Passion Thrives On Impediment

passion“Passion thrives on impediment”.  An old man told me this when I was a teenager. I’ve seen it demonstrated over the years. It’s easy to pine for the beloved when they’re inaccessible. The challenge fires up Mars in the horoscope!

It’s a common story, someone becomes enamored with a person who is married. They compete for that person but once they have them, they’re disillusioned or lose interest. Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva come to mind. I bet she was crazed for him when she couldn’t have him. Boy did that change.

Have you ever been crazy for someone when there was some kind of barrier there, and lost interest once that barrier was removed? Tell us!

15 thoughts on “Passion Thrives On Impediment”

  1. Same here. This person loved me very much(or atleast appeared to love) and very soon the love and interest was lost.

    Saturn and mars in 1H Scorpio, Venus in Leo. That one was a Leo sun.

  2. We always want what we can’t have. Me included. I’m all Uranus, with an Aries Sun and Merc, so challenge always made me want the guy more. I’ve learned to deal with this as I’ve gotten older and figured out what drove me. But yes, when I did get ‘that guy’ that seemed so elusive, I found that I didn’t even really like him, let alone want to be with him.

  3. I see this play out in my personal life early on when young, the illusion of love in the workplace while I was married … the flirting remained a fancy. Like xcd Saturn conj Mars in my 8th H so that “impeded passion” was meant to play out in other parts of my life.

    In my case, it is the impeded realities of a place I love, a culture I love passionately yet cannot live with physically. My Mars squares my Scorpio Stellium, so the fire is heated up and I find ways to incorporate the passion. Though, I think this might be not off topic, it’s a different slant on how one deals with what(or who) you want even after you learn you can’t have it.

    “It’s easy to pine a beloved when they are inaccessible …” Does place have an astrology?

  4. Nope. My Mars thrives on respect, love and affection, and I don’t enjoy being “second best” or on anyone’s romantic back burner. A married man would simply not make the cut.

  5. Last night I dreamt that I was walking with a group of unrecognizeable people. We were traveling down a city street with trees planted in neat rows along the sidewalk. I watched as a man lit fireworks that soon torched those small trees, and I noticed the smell and smoke as if my senses were truly picking them up. I walked away from the trees which now resembled flaming streetlights and turned a corner to see a car accident which just had occurred, a man lay bleeding in the street, power pole was struck and electrical wires were sparking all over. A girl who I still don’t recognize pulled at my arm and said to me, he’s bleeding really bad.

    This is what I make of it, lately my passions in life are really taking on a life of their own. I lust and pine over people and things I like/want. I work very very hard and its all because Im all or nothing do or die. No half way only full throttle. My dream is telling me to do my best to conserve the passion, to channel it in the best and most responsible way possible. Those trees on fire like flames of passion burning, that car crashed showing out of control emotion, and that blood filling the street acting as passion overflowing. I dont take it as a bad omen, but I take it as my emotional oscillation in my waking life is filtered into my dream life.

    Mars/Saturn in Scorpio, both in First house. Its always about barriers for me.

  6. That is a beautiful painting you’ve chosen for the header.
    I don’t know that I do this so much with love interests (perhaps because once I’ve ‘caught’ someone, I’m invested enough that I’ll keep ‘dreaming them up’ in spite of ourselves).

    I do know that I am prone to this with goals and achievements that I am passionate about. I’ll pour it on, go go go and overcome all obstacles and barriers only to “get the prize” and find myself exceptionally nonplussed and disenchanted.
    [hey! this big-ass trophy is electroplated tin. wth?!]

  7. I have not ever had such an experience however. I have known of people who have. I currently have a similar situation with my ex-husband. Our daughter has told me that he now loves me. We were married for 19 years divorced he told our daughter all sorts of crap. Remarried and kicked the women out and now loves me again. WTF??? Even my daughter is like what are you serious.

    Me I left this man in December of 1994 lived with my parents met my present husband in April of 1996 was having a horrendous difficulty getting divorced from the X. My present husband also was having a problem getting divorced from his X when we met. We have been wed happily since Dec of 1997.

    His X has decided that if she could get him back she would but I am in the way. If she can’t have him back if we would just adopt her would be nearly as good. Very odd and strange situation I must say. The good thing is our children though they love their other parent help to keep them at bay and consider us their real parents. We all think this is a very odd situation.

  8. Wow, gorgeous painting you chose for this post just sent me on a a pt to find out more about it resulting in my scrolling through pages of 19th century art. Man am I glad paints existed before cameras came into the world….

    On point: It’s almost sad how much I love the chase, and how quickly my interest plummets once something/one is at hand. I’d like to grow out of this so I can develop something solid with someone. But it’s just so fun…. especially if there are threads of interest to pull at.

    My Mars is in Sagittarius, squaring my Aquarius Venus, sextiling my Aquarius Mercury.

  9. Correction, that would be, “Wow, gorgeous painting you chose for this post just sent me on a quest to…” ***

  10. The blog title reminded me of this Milan Kundera quote:

    “It is only obstacles that turn love into a love story.”

  11. No, not really. But I have loved, carried a torch so to speak. Eveything is great when we are not together, I can imagine how great it could be, but the reality of being together is intolerable. That’s a different story. And never the twain shall meet. Gotta go and look up twain.

  12. Avatar
    Epiphany Tiffany

    Well, Mars is competition…he has something to “prove” to himself by out-smarting, out-performing, and out- charming his competitors. I don’t think that particular kind of passion has anything to do with the target trophy he’s trying to win – but a passion for the battle itself. The ol’ “don’t hate the player, hate the game” mantra. The “game” reference being the operative word in that sentence. They’re battling for a top position in the hot seat and not necessarily the person they’re going after. The idea that he is “winning” is the exhilarating part. That, of coarse, doesn’t last for a slow long burn passion. I’m sure that old man was telling the truth, but only for that particular type of person. When it’s a slow burn type of love, there isn’t competition, but a getting-to-know and discovering all the little intricacies about what you find attractive in the other. Sure, there can still be forms of healthy competition and disagreements in the mix (how else are you going to learn about them?) but it doesn’t become the foundation of the relationship, ya know? That particular type of Mars- only passion becomes one defined “style” in a whole smorgasbord of styles to choose from – instead of just one defined kind. There’s a whole rainbow instead of just one color. I think for Mars types, there isn’t a diversity of ways to stoke their fire – the competition is everything because they’re here to find out what they’re made of by how they compare to others (defining their individual self). I don’t think it’s true for everyone but definitely might be true for the ones you witnessed. I don’t think it’s a universal truth. This is merely my personal observation and not an expert opinion.

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