People With Outer Planets Prominent In The Natal Chart

beacon.jpgHi Elsa,

I have Pluto conjunct my sun and square my moon natally. Does that mean that people born a year or two either side of me will carry that Pluto energy that messes with my sun and moon? I always felt somewhat uneasy around these people. Its like I am constantly challenged by them.


This is a great question. If you’re born with an outer planet or important conjunction prominent in your chart (particularly on the ascendant or midheaven) you are definitely going to be a beacon for your generation. I am in this situation, sort of the alien among my age peers.

In your case with Pluto, the Sun and Moon involved it follows you would be stimulated when surrounded by people your age (say in a classroom when you were young) however it is only energy so the negative result is optional.

By that I mean, energy is neutral until you direct it and if the energy has you feeling challenged, I would say it’s time to manipulate that energy and transform it into something more useful that doesn’t damage you (or others). For example, your intense feelings could fuel your creativity or just about anything else you could think of.

Anyone else have experience with this?

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  1. I’ve also got Pluto conjunct some personal planets, and that conjunction hits everything in my chart. Since I’m an astro-noob, though, I really can’t answer the question; I’m not savvy enough to spot the influences yet. I’m very interested in what others have to say, though. 🙂
    Personally, I feel out-of-step with the world in general and that includes my generation!

  2. Yeah, I’m like Sa as well – Pluto hits plenty of planets, does Pluto square Midheaven count? I’m too much of a nooby to tell, either.

    But Elsa, I did want to thank you for that last sentence. I have creativity coming out of my ears some times. I have never, ever thought of taking strong energy that I have been experiencing and using it to be creative. Now that I think of it though, I have urged my son to draw when he’s feeling upset. He does it a lot, too.

  3. I appreciate whomever asked the question. I have always struggled with people my age and now I see that it isn’t just me.

    I’m doing better about dealing with everything since reading “Healing Pluto Problems”.

  4. Yep, and trying to do exactly that now – “manipulate” my energy to use toward my myriad creative projects . . .

    For some reason, all my life, I thought I would “lack authenticity” (probably Cappy) if I “manipulated” my energy . . . but now I see how absolutely crucial that is to my life and relationships.

  5. I know someone with Sun conjunct Pluto and he loves to hang out with both men and women of 20-year age difference. So far his partners have been around his age, and he is 46 years old

  6. I have Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune and most people of my generation have their Neptune conjunct my Sun as well, which probably makes me deluded and confused about all of them.

  7. I am not one of the Pluto people but I seem to have a lot of them in my life (in fact after this post I went through my archives and found that most everyone from my mom to all the men in my life as well as best friends have had a Pluto/Sun or ascendant conjunction). I like them because they don’t fit with their generation, it’s quite a plus. Most of them don’t quite channel their power and energy effectively. In fact, I just punched up a chart for a Cancer co-worker who has Pluto conjunct her ascendant…yet she spends her time oscillating between two men who are quite beneath her and participating in petty drama when she could do so much more. I always assumed age was a Saturn thing…coming into one’s one later in life but perhaps it’s a Pluto thing too.

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    Little Miss Hermit

    My Pluto in Libra is conjunct Mercury, Venus and Mars, trine Jupiter (my chart ruler) and quintile Asc. Other people’s Plutos aren’t really a problem… The Saturn in Cancer or Libra age groups, on the other hand… Very challenging! Saturn in Cancer in particular^^ (mine’s in Leo).
    I experience a very strong mutual attraction with (especially males) around the age of 40+, with their Pluto/Uranus on my 8th house Sun. When I was little, there were quite a few of them in the neighborhood, who served as the older brother I always wanted (as buffer in the family dynamics:P).

  9. Wow, Im so glad Plutonian asked this question, Im still learning how to use this energy myself.

    I have Pluto conjuncting my Sun,Venus& Saturn square my moon & trine my Neptune-mars conjunction. I myself have felt quite out of place with my generation and I found I was very challeneged in highschool surround by a whole classroom of people my age however with age I have learnt to use this energy better. I wish I had more advice but I think just being aware you have quite powerful energy and realising you can transform using it is the first step.

