twice then three times what I ever intended, so I could get some more of that shit up my nose, but it just didn’t deliver the thrill it once did.

I tried to walk away, but felt bereft with no thrill, so I went back and spent some more energy and money, trying to recapture that old feeling, which was now so elusive. Jeez! That cocaine is such an enigma. Do you think I should continue to try to figure it out?


Dear Cokehead,

Cold turkey, babe. Leave and don’t look back.

Good luck,


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