Different Styles of Love: Venus in Scorpio vs Venus in Capricorn


Hi Elsa,

Recently I’ve been having doubts about my way around relationships. It seems I always mistake people for joking when they actually DO like me, and vice versa when someone is just ‘having fun’ with me. I had a crush on someone once and did not let that person know from start to end. But I actually enjoyed that. Is it possible for someone to enjoy from just feeding off imaginations?

I may seem weird but I believe I’m not the only one. I’ve heard about people who simply want the ‘feeling’ of love instead of love itself. Having Venus in Scorpio, I started to wander whether it has something to do with the feeling of being ‘in control’ and a matter of secrecy.

Secrecy tends to be a problem for me as well. I just HATE to let other people know what I’m after or who I’m with. A lot of people are actually surprised that we are together. But the person that I’m with right now seems to enjoy romances which are laid out in public. Is there any definition as to who’s right or wrong in this issue? I just like to be in our own world, that’s all. The person I’m talking about here has a Venus in Capricorn.

Venus in Scorpio

Dear Venus,

Yes it is possible to for someone to enjoy feeding off their imagination. You just did it and your awareness and ability to articulate your experience at 17 years old is impressive!

As for defining what is right or wrong as far as relationship goes, this is an individual matter as you are finding out. I am sure your boy, with his Venus in Capricorn, feels it is right to define your relationship because this is his nature. He may very well feel that having it known that you are his girlfriend would increase his status and there is nothing wrong with that either. A lot of people would be proud their boyfriend is proud for example. If you wonder, just compare to a boy who tells his girlfriend to come through the back door at night so no one sees her…

Now on the flip side, you have Venus mashed up with Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter and you can go just about anywhere with this combo. Fantasy, depth and breath, you can access all of this – so at 17, I would just advise you to continue to try different things in relationship and note how they make you feel.

This is very important because although there is no normal, most of us do want to eventually be loved. And to achieve this, you have to discover who you are as an individual so you can go out in the world in an authentic way which has the consequence of attracting the right partner.

So just keeping doing what you’re doing with this minor adjustment: forget trying to judge what is right and wrong, because it’s a fruitless pursuit. Besides the fact one person cannot judge for another, people and things and attitudes are always changing. They are constantly in motion so see if you can focus less on drawing lines between right and wrong and more on just living… happily. 🙂

Good luck.

pictured – Sleeping Venus, c. 1510, Giorgione b. 1477, Castelfranco, d. 1510, Venezia, Oil on canvas, GemÆ’

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