  10. i have the aspects Plutonian talks about and a lot more – busy little Pluto in my chart. I have ALWAYS felt like an outsider among my age group and never really thought about this as a possibility. (well, okay, it’s not just my age group.)

    The biggest thing that I’ve noticed about my Pluto is with communication. I have strong Merc, and Pluto conj. Merc. Sometimes, I have a tendency to “blast” my message harder than I am aware of-enough to shut others down at time or just really hit harder than I’d intended, so I have to be careful of this.

  11. I have sun and moon conjunct Pluto and Pluto conjuct ascendant. I had the worst school experience growing up.

  12. Yes I have Sun conjunct Pluto on the MC. I think I make my generation as uncomfortable as they make me, probably even a little more so. I’m definitely on the outside looking in.

  13. Yes, Pluto conjuncts my Virgo Sun and squares my Gemini Moon. My Sun and Pluto are in my 8th house along with Uranus which conjuncts my Sun from the other side. I definitely make people uneasy and since Uranus rules my chart, I make others doubly uneasy.

  14. I have Pluto square Moon natally and just finished a very long series of Pluto oppositions to my Cancer stellium.

    During the last transit,an opposition to my Sun, I realized that my Mom was literally trying to destroy me.

    I finally figured out that she is borderline personality disorder and had been abusing me and everyone else for most of my life. I remember being shocked when I finally realized she was trying to set me up and I had to stop giving her the benefit of the doubt and fight back.

    Nobody believed me. I’m in the legal field, and understand how to build a case or position a defense, and I started using that experience to defend myself. I installed cameras and started taking videos with my phone of her crazy behavior at home, the absolutely disgusting stuff she did to torment me and others, and her attempts to set me up.

    I finally had to threaten the local EMS with defamation because they were spreading lies about me abusing her, when she is the one who called Adult Protective Services on me and then denied it. Then APS investigator started coming over every two or three weeks and starting arguments with me, until one day I told him if he thought he had enough evidence, to get the police over and let’s get the show on the road. I was tired of hearing about his threats – he is an ex-cop and I started noticing his intimidation tactics too. I think he actually had the hots for me, a single woman with no man in her life, telling him to eff off instead of cowering and doing everything he tried to manipulate me into doing. He was clearly not used to women telling him no.

    The last time I saw him, his supervisor came over with him and I told them both that my Mom felt harassed by the unannounced visits, plus the scope of the APS statute doesn’t provide for ongoing unannounced visits. I think the super figured out what was going on and probably fired the guy. He has never called or showed up again.

    The whole thing was super intense and it really pushed me to do a lot of things I still can’t believe I had to do to protect myself.

    My Mom is likely going into a nursing home after everything that has happened. I’m not giving her any more opportunities to sabotage me. I’m not getting any younger and I’m just done with her never ending drama and manufactured crises.

  15. Nothing good comes when your age group pluto is squaring your saturn, especially if saturn is key in your chart. I can’t stand the neptune/uranus square my mars either. And their neptune on my rising? It’s easy to mistske what you see for what there isn’t.

  16. Pluto /Uranus conunct at 15* Virgo in the 4th house opposite Chiron in Pisces Square Gemini Sun in the 12th. Ughhhh

  17. I have a grand mutable cross, with natal Pluto conjunct my Virgo ascendant, square my IC moon, and opposite my DC Saturn. Transit Pluto is conjunct my natal Cap sun now. I just can’t take the energy sometimes. I have found that grounding myself daily — eating well, sleeping well, exercising — is mandatory for my health — and everyone else’s safety whom I spend time with! [smile]

  18. What is your take on someone that doesn’t have outside planets making hard aspects to personal planets in the natal chart.

    The Prominent and highly educated astrologer made the statement “there are not enough meat and potatoes to hold the chart together”.
    I thought this an odd response and then I thought you must be the village idiot.

    Elsa, could you please shed some common sense (Virgo) on the subject.
    Thank you.

      1. I must quip, natal charts will have a lifetime of the most god awful meat and potatoes and hopefully some of the best meat and potatoes you will ever taste (transits). Your response made me smile and Virgo common sense was right on target.

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