Black Moon Lilith in the Tenth House – Dark Reputation 

medusa headIf you have Lilith in the 10th house of your chart, her themes will manifest in terms of reputation, career, and your position in the world. In other people’s eyes, your place on the saint-sinner spectrum always falls a little further toward sin that you might prefer.  

In traditional astrology, the 10th house is known as the culminating point or the pivot. With Lilith here, that dark, outraged wound seems to be the axis around which your world turns. She is destination to which all roads lead. Lilith is your personal Rome.  

The 10th house is associated not just with career, but with actions. The 10th house is your Acts in the biblical sense, your praxis. With Lilith residing here, your role in the world is to live out her story. You have been wounded, scapegoated, and have likely ultimately fought back. Your struggle is public in a way that no other placement can match. You embody her role and story and model her archetype. And if you’re particularly lucky or particularly brave, you have been able to make a career of going your own way and maybe even fighting for the downtrodden.  

The 10th house also has to do with reputation, which is, in effect, the stories that other people tell about you. It is not uncommon for you to feel perfectly normal, going through life as a respectable sort, and come suddenly upon that fact that the rest of the world views you very differently. This is the placement that leads to wild, outrageous rumors swirling that bear little to no resemblance to who you really are. This is also a placement you’ll see, for instance, in actresses who refuse to do openly exploitative and degrading work and who are forever labeled “difficult to work with”.  Your choice to stand up for yourself against what are often truly outrageous conditions or demands, particularly by authority figures, has left you disgraced or pushed to the sidelines.  

I could easily write for hours about this placement. But let me at least end with this: It’s true that you have been thrust into the Lilith role, often unfairly or without your consent. Those in charge have seen to it that anyone that challenged their power was vilified, and you have been caught up in that. But Lilith’s story didn’t stop there, and neither should yours. She broke out, shook things up, and carved a place for herself with her own fingernails and sweat. And you can too. Through your strength and pioneering spirit, you show the rest of us that we too have a chance. You pave the way for us all to step beyond the paths that have been proscribed for us and instead teach us all how to live free. Fight on.  

Do you have Lilith in the 10th? What has your experience been like? 

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  1. Well I have Virgo BML conjunctUranus/Pluto (Uranus in the 9th and Pluto in the 10th. It all opposes Chiron in Pisces. I have struggled professionally for sure. Having a huge Cap stellium makes resolution of Career/Home challenges essential but problematic.

  2. Wow! Thank you Midara. I was waiting patiently for your article on this placement. It was very heartening and uplifting.

    My Lilith is sandwiched between Sun and Pluto in the tenth in Libra. Its my life, so its hard to have context, but yes, Ive been described as “difficult” many times, in many situations, as far back as I can remember. At this point I don’t really care! Haha. I don’t know what my reputation is now, but Ive been called a bitch many times (mostly behind my back). While people are talking about me, Im living my life.

    But I did have to work through the fundamental rejection that I felt. I felt better when I realized that I had rejected society too in a way, or at least what I perceived to be injustices. What reaaaaally bothers some people is when I do not want what they have. Somehow that is very triggering for people.

    Ive somehow been able to make my way. Hustling. Being self employed. Im not rich. Im not even financially stable, but Im free. I would not do well in corporate America. I literally cannot kiss anyone’s ass. And by that I mean noone. Im not impressed by status. Everyone is of equal status to me.

    1. I can really appreciate your point of view and experience. I have this placement conjunct with my MH if that’s possible both in Leo. I have always been pretty independed and introverted but also free spirited. I have many placements in my chart that back up this energy of wanting to things my own way like my Mars in Aquaruis. I have struggled at times with the response and as you said rejections of people perceptions and projections on to me but I don’t want to be anyone else but me. I am working on creating my own business, income and path because I would lose every bit of me chasing and staying in the enviroment of Corporate America. I also have Saturn in the 11th house so I’m very picky about people and groups. I know my life can be so different when I learn how to use my talents and skills more creatively and out of the box.

