Fighting My Computer & Astro Humanity


I bought a new computer this week. I’ve been struggling to get it set up. I guess, fighting with a computer is a Mars Uranus thing. Unfortunately, Win 11 broke my astrology program, in unusual ways.

It’s okay, because my old machine is working until I can get the new one settled. But in this process, I had to call  for help.

I’ve had the software I use (Kepler), since the early 90’s. It was a DOS program back then. The original people are still running the company so we’ve known each other for almost thirty years!

The gal was loading the program on my machine, remotely, to make sure it wasn’t a user error causing the problem.  There comes a point in this process where you import your birth data. It’s a pretty fast process, but…

But I have just shy of 17,000 charts in my program.  So it’s loading and loading and loading and loading..  she made a remark and it hit me. 100 charts would probably be “a lot”.  The only way you’re going to have this number of charts is to be a full time astrologer for decades.

I thought about all the people I’ve talked to over the years, also all these charts which doesn’t even take into account all the auxiliary charts I’ve looked at. Composite charts, return charts, progressed charts, daily charts… and never the same chart, twice!

It’s endless, isn’t it?

I wonder what AI would do with all this data, as compared to what I do? I guess this is the difference between a person with a heart, a soul, a conscience, and a machine that lacks these things.

I really wonder what the next iteration or generation of “me” will be.  For now, this is a place to access one hell of a lot of experience, not just mine but the experience of the true, human collective that gathers here.

Afterthought: I’ve spent my life doing this and it’s a blip in time, because prior to this, charts had to be calculated by hand. No one would have 17K of them.

Looking ahead, I don’t think people are going to bother learning astrology the way I did, on account of AI.  You ask a question and it gives you an instant answer.  Today you might question it but in a year? Five years? Ten?

I don’t see people learning astrology the hard way. It’s going to wind up some algorithm that scores you and whatever the machine says, is.

11 thoughts on “Fighting My Computer & Astro Humanity”

  1. What an interesting and (for me) in unfathomable perspective. Perhaps equivalent to a small town family doctor or curandera whose kept her patients and their encounters on file … over decades. I made an appointment with the m.d. who originally diagnosed the environmental illness I live with back in 2007. We haven’t seen each over since 2017. He turned 82 last September (Libra) “You look good,” he said as we waited for my credit card to complete the payment. “Not any worse. How old are you now?”
    I told him, and then he said, “I have no plans to retire. This (practice) is what keeps me alive!” This man was my naturopathic physician’s environmental medicine instructor when she was studying the art.
    My visit with this man is a real interaction that I felt comforted by – consistency in an inconsistent world. I still have to juggle and apply his rxs and suggestions to my real life and free will is involved.
    Your new computer story of hundreds of hundreds charts fitting into a cut and paste algorithm present comforted me; made my belly tweak. Your reality affirms my human quirkiness, smd that helps me go from there.

    1. Moki, I am older now, and I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it is that my all but one of my doctors have retired or passed away (all younger than me). Now they want you to telecoc. I’m sorry but I know myself well and can certainly research symptoms and remedies more thoroughly than anything I can get from an impersonal consultation. No wonder we are all slowly dying of loneliness. Did you know that the NY governor just appointed Dr. Ruth as the state loneliness ambassador?
      Astrology is as much an art as an algorithm, and thank goodness we still have artists like Elsa to illuminate our paths.

      1. We are indeed lucky to know to come here for Elsa’s brand of astrology and soul food! Didn’t know about Dr. Ruth’s newest appointment.
        I’ve just finished reading Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen’s book”The Birthday of the World” for my 76th birthday present. You know Dr. Rachel ? I found her many many birthdays ago; a gift !! You might enjoy her brand of doctoring ❤️

  2. DiT-Dow.
    I decided to totally reset phone & Notebook 9.
    Bad move. I even loaded it on 124G SD WHEN I REINSTALLED, IT OVER ROTE THE WHOLE THING. IT CHANGED 10 TO 11 META. AND I LOST ALL PHOTOS FOR YEARS NOW I CAN’T EVEN GET BACK INTO GMAIL DUE TO Security brain lock. you would think the ” AI Would figure this out” so much for ONE WORLD ORDER- (DIS)

  3. Ahh but individual feelings are so yummy!
    Early on kinda a little fish in a big pond, now sissy , in my book, you are a Big Fish
    In a little pond.Enjoy that tail, Swish!
    Ever notice how the ride home so much quicker than the ride there. when I was landscaping more, it was so helpful to leave the site and come back. Give me new perspective. You are my go to girl for a different feel for the day. I like your interpretations your hair look up there your past and your take on now I think you’ve got a lot you’ve done a lot you’ve given and how far more coming, I’m hooked and I thank you. anyone remember when something just fell apart and you called that number you knew would pick up your that number girl!

  4. What an accomplishment Elsa. A long history of caring, inquisitiveness, intuition, and expertise in a dying thousand year old art. I’m happy and honored to be one of the 1700 !

  5. It’s like when Windows came, no one used DOS prompts anymore.

    And now we’re back, with a prompt again, in AI software, where the ability to write a good prompts is what gets the machine ( aka software) running.

    Never say that history doesn’t repeat itself!

  6. I for one, am grateful for your perspective and your very personal take on all things astrology. It is refreshing, candid and HUMAN. F**K the AI; it will never be my jam. Not sure where this will all go, but I am sure of where I’ve come from – and I’m so glad I found you along the way.

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