Feel I’m At The Tail End Of All This… (Uranus Square Pluto)

uranus the sideways planetI got really good news this morning. In regards to not being able to walk, yesterday, my doctor supposed that the problems I’ve been having were most likely due to my hip not my back. He laid out treatment options, including hip replacement. I was shocked, but by the time I was done looking into this, I thought it was something I could accept.

See, I also found out all my organs are good. My heart is fantastic. It’s so good, I told my husband if I died, he should give it away.

“Make sure someone gets it, it’s an excellent heart,” I said.

“Some woman will get your heart and come chasing after me. You won’t like that,” he said.

“You won’t like her! You won’t like how she looks. But then you’ll think about it.  Can you cook, you’ll ask. Can you make me vittles?”

“Yes, I can cook she’ll say. I can feel it in my heart, I can cook…”

So if all my organs are good and my blood is good with fantastic cholesterol, I am probably going to live, right? So do I want to keep a rotted out hip? Noooo…

But as it turns out, I don’t need a hip replacement.  I have arthritis in both hips and my back but it is not that bad. The problems I’m having walking should resolve, now that I’m quit the activity that was aggravating everything. Never mind all the moving, and running around with bug spray on my back, up hills in the humidity. Jeez, but there’s been a lot to do. And guess what?

It’s done! I mean, it’s so near to being done, it’s as good as done.  So this is where this transit breaks up in my mind.  All in all, I came through it, greatly!

  • I have Lupus… caught early and kept under control by Plaquenil which causes me no side effects.
  • We have a great house in a great place with a great yard and great neighbors.
  • I have made several friends who I visit with and there are a dozen more people I’m getting to know, who are getting to know me.
  • My blog is up and mobile friendly.

There are losses, but there is no need to focus on them.  From here, I’ll be shifting my focus from the domestic to the professional. I’m excited about this!

Were you hit by Uranus square Pluto?  How did you wind up?

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  1. I was hit: I lost my job and my boyfriend. Now I think the latter was good for me. The job is a tough hit.

  2. So happy to read this I could just bust for joy! That is really great news. Thanks for sharing. I get such a buzz from good fortune it’s like being given a gift. 🙂

    You may recall we (TAB & I) were blindsided by an outrageous circumstance in late summer of 2013. Quite literally people set out to obliterate us–our family. Why? Because we were inconvenient. No exaggeration. That was the core motivation. It continued unabated up through this new year(and frankly, still surreptitiously continues today).

    How did we wind up? We prevailed. At great personal cost and hardship–but we prevailed. There are resources and aspects we can never hope to recover. We’ll never “be made whole” or see restitution. But interestingly, our family is more whole, complete and strong than it ever would have been had this fight not been brought to our door.

    It’s a bit like you wrote in your newsletter today–“If you bring a riot to me, in my home, I won’t be accepting the situation in a passive manner”.

    Here’s wishing you continued improvement and good fortune with your health and new home, Elsa. Much love to you and your family always. 🙂

  3. Some of what you have done mirrors my experiences in a way:
    -moved hundreds of miles away to a new area we have never lived in before; gave up living in a gorgeous house that I decorated like something out of a magazine to live in a saltbox rental house barely making ends meet (most months they don’t)
    -had a strong influx of symptoms, found out about my own auto immune disease and condition
    -marriage went through some of the darkest periods yet; still undetermined if we have made it out to the other side…this has really affected me to the core
    -huge financial changes, a complete reversal of fortune
    -husband had another heart attack at age 42; the first one was when he 35 and I was 29. At least at 36 I was more prepared, right God?

    I know there is more but I don’t want to drag down the energy here. Some of the positive changes would be…okay, as far as money goes, trying to find and explore alternatives outside of what we were used to, saying “no” to ourselves, buying second hand, waiting for seasonal sales, going down to one vehicle. I have had to take control of a lot of my husband’s health by way of being the liaison between him and the doctors, calling the nurses up, talking to endless amounts of people, forcing him to eat certain things, forcing him to the doctor.
    Even though my family and I have such a weird hot/cold relationship, they were able to help me when emergencies with my husband came up so I could go to the hospital or emergency room (we have made several visits to the ER since his 2nd heart attack for related issues), so that was a benefit of moving.

    I know I have a Sag Moon and I should be more upbeat, but I just feel sometimes like a dog who has been kicked one too many times and is in a cage with a camera pointed on it in a Sara Mclachlan commercial.

  4. That is good news Elsa. In addition to the right house, place, neighbors and a great blog, you have found a doctor who can “read you like a (good) book.” And I mean that with only the best of meanings!

    The Pluto (in my 12th) squares Uranus in the 4th. My deep fears about being safe at home are being faced with more creativity than I could (or my husband) imagine. Unexpected outcomes, accepting physical limitations; and honestly being a ground-dwelling squash in the Three Sisters Style of Garden. Metaphor meets my Taurus North Node which is also in that 4th House being aspected by the Pluto-Uranus square.

