Peace And Love… And Saturn (Reality) And Pluto (The Shadow)

peace and love“Hippies? Well I like their drugs,” my husband said, causing me to snort. “Yeah, I like their drugs and I think hippies are nice… when they are young,” he qualified.


“They had these ideas when they were 23.. peace and love and while it’s a nice idea to have will you’re eating acid, the idea has no basis. There is no reality involved, it doesn’t work. I don’t disagree that their ideas are nice. Everyone lay down their gun. I’d love to see that but all it takes to ruin something like that is one _________,” he said, naming a psychopath we know. “One guy like that’ll ruin everything”.

I nodded. “Yep, he’ll come in there and take over immediately.”

“Of course.”

And there will always be someone like that.”

“Yep. And a hammer to the head will stop him,” he said. “It will stop him and I will be the one to swing that hammer but when I do, I don’t want to hear about how I am a rotten son of a bitch.”



74 thoughts on “Peace And Love… And Saturn (Reality) And Pluto (The Shadow)”

  1. Even hippies need a code. While the world was doing away with rules, they forgot that every”body” needs some bones. What are societies now?

  2. Fascinating thread. I like what PA said early-on. Nice putting things into context. I can’t imagine what it would have been like then —

  3. Can you imagine a virgo with libra planets trying to be a hippy? Well sure as long as I can have a comfortable bed, a shower every day, others help me clean up the mess and as long as I don’t have to listen to stories from people all jacked up on stuff talk until the wee hours of the morning, with Grace Slick singing her guts out in the background. Sheeesh.

  4. Oh God Elsa, Thank you for this post today, for your unadorned assessment of reality. There are psychopaths/sociopaths out there and they ARE dangerous. And sometimes the most loving thing we can do is stop them. It is dangerous ground to tread on–whacking people over the head with a hammer. You have to be clear about your heart’s purest intention. In the buddhist tradition, there are actually stories of “enlightened” (I don’t like that word, but use it for brevity’s sake) masters using violence compassionately against others who were about to commit violence, in order to spare the violent one negative karma and future rebirth in the hell realms. (just telling a story here, not trying to convert anyone.) We call it “skillful means”.

  5. My experience? If you want peace, you have to work for it. Damn hard work and yup, sometimes it requires a hammer to the head.

  6. i get people who call me a hippy. i don’t really know why.

    but i can go for “make love not war” and deep compassion until the point where one needs to stand up and assert survival and then i’m a very different person.

    don’t know if i could be the person to pull the trigger (unless someone was moving straight at me) but i would be ok with lining them up for the shot if i knew it had to be done.
    some things need to be done.

  7. the trick is making sure you’re absolutely certain you have the right person for a big enough reason. i don’t trust… most people… to make those decisions well.

  8. It’s hip to slag off the ’60s as a naive, waste-of-time decade, but that has a lot to do with the short-term attention span of the human race as a whole. In a recent interview, the English photographer David Bailey made an interesting point: “The 60s never ended”, he said, “they’re still continuing today”. I think he’s right in that we are still living under the influence of ideas that started to bloom around then (I mean, we’re reading this on an astrology website, right?), and just because they didn’t reach their full expression immediately, that’s no reason to write them off as a general failure. Because they weren’t, were they, despite all the violence and upheaval we’ve had to suffer since then. No,those ideas are still around, they’re still developing, and… what’s that on the horizon? Oh, it’s the Age of Aquarius! 😉

  9. We are a peaceful people here on the Isle of Wight.
    Lee scratch Perry ( The man who created Reggae) calls it the Isle of Light when he comes here. We are 26 by 13 miles and our festival was as big as woodstock. And that’s why we have such large hippie community. What happened in 1960’s never went away for sure, totally agree with michael, it’s the age of aquarius. I was born in 1961 and my Aquarian mother who defo dont take drugs or smoke anything let alone cannabis took me.

  10. What a great, timely topic!
    I’ve witnessed a significant resurgence of mind expanding stuff –not acid but ibogaine, ayuhasca and entheogens. Most of these “kids” that I know are born in the 70’s & 80’s, they take these in ceremonial settings or in detox contexts (rather then in unsupervised situations — no a_holes allowed, I hope for them.) As opposed to changing society, they speak of resetting their brains and of dealing with their demons or depression etc. as life changing impact stuff. Makes me wonder.

    Re. Uranus/Pluto/Saturn, the part where people sober up from addictions via a one time chemical experience in the right conditions… why not?

  11. Moonpluto, can you imagine how it was to grow up to the likes of Bobby’s Girl (1962)- “I want to be Bobby’s girl, that’s the most important thing to me/ and if I was Bobby’s girl, what a faithful thankful girl I’d be”
    Is it any wonder we ****ed up? Yes, we messed up marriage – from a basis of messed up families -and I am really sorry for the heartbreak we must have caused our parents and children. As for screwing up the economy, I can’t take responsibility for that, it wasn’t my generation who sold off the assets of my country (UK), our parents had it all and ate it all. What’s done is done, let’s ALL look to a future where people with mental health issues are treated with intelligence and recognition. Hippies didn’t invent insanity, just brought it out of hiding.

  12. One other clarification – I don’t think my husband sees “hippies” as belonging to one generation or the other. He is describing a mindset that exists in a group that spans generations.

  13. We have benefited from some of the ideas that were birthed in the 60’s minus the naivety that utopia is just around the next bend.

  14. i’ve been born ’63. close to cnj ura/plu in vir: i guess we’re good with “waste management” – if there are psychos in community, we’re willing to take them out.

    with moon & mars in leo, i can’t help to do it again & again & again…


    my parents were 100% capricorn straight. during puberty i spend years with “hippie”-people (that was germany, & mostly i experienced some “down” sides of it). i indulged punk – but in hindsight, punk was more like a creative rejuvenation for creative self-expression, wasn’t it?


    now it’s 2010. thx to many posters who shared their “authentic” hippie-experience – but people see it different today. “rebellion” just feels different 😉

    but i’d say, na, “spirits of 60’ies”, “mind climate”, is re-arising, isn’t it?

  15. well, the kind who deny reality by trying to pretend that love and peace will fix all the world’s problems, and who practice escapism rather than stare point blank at the real problems in their own lives, they bug me…

    but there’s a lot value in the general themes. the commonality of humanity/the world, the power of love, the zen-like focus of not getting wrapped up in superficialities, the concept of finding one’s own truth and questioning unearned authority…. those all make sense to me.

    gen X here.

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    blue moon flower

    In my experience acid brings alive many more feelings and concepts besides peace and love. You wanna witness evil? Eat some acid, Acid trips feed on your environment and state of mind

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    blue moon flower

    I adore acid, though. If I had less responsibility, Id eat it everyday.
    part of a balanced diet (!)

  18. Peace and love will solve the world’s problems. And that has not one damn thing to do with chemicals you put in your body but with those that are already in there.

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