  3. With Cancer BML conjunct Uranus in the 10th, square Aries Jupiter, square Libra Mars, Saturn and Neptune I’ve been anxiously awaiting this post.
    My reputation has been maligned, my intentions misinterpreted, many times in my life; along with that came outside authority pressure to keep me “in line.”
    As the 9th and youngest child of a very religious father I was singled out as the “wild child” as early in life as I can remember. My teachers liked me and offered me roles in plays or school competitions. Kids in my neighborhood and school liked me and I received many invitations. But normal childhood and teen activities, such as debates, sports, birthday parties, were looked on as things I was lying about or cheated in someway to be involved in. At a very early age I was monitored for any early sexual behaviors. I was curfewed constantly.
    And in the end I did lie and in the end I became a good liar. A good liar with a painful conscience.
    Once an adult I did well in my career but by then I doubted myself and felt undeserving of promotions. I’m 68 so I feel I can say this without being obnoxious (see, still don’t trust myself) because I was pretty I worried my looks were getting me a leg up, instead of my ability.
    I married at 38, someone I felt was stable and principled. We had three children, I left my career and in short time I saw his similarity to my father. Not unkind but untrusting. And like my father he thought me greedy to want good things for our children and home. Things like new sneakers or repairs to broken appliances when they were needed, not down the road at some point. In an attempt to prove my worthiness I let my husband slowly take over all aspects of our finances until, after 30 years, I had been on a credit card leash for 10 years. He monitored the accounts and knew if I went to Target and bought mascara before I could get home. Once I went on Social Security, and having no knowlege of where we stood financially I decided to divorce him.
    In mediation I discovered he had accumulated over 4 million dollars. Living in a community property state, once lawyers and taxes were paid half was mine.
    And now? Well there are friends and family members that believe I left this poor man for the money. But my children know who I am, my sister knows who I am, one brother knows who I am, close friends know who I am and I continue on.

    So BML in the 10th reigns on.

    1. Yes, Ive been viewed with suspicion quite a bit too. There are others though that immediately trust me. The former don’t deserve my time or energy.

  4. Not surprisingly, Harvey Weinstein has his BML (#h13) posited at 26* in his Leo 10H. His 19* Leo Pluto in the 9H squares his 18* Mars / 20* asteroid “Fox” (#16248) conjunction in his Scorpio 1H.

    The synastry chart of former Fox news journalist Gretchen Carlson and Weinstein highlights many fated aspects.

  5. I have this placement & love what you have wrote. I think it’s a balanced account, and I particularly relate to being scapegoated, wanting to go my own way, and helping the downtrodden. I am going to re read to ensure I haven’t missed any valuable info. Thank you!

  6. Im cancer rising with moon in pisces conjunct BML in 10th house. Im am still understanding what this means for me. I a, learning that my reputation is more promiscuous that what is really the truth.

    I have left a job and relationship because i wasnt getting treated with respect or my integrity was compromised.

  7. Avatar

    Great post. Your description ofBlack Moon Lilith in the 10th house comes pretty close to describing a big part of my life; in my chart it falls in the eleventh house, pretty close to the 12th house too. I am looking forward to reading the next 2 posts on this subject!

  8. I have Lilith exactly conjunct my MC. This is a very accurate description. I wish it wasn’t in such a visible place. The wound comes from feeling deeply misunderstod, of how much other’s perceptions of me don’t match mine at all. How they don’t see me or my pov. And then people wonder why I’m so guarded and don’t open up. Those experiences taught me to only reveal myself slowly, to those who aren’t quick to judge and quick to point fingers, those who don’t think they know it all. Lilith was a social outcast, and I realized early on I could never be popular or well liked, no matter how nice I am (or think I am), so I stopped trying. It just doesn’t work.

    I love the show Curb Your Enthusiasm. I relate so much to Larry David. He doesn’t have bad intentions, but he is socially awkward and just not a people person, and all his faux-pas end up being blown way out of proportion and lead to huge misunderstandings, just completely out of control, but he can’t help himself. He is just being himself, he doesn’t see where he’s going wrong. That’s what Lilith in the 10th is like. You make an innocent mistake and somehow get vilified as this monster and it just spirals into this massive thing beyond your control until you just give up, give up fighting or trying to defend your honor, and become even more of a recluse and misanthrope. You have a handful of people who, miraculously, can see the real you and accept your awkward a$s, and to them you are fiercely loyal.

