How Do You Express Affection – Where Is Your Venus?

heartDina writes on the Love Tips post:

“I would say the complementing is a lot of verbiage. There are more physical/tender ways to show things. Even physical proximity when watching a movie or something.”

Dina – that’s interesting. People with Venus in Gemini are probably going to love you with verbiage. I have Venus in Leo, so grand displays of affection – here they come.

What about you?

How do you love? Where is your Venus and how is it aspected?

22 thoughts on “How Do You Express Affection – Where Is Your Venus?”

  1. My venus is in Sag in the 12th house square my moon, but sextile my jupiter/saturn cnj in the ninth house.

    It takes me a while to commit to a love relationship. Actually. This commitment thing, that’s negotiable right? There has to be passion and something new (and I’ll bring something new pretty much all the time)I’m very honest, I don’t play head games, I’ll take you to dozens of cool little places, I’ll go anywhere with you, I’ll give you loads of space if you want it, I’ll take you as you are, and I can work a nice freakin’ vibe from across the room. When you’re with me, you know you’re loved and adored, even if I don’t say it, because the vibe is there. I was sleeping with a pisces coworker once and the magnetism when we were working, even from across the store would get crazy. Hairs up on the back of our necks, goosebumps, and everything. just whoomp. A Libra, Gemini, and a Taurus said coming over to my place was like entering a different world. Reality stopped at the door.

  2. Venus in Aries, 8th house. I love with sex, generally. If there’s no sex, then there’s usually a lot of fighting.

  3. Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st trine Saturn. Like Foxxy, honesty is high on the list. Warmth and laughter, teasing with affection are all there. Plus with Saturn trine, I’m dependable and consistent . . . boooorringg!!!! Controlling behaviors of any kind are likely to have me looking for the nearest exit. 🙂

  4. Another Venus in Sagittarius (6th house) here! Trines Moon and Saturn in Aries, squares Neptune.

    How do I show love? Plenty of cuddles, teasing, playfulness and humour. Being genuinely interested in their interests. Being a best friend as well as lover. No grand dramatic displays, but quiet sincerity – which I think is more connected to my Aquarius Sun than Venus in Sag.

    I reckon Venus in Sag. gave me my itchy feet and 3 partners of different nationalities. 🙂

  5. Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st trine Moon, but to say HOW I love? That will take some serious thought. My first thought is ‘Very Well, thank you!’, but I think there might be some actual deeds going on that will require me to think about the question more seriously.

  6. Venus in Gemini trine Moon in Aquarius. Venus conjunct Uranus in Gemini. Mars in Leo. I’m very oral, verbal and playful, maybe even a little rough in bed, but I’m also a cuddler. I prefer a lover who is my friend as well. I avoid confrontation like the plague. I like to be surprised as long as I don’t feel threatened.

    I’d say I show love by giving positive feedback, many compliments, really listening to what he says, giving thoughtful small gifts, being helpful, and lots of talking and touching – I cover all the bases.

    I’m in an odd partnership now with me a Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon Gemini Venus and him a Cancer Sun and Venus and a Sagittarius Moon. We both have Sun conjunct Uranus and 12th house Suns, so we’re an odd couple, but we seem well matched. And I love his Mars in Scorpio. Sexy!!

  7. Venus in Virgo, aspected to Uranus and Jupiter.I show my affection with sex. If I love you, I’m gonna try to hump your leg all day long. Veery tactile expression of love-kisses, hugs, tickles you name it. I know its not the typical expectation for a Virgo position, but Virgos were after all the Sacred Whores! And surprise presents.If I give you a specialy tailored present just for you, out of the blue, then I am head-over-heels for you!

  8. Venus in Virgo as well.
    I guess the only relationship I can base my love style on is the one with my husband since we’ve been together for eight years, and I’m only twenty-six!
    I love to cook my man a killer meal, and I do it just about everyday. I keep the house clean so he (and the rest of us) can be comfortable. I shower lots and lots and lots of compliments and affection on to him. I make sure I make myself eye-candy for him before he comes home from work everyday. I suggest sexual inuendo when we are out and about, I make sure to fullfill when we get home. I tickle his back everynight on the couch. Lingere-Lingere-Lingere. ETC. ETC. ETC.
    I am guilty of the occasional Venus in Virgo nagging. I can be a perfectionist, but I do have a balance of wanting perfection but also being spontaneous and allowing myself to let go often.
    Venus in the 11th house.

