Pluto Conjunct The Composite Ascendant

Pluto dark backgroundHello Elsa! I have just one question please if you can write about it. I just met a man with whom I have Pluto on composite ascendant, exactly.  Can you please write about this something? Please! Thank you so much!

The chances that Pluto be exactly conjunct a composite ascendant are 1 in 360 so this is not that common. I have not had experience with this, personally but I can offer this interpretation from the Composite Report.

“Yours is likely a very strong and powerful relationship. There are powerful forces here that can work in either positive or negative ways. Pluto is the planet of death and regeneration and as such, he will bring many changes into your lives. Many things will be brought about and brought to light, things and actions you didn’t even know you were capable of. At the very least this relationship may place you upon a much different path than you may have expected and any experiences within your relationship will be much more intense than ever before.

One of the effects of a Pluto-based relationship is an intense fascination for each other that overrides all other interests or considerations in your life. This fascination and obsession can be one that has you going down a path of destruction, so you need to be very careful in this regard. There can also be tremendous power struggles within your relationship where one partner is much more dominant than the other and the second partner feels as though they have no will of their own. Under this manifestation of Pluto, the relationship may “self-destruct” when one tries to break free from the other, the result being a very difficult and bitter breakup.”

I would add, that you’ll be seen a “power couple”, everywhere you go.  This is for good or ill, because compelling couples attract both the good and the bad.

Have you ever been involved in partnership where Pluto was conjunct your composite ascendant?

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  1. Yup. This is us. The power struggles took place at work where we were co-workers (Pluto in Virgo)- we met a work. But when we collaborate (C.1st), we are unstoppable and this powerful couple perception attracts a lot of challenges from others (C.7th). It seems to be people with strong Pisces that have caused us the most issues in the past.
    Also, it’s interesting to look at how each person’s personal plants aspect the Composite Pluto-Ascendant.

  2. Hi!
    I was very much in love with a guy with whom I shared a Mars-Pluton conjunction on the Libra AS. Yes, I was fascinated with him. He was much more older than me: 25 years older. I was 24/25 and he was 49/50.
    Now we are no longer together and this for 4 years and half now.
    I do not know if he thinks of me sometimes like I think of him from time to time (nostalgia of my Cancer Moon I guess).
    He wanted to see me twice after the breakup: one year after (and I did not reply), the year after (I said no to him).
    I am a Scorpio: I cut off relationships (frienships or love relationships) clearly although I might take some time to do so (Libra AS).

  3. No Pluto on the composite chart ASC, but I was involved with a man who had Pluto on his Virgo ASC. Your description above aptly described him. I was totally gaslighted.

  4. So this is me, who have this “relationship”…
    At the first moment, the story is unbelievable, but true.
    When I saw this guy on the internet, I just felt right away, I have to contact him! I have to! I’ve never done something like that before.
    Right away, reading his first words, I felt a big energy in my body, like I came alive! He woke up my soul immediately. With just words… When we saw each other, yeah, big attraction, the biggest ever.
    Since then, we have a feeling like we’re one. We just know, this relationship has changed us forever. Already.
    But here’s a thing. It’s Pluto after all. He sees my darkest side. I see his also. The biggest secrets… the unconscious… we read each other. When his not around, I’d run to him, when we’re together, I would run from him. This energy is overwhelming!I know exactly when will I get a message from him. I start to feel this high energy and getting anxious. After few minutes, the message arrive.
    But we already felt that we can be the worst enemies also! No, it’s not hate. It’s the fear! From each others power. And love? This is no love… It’s so much bigger! Deeper. Goes to the bottom of the soul. That’s why is the fear constant. There’s also a constant struggle and feeling, like, here’s something wrong. Badly wrong. I should run away. He can “destroy” me. But at the same time, he gives life to me. I’m a totally different person since I’m with him. My whole life changed. I changed. I see myself through him.I found my life porpoise beside him.
    But this constant fear… this constant struggle should I stay or should I go… Not easy at all, but I really want to see someone who can say no to this relationship.Really!
    And one more thing. We understand each other telepathically. It’s something also unbelievable and frightening.
    Here’s the truth story : it was night,around 3-4 am… I couldn’t sleep. So I thought maybe he isn’t sleeping also, maybe I just text him.. I missed him so much! And in my mind I just said these words: “should I text you now”?
    You can think people my face when a message arrived…
    “sure, I don’t sleep either”…

      1. Thank you for sharing! Your English is great, I understood you very well 🙂

        This is exactly how I would describe our connection (C.Pluto conjunct C.Ascendant by 1 degree); it’s ethereal, it’s intense, it’s scary and it’s blissful. Till this day we have the same telepathic communication as you describe (C.Mercury in 12th). There’s so much other stuff like synchronicity (seeing 11:11 everywhere), ying and yang energy, double whammy synastry aspects in all our charts with most planets, a Star of David pattern and a Yod with Venus and N.Node in Composite. He appeared many times in my dreams decades before we met and he looked exactly as I saw him in my dreams on the day we met. There is more, I could go on for days ….. I will say that as you each work on your issues and grow spiritually, the fear subsides but the intensity does not. I am learning to live in the moment.