    1. Ouch! Sums up my life perfectly. I have BML in an exact inconjunct to my MC from 4th house. Always been the outside to my family. When my partner died overseas without a will, his sibling sued for his estate, and because of vulnerabilities in our paper trail, i lost everything in an ugly court case[millions worth of properties]. I also got my reputation trashed in national papers & based on accusations that bore no relation to reality…a lot of it centered on me being some kind of blood sucking black widow. Left me basically loathing other people & while still driven to try to do good for wider society. Also left me taking exact aspects to BML seriously 🙂

  9. …Just Love you Midara +++ Have road the waves of Black Moon Lilith this Journey- lots of “speed Bumps” – such a compelling learning curve > the High road +++ 81 yrs now – still – dancing/singing +++ Loving Life – with Gratitude… Shared Blessing…

  10. Does asteroid Lilith conjuncts MC in natal have the same effect as BML?

    And what about a transit of BML conjuncting Saturn, will this results in an authority vilifying me and damaging my reputation publicly? It will be an exact conjunction tomorrow, and I feel that something bad is going to happen as I dealt previously with BML transits. 🙁

    Thank you for the great post!

  11. Thank you for sharing this insight about Black Moon Lilith. I finally awakened to my 10th house placements. I have Saturn and Chiron as well in the 10th house of Pisces. I guess my life lesson is not to worry or try to fit in to others standards. I have been fighting myself. My 10th house is in opposition to my Virgo 4th house with another stellium that has Mars, Pluto and Uranus. Lots of family drama and secrets. I am the scapegoat of my family or at least 3/4 quarters of my family.
    I am at a point now, that I don’t care what people think of me. I know my truth and I am okay with who I am. I have made mistakes as we all have. I also at a young age realized my first day in 1st grade in my neighborhood school that I would not have many friends at that school and in my community. I stood up to about 30 kids who all lived in my neighborhood and we had to ride the bus together. I guess I was born not to follow the group but stand up for my convictions and defending the underdog. My sister was the head bully of the 30 kids. We were waiting for the bus and our neighborhood had a huge population to ride the bus but the school and district finally figured out that we had to get a city bus to take us home because the regular school bus was too small. I came out late trying to find the bus area. I found my sister and 30 kids circling like sharks around something and laughing. As I approached the circle and kept pushing my way in the group, my sister whom her last year of attending that school before her middle school year, was the head bully staring down and laughing at this young girl whom I did not know and had never seen her before. She was overweight and they were calling her fat and making her cry. I could not stand it and pushed my way in and grabbed her hand and pushed the kids out of the way and told them to stop. I got Ami out of there and broke up that group. They stopped as I repeated and told them to stop. From that day on, anytime at that school or any school that I attended with Ami, I always made a point to stand up to bullying. I was 6 years old. I had already known what bullying was because my two siblings bullied me as well and now realize it was abusive and they continue but I am finally standing my ground with them and now limiting my family involvement. I was in denial. I have defended and helped others but never helped myself or realized my own bullying/abuse in my family. Big learning moment for me. I like not being anything like the majority. I don’t want to fit in with others if they are all like that. Those people were always the popular in crowd. No thank you, I have stuck up for the underdog. I am happy now. I am not afraid to confront bullies. However, ironic I have not defended myself in my own family. Now, I do and realize my own mistakes about not speaking up about family secrets of abuse. It has been 40 plus years of family secrets and not speaking up. I am now not holding back. So be it, if I don’t fit in with family which I always believed was so important. I know you can find family outside of blood relatives. I am distancing myself and speaking out. Not holding back at anything now. I also have a Scorpio moon and see right through people’s bs. I don’t even have to look at them, I can see through what they are hiding by what they do share or choose not to share. My intuition is wide open now. I am thankful to all my ancestors who have given me that gift and to to stick up for the underdog. No one is better than the other. We are all the same but we have different gifts. If we realize we are all valuable and work with each with all of our unique gifts. There is no reason to hide anything. Be truthful and the truth will actually set you free. Stand up for convictions. My hope is for all to speak up about abuse. We have all faced some hardships and doesn’t matter regarding social/economic and racial backgrounds. The generations of family abuse will continue if we all don’t speak up and ger help for ourselves and others. No one is perfect but we need to save the children to save the community, nation and world. I get it, back in prior generations people end up marrying family members, transportation was not always available and you lived next to family and the cycle of abuse began with ancestors who did not have options but we do now. Save the children and stop the abuse before we loose the world.

    1. That was an amazing thing you did for that girl, A human being, all the respect to you! I highly resonate with you on taking a stand for underdogs and being against the majority if they are bullying and so on, somehow this turns into our super strength!