  5. Hallelujah!!! You most certainly did get a good report this morning! So happy for you, Elsa! Life moves forward . . . [as for myself,I don’t think I’m at the end of Uranus sq Pluto. Pluto’s in my 4th,(opposite Natal Uranus to the exact 13 degrees in Cancer 10th), …aannnddd Uranus is in my 8th, and yes, inheritance is involved] Still waiting to see the outcome re my own situation, hoping it lands right side up for me. Again, it was wonderful to read your good news!

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    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Elsa, I’m so happy for your good news, and so glad you can continue all the priceless work you do here and how it helps so many of us! Blessings to you and your family!

  7. I lost my business of 23 years – and a whole family of staff and clientele. Monetary losses, as well. Very sad! I gained a wonderful new position as a F/T University Professor and a whole lot of other positives in between! BUT I still feel the loss. 🙁

  8. Awesome news! But in reading this, I’m not surprised because I remember your story about the time you burned your hand severely and how it just miraculously healed. You are one plucky lady there, Elsa!

  9. I’m good. I am havin experience with that catch me if you can thing you wrote about. I just can’t help myself. I’m runnin full throttle and sleeping well too.

    I don’t fault you for doing what you gotta do.

  10. That is fabulous news, Elsa! I’m glad you don’t need a hip replacement. You’ve been through enough already. Thankfully, everything is working out for you. That’s great! I’m sure you’ll find a way to live with your arthritis too. You are one tough lady.

    I’m not out of the weeds for awhile. That Pluto/Uranus is part of a cardinal grand cross in my chart and its here to stay in my life for awhile. It is truly a cluster flock of planets for me. Natal Mars/Neptune (1st house), square t. Pluto and natal Chiron/NN (4th house) square t. Uranus (7th house) square n. Uranus and SN (10th house). That is just part of my hard transits right now. My entire life changed significantly and I wasn’t ready for it.

    Despite that, I just take one day at a time and appreciate anything good that might come my way. I count my blessings. I’ve learned to live with the bad things in my life and have come to expect nothing. The Mars in my 1st house has kept me strong.

  11. That is awesome. Your bright outlook has brightened up my night.
    I have good things going for me, from where i was in the thick of it till now, much better. Much of this were my own decisions mind you( bad ones) but i have hope.

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    Southern Cross

    Brilliant outcome, Elsa!
    The comments between you and your whizz kid doctor cracked me up.
    Yes! Life is much better since the Uranus-Pluto square; a revolution of spirit took place in my life.

  13. Great, to hear your news.- Have the a bit of enthusiasm too. But I am still careful. I am content, which can be a lot!

  14. Happy to hear this Elsa! Congratulations! You sound so strong and optimistic, I can hardly suppress my own smile 🙂

  15. Wonderful news, Elsa – so happy for you! Love the “bookends” of your post!
    “Feel like I’m at the tail end of all of this.”
    “There are losses, but there is no need to focus on them.”
    So true!

  16. Oh, gods, yes, I was hit. More like run over by a truck! and at the same time had my Chiron return, and Saturn conjunct natal Neptune. Worst part was Feb-June 2013 when events triggered an emotional meltdown which resulted in everything I had ever repressed in my childhood coming up to bite me in the ass. Mostly stuff I had already partly dealt with but some new stuff, too. Didn’t help that I was also being a love zombie over a 26 yr old! 😛 (fortunately it was only one-sided). It let up a bit when Saturn moved into Sag.

    Now that Saturn is back in scorpio I’m revisiting those issues plus going deeper into some I didn’t get to explore then. Joy. 😛 This time I’m also getting help from meds and a counsellor. 🙂

  17. I was kicked and beaten to the core. TKO! I don’t want to focus on that, l am glad for you Elsa. You have made quite the journey, it is good to see you landing softly!

  18. So glad to hear the good news Elsa. As a person with MS (similar to but definitely not the same as Lupus), I was just about to write you to express my support of you and remind you that there are those of us out here who can really relate–now I can write to say congrats for the great news (OK, arthritis is not the greatest, but seems like for you, it’s maybe not that bad, especially considering alternatives!). Congrats, and thanks for your insightful, helpful comments (especially posts related to having Plutonian energies dominant in the chart–that would be me!)

  19. Fantastic!! I’m so glad to hear things are almost there for you.

    I’ve still got some loose ends, but it’s downhill here, too. I got a great job, I know where I’m moving to, I know what I want in a house, I know what I need to do to get things on track. I’m making a notebook (in my Shiny, not on paper) for everything to do when I get to NC. It’s gonna be brilliant, and I’m starting over from nearly scratch, which is exciting.

    Yep, I’m feeling it. The worst of this transit is passing, and on to the next thing now.

  20. – Got into an accident – car totaled (Tr. Uranus Pluto aspect natal Mercury)
    – Got a new car
    – Got laid off because the industry was suffering
    – Had to let old apartment go because I couldn’t find a job and it was looking hopeless
    – Unexpectedly found a new job different industry (also Uranus/Mercury-ruled like the last job) – extremely good fit on all fronts – had 1 month left on the apartment lease
    – Got married – procrastinated on this for a year
    – Got a new apartment, which is actually a much better fit and the rent is cheaper. I feel more active in this apartment.

    Now, I am just hoping for loose ends to get tied up… and then I’ll provide an update. I don’t doubt that Father McGivney had a hand in helping me find that job.

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