“It Begins with Pluto Square my Sun”

Pluto is the ruler of my fourth house. I grew up on a disruptive series of Pluto transits, each one effecting my home and especially my father.  Even the “easy” Pluto transits have transformed my living situation in some outrageous way.

Currently, Pluto is making the first square to a loose stellium of planets in my chart that runs from Libra to Scorpio.  It’s really a 6 planet daisy chain of the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury and the Moon.  Followed by a brief intermission, then the closing finale staring Venus, the IC and Uranus (That is if I make it that long without burning the Mutha down.)

So, Pluto is square my Sun right now and my house is already falling apart before my eyes.  It started when Albert and I made plans for all the things we would like to fix around the house.  The first being the ugly ass vinyl in the kitchen.  “And while were at it, let’s install new carpet too. Yeah! Let’s do the whole house.”

What was supposed to be a three day turn around job, turned into three months of BS when the installers peeled back the first layer of vinyl and said “sorry, we don’t work with asbestos.”

Shit on a stick.

Now I know, I should have seen this coming.  I am always aware of Pluto’s position. I watch him like a hawk. But really, I thought this would be the ideal time to start a reno project.  I thought Pluto would be on our side.  I forgot to factor in Saturn, who has been throwing the breaks at every corner.  No Tokyo Drift for You!

Meanwhile, all of our belongings were tetris-ed into the garage so the new floor could go in.  As the delays kept extending, we snuck items back in one at a time and added them haphazardly to the indoor campsite we were living out of.  This is the moment the washer decides is the perfect time to explode and flood the washroom. “That’s fine, I’ll just go to the laundromat until it gets resolved.”

I am trying to stay present and accept things as they come, but underneath I am boiling with rage and frustration.  My anger starts to manifest around my feet in the shower.  I look down and realize the water isn’t draining.  The tub drain is clogged.  The rest of the bathroom suite follows suit like a clogged drain domino rally. The toilet no longer flushes, the sink no longer empties.  This is bullocks.

And then there is a blizzard.  Everything gets put on hold because people in Texas go insane in the snow. For a week, I am trapped in a hollowed out house with backed up plumbing, all the kitchen appliances in the living room, no washer and an 11 month old baby to care for. Oh and rolling blackouts because the power grid is overloaded. I am starting to get dreadlocks again because I cannot run the amount of water it takes to wash hair this long and luxuriant without overflowing the tub. Yes, the Pluto square is to my ruling planet, the Sun and it’s starting to mess with my hair. To a Leo rising, this means things are starting to get serious!

After the snow let up, the installers came back in another attempt to put in our floor.  “Sorry, more BS.  No Floor for You!”

I get in the shower for my alloted five minutes of hygiene before bed and I start to pray. I often pray in the shower.  I heard somewhere that cleanliness is next to Godliness and I figure I am more likely to be heard in there.  I implore the spirit of the universe to do something, anything.  Get us through this mess.

I step out, wrap myself in a towel and run dripping into the hallway to turn up the heat.  Snap! The heater is broken on the coldest night of the year thus far.  Very fucking funny Universe!

How will our heroine get out of this one? Will things turn around or will the house fall further into disrepair?  And what about her hair!? Is she doomed to bring back the grungy 90’s white girl Rasta look? (Let’s hope not. That’s SOOO Pluto in Sadge.)

Stay tuned for more adventures Deep in the Pluto Square


26 thoughts on ““It Begins with Pluto Square my Sun””

  1. Oh man Nota!!! It’s a good thing you’re able to call on your wickedly dark humor!

    Pluto is squaring my Sun too *ducking.hoping.the.universe.isn’t.listening*

    After reading your home trials, I’m glad I’m on the road and am wondering what sort of disaster may await me when I return.

  2. ((((geez nota))))

    I’ve had plumbing probs with my pluto transits too but at least there were no asbestos surprises!

    I said “Very fucking funny Universe!” when the outside hose faucet knob came off in my hand with the water coming out full blast.

  3. (((Nota))),
    Ok, if I had to give my wadger now, I’d say you’re coming out on top of this. I’d say you’ve got some plunk left in there, of course you do, you’re a pluto girl! That being said, lots of warm wishes until things start to straighten out,

  4. Feeling total and complete horror over your situation Nota. My first concern was for you trying to care for a baby in that extreme upheaval. My Saturn/Mars conj. in Cancer 6th house square Sun in Libra, speaking there, no doubt.

  5. I’m really lucky, I’ve got my mom, my sister, Albert’s parents, his brother and wife and my friends. I’ve had a constant stream of people in and out helping me take care of the wee one.