  12. Wow so true I went from being homeless and 8 months pregnant to making 6 figures at 34. I have a 12 house Virgo stellium with all of my personal planets. People always ask me how do I do it ? I say I don’t have a choice

  13. Thank you for this article, I only wish it was longer and covered the different house signs!

    I have my BML in Gemini in the 10th house, and I think this has made me a target for workplace gossip in the past. Also I’ve felt that my reputation has been wonky (I don’t know what people say but you feel and notice people shift in their behavior from maybe liking you the first time you meet, and then there’s a shift the second time, for example) and that it has affected my social life on a grander scale. Fortunately it hasn’t affected the people who are close to me. Now I understand why being friendly and nice hasn’t worked so well for me in the past. What is a good way to overcome this? How does this affect your business if you start your own venture? Any tips how to turn this into a strength? Would highly appreciate it!

  14. I have Lilith in the 10th house on cancer, mine conjunction with Jupiter in the 9th house. What you say here is very accurate! I’m an Aquarius as well. Wherever I go I have that same issue, but I brake free through out of the box happenings! I seem to be very creative, artistic, seductive in nature, but it’s for the sake of art. I hear other things…. perhaps not fitting too much in has made me even stronger and different and it just keeps on going, cause the same pattern repeats over and over. Seems like I come to the lives of those who need some sort of liberation… it’s interesting how accurate astrology could be.

  15. Wow, that just floored me on the accuracy of exact match of my life and soul mission. Whoever wrote this if you were standing in front of me I would have to applaud you and then hug you because your just a true gem and amazing at what you do. Thank you for giving me motivation to keep going!

  16. Thanks for writing this article–I’ve got formidable placements to start with–on top of having Lilith in my 10th House/Leo. Awesome. Wow, I really chose my adventure coming to earth here.

    With a Scorpio ASC – 1st H / Pisces Sun 5th H / Aries Moon – 6th H, I already feel Lilith-like experiences in my normal planetary transits in life.

    Don’t know if I’m to laugh or cry, but nothing but trouble and aggression for no reason all my life. And, never asked for it. I haven’t been low vibrational and if anything, I’ve been caring for my soul. I have been re-parenting myself.

    Then there’s the mystery of being a mystery. My MC is in the 10th House in Leo and (joining forces with) conjunct is Lilith. However, it resides in my south node. I’m clearly paying a karmic debt. I probably was a real bad mo’ fo’ and now am getting a taste of my own medicine. From bankruptcy to breast cancer too.

    I know that it comes easy to perform and put on a mask. I can talk myself out of a speeding ticket–and seriously, I don’t speed. I mean, I don’t do it excessively. I can talk paint of of its paint can too if I think hard enough.

    I know that in this life I get no attention–maybe it’s the same placement Mr. “No Respect” Rodney Dangerfield had? Don’t know. Again, he was male.

    I know that earlier in my life, I never made the cut. Never got the acting roles. Most of the time, I got sexually harassed. So, it left me out of a former life as an actor.

    Trigger Warning – Violent Past:
    Almost every terrible thing has happened to me: abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse by strangers, incest from family members, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse. That was only childhood. I grew up bi-racial.

    If we rewind, we can go all the way to birth: I was separated from my mother for 8 hours after birth–because I didn’t look like her and as a result, she couldn’t breastfeed me. Before that, it was a difficult pregnancy. My mother and dad were poor. I didn’t have the proper nutrition. Going back further, it was a complicated family structure with multiple siblings and half-siblings before me. Then, intergenerational trauma is on both sides.

    If we fast forward to the kidnap, torturing, and rape of me at 17, I mean, that was incredibly random and unforeseen.

    Then other things. I mean, there’s so many I don’t know where to start. I don’t want to mention what I didn’t have in fear that it would manifest in my life so that I could experience that, and share it with the world.

    If only the world would accept me. But it won’t and I can’t force that. There will be Twitter posts unliked or Instagram pics unloved. There will be countless rejections.

    Or maybe I shouldn’t manifest that?

    People judge so unfairly.

    I clearly have and will continue to accept myself. Love me. Nurture me because no one has done it or can do it. I don’t expect it.

    I have Gemini in the 8th House w/ no planets. I could say that it’s made me even more of an enigma. It surely has afforded me with many males cat-calling me or calling me names. Even unprovoked–meaning, I did nothing to those men. Or women. Or others.

    If anything, I’ve been my sunshiny & mushy Piscean self.

    So maybe it’s not in vain–my North Node is clearly pointed in Aquarius.

    At this other end of my adult life, I am doing away with myself. With my ego. Although it’s easy for me to speak highly of myself, I know I will get a lot of people projecting their lack of insecurities on me.

    I have a low tolerance for people who come from a place of blaming the other person.

