Pluto in Capricorn And The Responsible Use Of Power

Pluto is in Capricorn and a good number of the people who read here have Pluto in Virgo which means that Saturn is transiting conjunct their Pluto which is another Pluto/Capricorn exchange.

If you have Pluto in Libra… or in Scorpio for that matter your turn is coming so this also applies, the point being that we are clearly challenged to use our power (Pluto) responsibly (Capricorn) at this time. Here is an example from my life:

I am deep in process that has me surrounded by authority figures (Saturn) from judges on down. Thing is I am an authority figure myself, by virtue of my age and also because I have such an emphasis on Capricorn in my chart. Now I think when you have a certain energy strongly represented in your chart, then you are to be an agent of the universe… you are to act this energy in the collective. The soldier and his Mars for example. Or in my case, I do have a strong Saturn and we have to live this stuff.

So here I am with all these people who have everything to say about what happens in my life and many (if not most) are younger than I am. Some are significantly younger. And this doesn’t bother me in the least provided they are competent which many (most) of them are. But here’s where I get in trouble:

What about the guy or gal who is incompetent? What do I do then? As a Saturn figure I feel compelled to confront and define the problem the person is having yet to do so I have to step out of my humble roll and I find this an interesting challenge. See, you don’t want to be saying, “Hey, I am 20 years older than you and you don’t know what you’re talking about…” unless maybe this is the case?

So the other day I was talking to this gal who is in prominently involved in all this. She holds a powerful position though I have only had minimal contact with her until yesterday.

Yesterday she called me; she had an agenda to advance. She is working with a flow chart, literally or figuratively so she was going click clack down her list and it was time to call me and make me… I mean, tell me what I need to do. You know I hate that phrase.

(Please Help Save My Sanity – A Saturn in Virgo Rant)

And I know how I hate that phrase so I did not react to it. I am very into controlling my communication these days, making sure I mean what I say so I told her (humbly) that I had thought about the scenario and I was not sure what she was suggesting would be the best move. I went on to tell her I had talked to another authority figure who agreed with me and said I would like to talk to a third gal, also and authority figure about my concerns before we made a final decision as to the direction to take considering how important all this was.

She answered this with something from a textbook, sort of like salesman who has a script. If they say this, then you say this. If they say this other, you counter with this. I listened to her for awhile and decided (hard for Libra) begrudgingly that I really couldn’t allow this woman to be stupid. I was going to have to say something and if I was going to say something, well…

I let her go on and on. I gave her my polite attention which in this case was like feeding her rope and when she finally quit selling I said, “You make a lot of sense. I can see how this should work but how familiar are you with this specific situation?”

“A little. I haven’t had a chance to completely familiar myself…”

It is her job to be familiar. She is the person in charge.

“Oh. Well that’s why you are saying these things,” I said, not wishing to be condescending but seeing no choice. “But this situation is very unique. It is a strange situation and I am inordinately familiar with it. This authority figure (the one that agreed with me) is also very much up to speed, as is the other gal I am wanting to discuss this with before a decision is made. Do you think you can look into the case before you say anymore? Because I think if you do you will find out right away this situation is not going to be well managed by usual means. And it’s very important that is is well managed because the situation is very dangerous so could you please look into it and then tell me what you think?”

::shakes head::

I hated doing that but what the hell. I have a job in this world but you see the dilemma. I may have to pay for that move. I say may because if I was not out of line, the universe will protect me, at least this is my belief.

Because I am sure that gal got off the phone mad as a hornet, wanting to kick my ass. But if she looks into the situation and finds I am correct her anger will probably dissipate because she will be staring down reality. I am hoping for this result, otherwise I have made (another) enemy but maybe you see the dilemma.

I could have kept my mouth shut and let her learn the hard way. This case mishandled could end her career so I swear I was doing her a favor in trying to help her be competent but you see the situation. I have some power (Pluto) here and have to figure out what to do with it. Where are the (Capricorn) lines?

Further, from the angle of Saturn’s transit to everyone’s Pluto in Virgo, when you wield your power, you better damned be clean about what you are up to. I think I am and if not a humble apology will have to follow, yes?

Gah. Age brings responsibility. It is okay to be stupid when you’re 21. Stupid at 3o, 40, 50 and 60 is a whole other thing. Stupid when you are in a position of power, same thing. If you up there for no reason, someone is going to knock you right down… and if you have Capricorn, you worry all the time if you are up there for no reason!


Anyone else feeling their power along with pressure to use it correctly?

15 thoughts on “Pluto in Capricorn And The Responsible Use Of Power”

  1. I have pluto in Scorpio. You know, it’s funny because I am automatically intimidated by anyone who is older than me even if I know more about what we are discussing. I think it’s because I regard experience as the most valuable source of wisdom.

  2. When Pluto moved into Capricorn I felt a big sigh of relief go over my life. I have Pluto in Scorpio (and Cap sun/Merc) but I never really understood how Pluto came into play in my daily interactions. With this shift, I realized: it’s deep energy, not the day-to-day stuff.

    Elsa, it sounds like it’s also your Libra speaking up in this unfortunate situation. Wanting to find the right solution (Libra) that won’t upset anyone. But sometimes the hardest part of having Scorpio or Capricorn energy is that we have to do the dirty work (to affect other peoples’ growth) that gets us hated on.

  3. kind of. trying to dodge it, i think. which means i’ll probably have to put up or shut up about it, soon. like. now.

    people in authority who have the wrong idea about what’s going on scare the bejeezus out of me. it’s so freakin’ dangerous to be ignorant about the power you’ve been handed. that seemed very tactful (yet direct) way of trying to avoid that problem.

  4. Are we at the point when we will realign competency and authority? We are way overdue for this and Pluto in Capricorn is up to the job!

    It seems to me you handled the situation very well, Elsa, with limited options. heh, as one of those on the shady side of 60 with a Sun progressed into Capricorn, I’m usually the first to say “I don’t know about this or that, please go here or there for better information.” It’s stupid not to acknowledge ignorance . . . 🙂

  5. Catching up on this.

    I have a heavy dose of Pluto (Scorp Sun/Tenth House with Merc there, too) and Capricorn (Asc and Moon)and I’ll be 62 in mid-November. This post really helps a lot. Being an authority figure comes with “Age brings responsibility. It is okay to be stupid when you’re 21. Stupid at 3o, 40, 50 and 60 is a whole other thing. Stupid when you are in a position of power, same thing. If you up there for no reason, someone is going to knock you right down… and if you have Capricorn, you worry all the time if you are up there for no reason!” I’ve come to the place of 12th House acceptance on a big bunch of my life and the responsibility for speaking up with competency does ‘worry me’ even at this age. With the recent passing of a treasured family elder I get that there’s no sense in dilly-dallying with the speak thing.

    I’d like the trust and faith to kick in as a security net so I can just do the thing … then I look at Neptune and wonder if I’m still just afraid of swimming with sharks.

    Lots of food for thought, and great example of responsibility and authority Elsa. Thanks so much.

  6. “Age brings responsibility. It is okay to be stupid when you’re 21. Stupid at 3o, 40, 50 and 60 is a whole other thing.”

    GREAT COMMENT, Mokihana

  7. LOL! It’s good you agree with yourself Elsa!

    And I say that as a Gemini who always has to check my old comments with they come up in reposted blogs to make sure I still agree with myself. 🙂

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