  9. Venus in Taurus trine Uranus. I adore my doggy. He gets good food, lots of cuddles, long hikes, and plenty of tolerance. Men can go f*ck each other as far as I’m concerned.

  10. i’m very tactile. i prefer to show affection through hugs and cuddles and, in the case of romantic attraction, rolling around like puppies.
    well, i wrestle a lot with the kid, too.
    i guess i just like being energetic about affection.

    pluto/saturn/neptune in aspect. i’m not going to go into all that, though.
    except, well, there’s a tendency towards intensity, endurance (i love someone once, i’ll always love them, even if i can no longer stand them…) and sometimes self deception (a need for a deeper level of affection?)

    i’ll enjoy a good compliment, but it has to be meaningful and unique to really get my attention. words don’t go very far for me.

  11. Venus in Virgo. I like cuddling, cooking meals, and nurturing…to a point. I love you the most if you give me my space. Venus is conjunct Uranus and Pluto.

  12. My Venus is in Taurus. I was very selective about who I would date, and then when I know what I want, I take it. I’ve been with my husband for eight years and we’re only 26.

  13. Venus in taurus stellium in the 8th house
    Physical touch & sex, deep eye gazing, and if other energy exhanges (non-tangible) are also there then I am in heaven.

    Venus square uranus & incunjuncts sag moon (which trines the uranus). The taurus part really wants stability, but the sag moon has yet to learn how to express it in non contradictory terms!

    Recent heartbreaking saturn transit on the uranus/venus square: I thought I met A man of my life, but I either pushed away, or was overly intense, sending mixed messages and finally when I was open to release my guards (at the very end of the transit) it was too late.

  14. I express affection by pulling my love into unchartered waters..and I thrive on the same ….”take me to the river and drop me in the water…”

    Venus in Aries pumping through Pisces

  15. Dr. Zhivago is my husband and my’s favorite movie…we have watched it together many times and we love the quiet, intensity, the deep, long drawn out love drama….the fact that they loved like that for years and years….that’s how we are with each other…very intense and we have been at it for 30 years. We both have Venus Neptune trines…Pisces and Scorpio…

    I also love to leave little notes or write handwritten letters and I love receiving notes or letters too….it is so romantic to me.

    When I was a young girl living in Honduras, we had a lady who was what here they would equate as a nanny, but anyway, she was 30 when she came to live with us and she remained with us until she went back to Honduras for the last time 2 years ago…she was 72. She did not know how to read or write and she would ask me to write her husband a little note telling him how she was and not to forget to pay the gas bill or taxes, this was when she would come to the States with us. She was very dry and, of course, a 10 or 12 year old was writing it so she had to keep it simple, but I would embellish for her without her knowing…..I would add so many love lines to him from her…….the sweet part was that when he would write her back, he also wrote so sweetly and full of love and she was always so surprised and pleased and I remember how I waited with as much eagerness as she did to receive a letter from him……silly stuff, but still makes me grin so widely. She lived with my husband, children and I after her husband died up until 2 years ago….

    1. Where ever you are, denamaria, thank you for this story about expressing affection. I found it all these years later and am so touched.
      Finding this in 2020, the time of Pandemic, the issue and the confusions for me about expressing affection is entangled with how to ‘share love/food’ with others as a means of gratitude when so many of us are afraid to give or receive ANYTHING for fear of making the other sick.
      I have read the thread here, and find bits of experiences that might help me sort through my feelings and actions. I don’t really know yet.
      I have natal Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 11th House Sag. Independent, different than traditional love interests, trine a Leo stellium in the 7th and 8th houses.

  16. denamaria, i can picture a little book with that story….in spanish and english….pictures of the letters in a child’s writing….that’s precious!!


  17. Venus in Taurus, 4th house. Usually through kisses, cuddles, cooking and gifts. But just being near together makes me happy, like just taking a nap together.

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