    I have always examined my own conscious–what role did I play in all this? Was I listening to my heart? Or was I overreacting? The only thing I have some control over is me.

    In the process, because I continue to focus on the behavior I can change, I have learned how to grow from all the bad experiences.

    It is true: I had a physically and verbally abusive father who was very hard on me–but not on my siblings. I was talkative and very close with my mom, and maybe my father didn’t like that.

    Later my parents–after high school–became my friends. I flew down often to care for them. My mother passed away in 2014. My dad passed away last year. I took care of them and did not treat them with any of the callous disrespect I got from them.

    I wanted no bad blood. The good thing was that I have been in therapy for over 30 years–ever since being kidnapped, tortured, and raped at gunpoint at 17. It has taken over a lifetime of hard work to even be here reading about this placement.

    And thank goodness. Reading this is like reading a road hazard: “People with Lilith in the 10th House have to overcome a lot of drama thrust upon them. Danger! Warning. Don’t be the thing that has harmed you, please.”

    And I haven’t.

    Last year a sibling of mine told me, “You are hoarding your experiences. There is someone out there who would benefit from you telling your story. Yet you keep it all to yourself.”

    I didn’t want to argue with him. But told him, “You are correct.”

    Telling him that my memoir got rejected the 8th time wasn’t going to make me right.

    Anytime I tell my story, I get weird reactions.

    I’m ready to get weird reactions here too, but I seriously don’t want to. It hurts to be berated when people do not know me or what I’ve been through.

    I have overcome a lot.

    I would like others to benefit from all that I have learned, but I’m afraid that this story has been told before.

    We can go to the goddess Tara who was treated terribly–even physically maimed. Limbs and all. However cruel Tara was treated, she came back with nothing but compassion for her cruel people.

    I am not at Tara’s level and I can’t. I’m a human. She was a goddess. I am not. I have limitations. I have imperfections.

    But one day, maybe this won’t matter. Saturn is in my 4th House currently. It’s asking me to look at the foundations: of hearth and mind.

    It was beneficial to come upon this article, Midara. Perhaps I can do more undoing. Maybe, by the time Saturn reaches my 10th house on my second passage into my MC/10th H, I can publish this. Maybe I can publish when Saturn comes into my 8th H. I’ll have a lot of alone time then.

    I am hoping if I do tell my story, I hope, I hope people read it. Either posthumously or in the course of my life.

    I wouldn’t want recognition.

    Maybe this is a warning sign to publishing this anonymously?

    Deep breaths…

    1. reading your story, you remind me of me when taking care of my elderly parents too; and how your parents treated you horribly before but you still cared for them. Thanks for sharing your story; and i’m sorry to hear about what happened to you before, i hope you are in a better place in your life now.

    2. Your story is compelling. It is amazing you are still functioning. I think Lilith conjunct my MC is a cruel joke. Also, some believe we choose our stars before we incarnate? I can’t wrap my head around how that could be…why anyone would want the attention Lilith in the 10th brings is beyond my comprehension. Its constant drama, abuse, manipulation and lies. The stories should be shared and shared loudly – yours is a great account of what to expect with Lilith in the 10th. I had no idea why any of this was my life until the past year – between 48-49. Late to the party…without forewarning I did not deal with things properly and I am not in exile (homeless). A very Lilith outcome. Wish I would have known what all my placements meant in my 20s.

  17. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to write this article.. I have been relentlessly searching for the meaning behind having both my Chiron and my Lilith in my 10th house in both my unconscious body and my conscious mind and how they play a major role in this life. I’m not sure yet what it means but as i get to know the crone, I definitely know they are both major players for me. Humbled by the experience

  18. I love this article and I have got so much out of all of your stories. Thank you all for being so vulnerable. I thought it was all me, but honestly, most of the hating I’ve received, from scapegoating by family members to being constantly misunderstood is a lot easier to bear knowing that you’re all having similar trials and triumphs.Interesting how some of you have said that people you appear to be on good terms with, will suddenly not me on next meeting. I have come to expect this now to some degree, that someone will ‘get in their ear’ and change their mind about me. I have never intentionally harmed anyone, yet I have never in my 63 years of life, received an apology from a family member. whenever someone has had a problem with me, mum would say, ‘oh call and apologize, you be the bigger person’. But it just enabled them to keep abusing. Now I’m still waiting for an apology from family members. I don’t expect I’ll get one in this lifetime. Lovely talking to you guys, thank you, have a great 2023!

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