Pisces, Feet… And Saturn Neptune Filters Reality

elsa heaven i mean circle k“I like those pigtails,” the soldier said,  standing in the kitchen. We were in the middle of moving his stuff in 2 weeks ago.

“What pigtails? What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Oh, I just saw that book cover picture out there in the garage.”

I laughed. “Yeah? What did you think of that?”

“Oh, I was just looking at it. You’ve go no shoes on,” he said. “You have the same feet now and you did then.”

“Yeah, I do and you’re crazy,” I said reacting to the look on his face.

“No I just love you. You were cute back then too,” he said.

“Yeah, well I was happy in that dress, I’ll tell you that. I was hap-py! But what did you see in that picture? What did you think of it?”

“Well, I was looking at your feet. Those are the feet I love right there. That’s what I thought of it.”

“Oh, good. Okay good, I’m glad.  Don’t tell me anymore, okay?”

15 thoughts on “Pisces, Feet… And Saturn Neptune Filters Reality”

  1. Ana – thanks. I think I’m cute too, that’s the next blog. 😉

    On the book, no. I worked on that book some years ago and finished it about 4 years ago. It’s sat on ice since and I am doing nothing about it because I have too much saturn neptune and I just don’t care about it one way or the other. I have heard it’s good though, LOL. 🙂

  2. Well there is nothing I can do, except maybe die. I am pretty sure it will be published after I am dead but other than that, I am just too apathetic. I have no idea why I am like this, however I am like this.

  3. Weirdly was just talking earlier with my beau about feet. He’s staying with a friend who’s feet stink and it reminded me of one of the things i love about him, his feet. They are really lovely for a man and never stink. I have pisces, he has libra. Maybe librans got pretty feet and pisces (rules feet) do often seem to have a thing for them. My pisces cat is always rubbing round mine.

    Cool cover btw!

  4. Elsa, you look so cute in this picture! I love the pigtails too. Is this the book you were working on several months ago?

  5. lol, that will be a popular blog i bet!
    Saturn/neptune does this to me too. I’ll do something then just…drag, drag, drag. argh. But it’s good that you finished writing it. Maybe HQ or someone else might publish it for you

  6. I love old pictures like that. I wore the pigtails too….they were in high fashion back then. 🙂

    Side note:
    Elsa, although I’m new to your site, I really like the way you pull astrology out and in from your stories. Very entertaining and educational too. It gets our minds thinking. I like that. You probably get compliments like this all the time, and I debated on whether or not to do it here, and decided that it was appropriate to share with you. Thanks!

  7. spinner – I am a Cap rising. I have posture, hell yes. And yes, Henry taught me. We grew up with yoga in the extreme. I can put my feet behind my head to this day.

  8. he also had a contraption to stretch/align your spine. Low tech! A strap under your chin/another behind your head attached to a rope over a pulley mounted on the ceiling. You put the thing on, sat on a (no back) stool and pulled down on the rope which lifted your head and aligned your spine. I grew up doing this 5 times a day… it was one of the attractions at my grandfather’s house..

    “Let’s go over to your grandpa’s and stretch our spines!”


  9. Elsa- did you parents teach you about satnding up straight and posture? Mine did. Even your toes are pointing straight. It’s a great picture of you!

  10. hahaha…..apparently i inherietd a stack back from my father’s mothers family, whatever that is… we could have used a contraption like that!

  11. I read a lot, and this book would grab me just for it’s cover and I would grab it. The title, the image, everything about it is quirkey and imaginative.

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