        Google Twin Flames, there are many articles that better explain this connection.

        1. Without knowing it, on the hunt for a more “sophisticated” signature, as a teenager I was practising my husband’s signature. It comes in very handy when I sign work documents on his behalf.

          We have had our share of power struggles and have no more only because I have Venus and Mars progressed into Libra. I dislike arguing.

        2. Hey person, as the other half in this relationship, also as a person with a real human name, might i suggest to you that we are precious human beings of individual distinction. by using a name split from your real self and suggesting that a relationship like that between Silvi and I had anything to do with stuff you have seen on the Internet is simply not appropriate.

          Pluto represents the things we would sacrifice our lives for. It is the stark naked truth of our distinct and individual lives, rather the opposite, or complement to the idiot dissolution boxes offered by the many fantastic fantasies provided for bored people courtesy of Maya by way of reactive Neptune.

          If you want to get your life in order, consider discovering your own unique place in the all — and letting go of pre-fab irrelevant explanations.

              1. Hey that’s really cool. I too have lived with it all my life .. and now that there’s completion .. I might just apply for a job with you 😉 .. but first I’ll have to bookmark your main page and learn a bit more about just what kind of language i can use here. Cheers!

          1. Wow, Michael. An absolutely fascinating response!

            Especially, since I am reading this after Elsa’s letter this morning; a timely example of Merc-Mars conjunction squaring Uranus at play. And also because Pluto often projects onto others.

            1. I must say I have no idea why I don’t like what you’re talking about, I’m not on any mailing lists and hold my own council. Thanks very much. Now lets end this. Good Luck!

            2. There’s nothing wrong with what you said Osiris wife. I’ve experienced the twin flame thing (synchrinicity, baffling coincidences, telepathic bond, relationship catalyst for spiritual growth, instant familiarity and soul bonding beyond explanation) I get it. I don’t know about the whole concept of the twin flame. I believe we we all originally one, but that doesn’t mean these bonds are not spiritually significant. Obviously these relationships are spiritual catalysts, so are from God. Our Anima/animus or like your user name, osiris to isis are a representation of divine feminine/masculine on earth. Don’t let that one poster get to you. Speak your truth.

    1. Thanks for sharing.

      My husband of almost 18 years and I too have Pluto on our Libra AC. It certainly has been a transformative relationship in the sense that I gave up my career to join him in another country. He had been single for 7 years before I came along and we are the longest romantic relationship in each other’s lives. To say we are blissful would be a lie but we are extremely functional as a couple; Sun Saturn conjunction in Cancer (L11 and L4 and L5) in 10th squares a Jupiter, in 7th and Uranus in 1st opposition. This T square, heavy with familial obligation have given us tremendous staying power.

      Why do I say that? Pluto in the AC brings crisis of all sorts. That’s the vehicle for transformation. Either you experience power struggles between you or if you are a cohesive unit, people sense your power and you struggle against them.

      We have to take the whole composite into consideration but Pluto in the AC alone will bring a life-changing relationship.

    2. That’s amazing. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had similar experiences. I didn’t realize this is Pluto.

  5. Avatar
    Chioma Okoroafor

    Thanks for the great post and thanks to whom ever that asked. I am in the weirdest relationship. Met a guy three weeks ago in Twitter we had sent each other dms months ago but that was it. Then suddenly he send me another message we start talking then he asks for my number three hours later he asks me to be his girlfriend. It felt so weird and I’m a Scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct my sac by degrees from the 12th house so I am used to very intense meetings but nothing like this. I immediately ask for his birth details and find out we both have Pluto conjunct asc dw, and pluto conjunct asc in composite. It feels like we’ve been dating for years. The power struggles are insane and with each battle of wills we are somehow drawn together (only to hate each other by the end of the day) I’m not sure what this is but it’s too damn strong! Everything feels so fated

    1. You might want to extricate your self from relations that end with the good upside down at the end of the day.

  6. Hi Elsa — Silvi and I share the same AC and MC. I am born ~15 days after the solstice, She is born ~55 days before the solstice. The likelihood for this, when you don’t average, and consider the actual rising and peak times for these degrees is a lot more than 1/360. In fact, I have no idea how incredibly rare this time/place identity of life-in-the-world is.

    A shared life, with hearts as stable as ours, the absence of the usual karmic distractions held up as ideals by the idiots of the world, and the divine guidance provided by Pluto also joining our exact AC’s exactly .. is nothing short of divine.

    Your inner support of the positive potentials here is appreciated very much, but judging by the hidden and not so hidden forces that have fried themselves around us over the past many months, I’d say *we got this*.

    Thank you kindly.

      1. How would this apply if it was transiting Pluto to our composite chart? More like “events of transformation” occurring to the relationship? We have a 29 deg. Capricorn composite ASC.

  7. Googled this. I met a boy where we have a Scorpio stellium conjunct the ascendant, sun mercury Venus Pluto on the ascendant all in Scorpio. What could all of this mean?

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