Pluto In Capricorn: Structure Rotting

It’s been awhile since I wrote about Pluto in Capricorn or what I call the cracks in the foundation. It’s a popular, unpopular topic. Everyone wants to hear about the decay and yet they don’t.

I am prompted to write because I got a call today, not at all unexpected. Someone in my life has fallen behind on their house payment which is something that seemed inevitable to me, 2 years ago.

This person had cracks in the foundation but has the kind of personality that ignores such things. Problem is this is not something you can negotiate. When there is a structural problem, you simply must deal with it or eventually you are going to be living in rubble.

Never mind your wishes, hopes and dreams. Is the structure or foundation of your life, sound? Do you have a plan? How about a back-up plan? Do you have people in agreement with you?

If there is a structural problem in your life and you know about it are you dealing with it?

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19 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn: Structure Rotting”

  1. Hi Elsa,

    Yes, there has been a structural problem in our lives with Pluto in Cap in our face since 2008. What I’ve come to realize, we have to solve this and deal with it together. Thanks to Saturn and Libra and family therapy! We’re going to make it. Funny, our therapist is an earthy, gray haired, serious, Saturn/ Cap man! Duh!

  2. I’m trying to build a secure foundation right now. Have to give up my wishes, hopes and dreams for a while to do so, but hell I’d rather have a roof over my head.

  3. Oh Elsa,

    Forgot to say, we just officially graduated from our (Saturn) therapy! Off to FIX the cracks officially.

    Roofs are good;)

  4. This is one of the things I kick myself over: I was so sure that I would be okay in one way, but I took the long road, and took it easy – I’ve been doing things over the past year or so, that should have been done much sooner. Anyway, I’m trying.

  5. I have saturn in cancer, I will have no choice but to face this issue head on. I am working on building something solid that can take a blow. Saturn in Capricorn will lead off this transit. I am guessing work versus family/home (cancer). I am working towards picking work that may support both.

  6. The last year I have improved in this area a lot- realizing that no matter whether it is personal or financial or whatever, putting your head in the sand and avoidance *only* *ever* makes things worse.
    when you do face the rot, and clean it up, very often it wasn’t as hard or as bad as it was in your imagination.

    That said, I still slip up and backtrack, too. We’re all works in progress, eh?

  7. During the final years of Pluto in Sag (2003-2006) it became apparent that we had some structural financial issues. I got a second job and my husband took care of the homefront. Month, by month, we chipped away at the debt and shored up what facets of our lifestyle we considered worth keeping. I remember pinching every penny and wondering how people could spend spend spend (my 2nd job was in retail). As Pluto entered Capricorn, we had already learned and worked through the lesson.

  8. @Xenia, that sounds so wonderful, Good Luck :o).
    @Opal, I get where you’re at, yes, a roof is a good starting point :O).

    As for here, there are cracks, actually I’m not sure there’s much of a foundation left at this point. I worked tediously hard for the first 6-7yrs to keep repairing the cracks while he just kept undermining the pillars(principles) we founded our marriage on. Then, I realized he was causing the cracks, pluto started transiting my moon and all my energy went into myself and working thru my stuff. Now with saturn in libra, the question to me is, do we start over, or do I start over??? Hhmmmm? Feels like opal said either way I’m going to have to put my hopes, wishes & dreams on the back burner for a while. The question is daunting to me, which way to go??????????????????????????

  9. Angie, you will know after April because all the planets in Aries will impact your cancer planets. Make your move after mercury goes direct in April. Good luck hopefully it works out the the absolute best.

  10. Thanks mp :o),
    I’m really getting that feeling/idea (“all the planets in Aries will impact your cancer planets”). At least I’ve got until mercury goes direct to figure out a direction, or just make a choice. This saturn in libra weighing stuff is for the birds sometimes!!! I’ve got a lot of cardinal in my chart, so patience is a life long lesson/journey for me.

    You said saturn in cappy will start some transits for you. Do you mean once it get to cappy, or were you talking about pluto in cappy?

  11. Yes, and with my Pluto in Capricorn, I am seeing weird structural changes in my home. which I won’t go into. Suffice to say, I am a little freaked….

  12. Thanks for reposting this Elsa. Pluto has been messing with me for a little over 3 years now, yes the cracks in the foundation were always there, but it took Jupiter in Sagittarius to expand those cracks into crevices. Transiting saturn conj my n. pluto exact. Transiting pluto at my sun/mc midpoint, Enter jupiter into Sag, Houston: We Have a Problem! I actually can remember the day as if it was yesterday, even some of the verbal dialog. Pluto will fix them, tearing down so a more stable structure can be built.

  13. I am stumped on the backup plan. If I can’t work here it’s gonna be either retail (note: no experience in it, tons of college students here) or moving home with Mom and then shooting myself. If you can’t go to jobs in another town (and looks like my car fund is gonna have to go to a layoff fund anyway), uh… yeah.

    I may have to start my own business, though I have no clue there.

  14. I have a crack in my foundation and I’m ignoring it. Vaguely. Meaning, I know it’s there but I’m at a loss as to what to do about it, so I’m sitting with it until I can figure out how to shore it up / fix it.

    Or maybe I need a new house? That’s also an option.

  15. Structural cracks in my foundation? Hmmm….

    I’d say it’s the credit card balance that I’ve carried now for 5+ yrs.

    Now that my major loan has been paid off , it’s allowing me to “focus” on paying off the others. I’ve made my detailed payment plan…. and assuming that nothing goes terribly wrong , I’ll quickly pay off the majority of my debt by years end.

    Now…. let’s hope the Economy improves enough to start putting “tons” of people back to work.

  16. I have deep troubles with credit companies…. I have very bad credits because when I was young, dumb and high on fun I messed up bad…. REAL BAD!!! I know that I have to improve my credit and it will take me YEARS to fix that… I have to pay my bills on time and help improve my situation because I’m tired of relying on others for credit cards! 🙁

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