    It sounds horrible, but really at this point, it’s just hilarious.

  6. I’m sorry, I had to laugh. I don’t mean to, but I so understand. Pluto and I have a love/hate relationship ie–I love to hate him. Yes, I can fully identify–he has been transiting all my planets since birth. Chin up, and keep the black humor intact. It’s the only thing there is to keep you sane.

  7. Aw man, I feel for ya.
    I also have Pluto squaring my natal sun in Cancer AND natal Pluto in Libra. Mars is opposing natal Mars right now too and I totally get the rage you describe.

    I am sending you distant reiki tonight Nota! And on your home! =)

  8. Aiaiai!!!

    Fuck that sucks Nota. I feel soo sorry for you!!

    Do you have any home insurence that can help you a little, or homeowners insurence from when you bought the place. Should not asbetoes been checked before it was sold!!…
    Do you have central heating?

    They cut of my electricty in november , and I spend 4 weeks without light or heating…it is awful .but candles works great for heating a place up.

    Have you checked the drain?? It might just be hair blocking it, easy to remove by yourself, just use rubbercloves.

    Hope you have a lucky break coming too you soon

  9. I’m laughin’ (a little. Just a little). Nota, you’re welcome anytime. Really. But in the past month, it wouldn’t have helped, on and off. In the past month, Our plumbing backed up, they had cats and backhoes and the rest of it and tore everything out to the curb. No water, no plumbing, then no electricity in the middle of it, the week I had the flu. Had worker guys in the house with muddy boots and flashlights, at night, while I was sick. Gross.

    Then no water again, no hot water then; and today, a month later, back to no water again. Tore out my kitchen cabs to get to the plumbing, so everything is torn up, filthy, and pots and pans all over the house. Can’t count the times I’ve scrubbed floors and stairs. I got a kick out of heating water on the stove for bathing and telling my son stories of the great depression (missed that one, but heard tell and seemed relevant). Thank God for natural gas, at least.

    Must be something in the water *smirk* but really, door’s open, lady.

  10. Note the Chirony when it comes.

    I love you, boo, and I hope that makes you warm and gives you strength. Keep laughing!

    Even if you chop the locks, they’ll mane out. Promise. Camp and rock on. Build up that energy and make it…GO.

    put the fear in ’em. Be gentle and smile.

    hugs ya

  11. Nota… you have discovered you have asbestos in the house… that’s important to know! Your plumbing has packed it in BEFORE your new floor is down & could be ruined & hey… ever hear of dry shampoo for the moment?
    S’all good sista & as long as you can find a glimmer of humour, you’ll be ok!

    That sounds annoyingly cheerful… sorry!… you can shoot me now =)

  12. What horrors – with a BABY? thank the Gaia you have so much family backup.

    I went through several months of no heating/hot water in the winter before this one – I hope never again. Glad you can see the funny side…

    With the hair, look at it this way – it;s not good for it to wash it too often! You are helping it develop protective oils 😉 they say too that if you don;t wash it for 2/3 weeks it reaches a kind of equilibrium and doesn’t need washing, it kinda cleans itself and stops feeling crawly! [I never tried it for that long]

  13. Nota! Ugh. At least it isn’t Humpty Dumpty and you can put all the pieces back together. Imagine what the little uber-Pisces is thinking…’wow, this is weird!’

  14. ((((NOTA!!!)))) man i thought I had issues at home!!!

    I pray/hope/wish things settle down and start moving in the right direction for you and your sanctuary…

  15. wish you strenght there with the house and pluto doing the thing!!
    pluto is transitting 4th house here and l lost, lost and lost also gained but hei l sepak only with 2 family members by now…l can’t wait for mr Pluto to go party in my 5th!! l’m so tired of Pluto cleaning 4th house by now….hehe!
    so good vibes to you!

  16. ThankYou Nota !!!

    Great Post Great Sense of Humour !!!

    I am Having Pluto in my 6th House and I dont want to talk about it Maybe L8ter !!!

    Blessings for U & Your Family Best Wishes !!!

    Blessings Everybody !!!

  17. Yowza, Nota. That’s a lotta Plutonian mischief.

    Rather than squares, I’m all about conjunctions right now. That transiting bad boy is on my Mars AND Venus, thereafter to devour my Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon in turn. All the action will take place in my 2nd and 3rd houses.

    Hoping that Pluto, as my chart ruler, will be more of an ally than a pest as he turns me inside out over the next decade or two. (Thinking of changing my middle name to “surrender,” in hopes of placating him.)

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