Mars, Psychological Games, Seduction & Manipulation

ALLEGORY OF MARS, VENUS & CUPIDA friend copped to being “game-y” in relationships when she was younger. She described how she manipulated men by coming on strong and then backing off to keep their energy on her. She’d have them obsessing trying to figure out what she was up to.

I was enthralled listening to her  because I’m her polar opposite. No man ever has to wonder where he stands with me.

I have Mars is conjunct Mercury in the blunt ninth house. My friend has an Aquarius Mars in the 8th house and this is one way to express it.

Aquarius is detached. Mars wants to get what it wants and the 8th house is all in on psychological games. It’s like an experiment in seduction.

What are your methods of seduction? Where is your Mars?

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  1. well. I don’t think I am so much a game player but Ido love the game of love (where everybody wins ;-)…. I am not so good at marriage, evidently. But I do well in romance and really enjoy it. I love the falling in love part, where even just the thought of them is a turn. If I am not interested in them “that way” it is pretty evident but I have had to be blunt on some occasions with those who I thought were friends but wanted much more. Mars in the the 5th, Aquarius. Libra Moon on the ascendent, so I think most anybody can read me.

  2. I have an 8th house Mars in Gemini, but 5 planets in Aries… I don’t feel like I’m a game player. I say what I mean and mean what I say… and am confused by others operating otherwise, I take things at face value and have to remember not everyone is like me

    1. Wow again..that is my #1 saying or motto in life to my kids and everybody! Say what you mean…and mean what you say!!!

  3. Some women actually know what they’re doing to attract? It sounds more like aquarius mars is afraid. Because of saturn and they are too prideful to admit theyre scared of rejection. Its like Capricorn but different. Capricorn is saturnic and scared of rejection and so is Aquarius. They just act prideful like their opposite leo. Although that 8th house is may be sitting back assessing if the person is worth it.

    1. Im also blunt and no games and i got rejected alot in the past. Sadly i should have used caution in the past. I checked my chart and it seems also have 9th house mars

  4. If you do this you might live to regret it big time. Especially if you miss out on true love because your game was more important to you. I have never played games like this and I have three personal planets, including Mars, in the 8th. For me, the 8th house expresses itself by wanting to be so close to someone you’re inside of them, in their skin. In their mind. Where their energy is mine and mine is theirs. Totally enveloped. This is the house of intimacy. However, it’s also Plutos house, so I can see how games like this could make someone feel more powerful, they’re seriously shooting themselves in the foot though in the end.

    1. that’s what i thought too about 8th house/Scorpio energy. It’s not assessing, or having caution because that’s Saturn, they have represented by ” fear” and Scorpio 8th has mars energy, Pluto/Mars. and they aren’t afraid at all. SO i’d say they go for it. And if it doesn’t work, so what? that’s what makes them so brave. Sure they say brave can be foolish but it’s better than being afraid all the time. Although being afraid keeps you alive, but is that a way to live? I guess these scary times

  5. Tracey C Doherty

    Suck at flirting or games, Saturn in Aquarius 8th house (Placidus). Romance was always (too) serious.

  6. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    I used to act sensuous with my 8th house in Taurus. A casual carress on the arm as I lean in and talk about something in the ear knowing my breath would caress and tickle. Or Id stroke the back or forearm.
    But stroking and caressing would be my way of seduction. That and a fine cooked meal.
    But it’s been ages since I did those things and I despise anything that amounts to manipulation. Even if they enjoy it. I touch to express my love and deep affection now. But I’m very careful with it. Because it’s not just about what I want but who I’m doing it to. Especially if it might lead to hurt feelings.

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