Pluto Leaving Sagittarius For Capricorn: Trends In Society You Would Like To See Die…

I wrote this 18 months ago but it’s again relevant as Pluto is about to leave Sagittarius… won’t be back for 240 years. Can you add to this list?

Personally I am tired of everyone’s genitals (Pluto) being published (Sadge). I am tired of the contents of everyone’s trash (Pluto) being broadcast (Sadge). Spare me! Can we stop dissecting people (Pluto) in the press? Please, begs Libra.

This is like the color “mauve” in the early 90’s. It was a great color until we became saturated with it. Once it hit Walmart, it’s over for chrissakes. Is there anyone’s crotch we’ve not seen?

I am also sick of books and articles that are titled “Five Ways To Blah, Blah, Blah”. Or “Seven Secrets To A Satisfying Blah, Blah”.

Yes this was an effective way to manipulate people at one time but it’s over now, yes? God, I hope so.

As Pluto leaves Sagittarius what trends do you hope draw their last breath?

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  1. The double bra in public thing as fashion -(wearing two bras one smaller than the other layered over each other, as a top)

    Girls Gone Wild – aka Girls gone stupid…

    Flaky Hollywood – making celebs out of stupid people that do stupid things, that mean nothing

    The Secret – all all other spawns of The Secret which promise to be even better secrets. But the real secret is: Visualization has been around for a long time, this is nothing new.

    I think Pluto in Cap will bring some much needed seriousness and grounding to our environment.

  2. DOUBLE BRA!? That’s madness. I hope pseudo-spiritual people stop whining about “negative energy.”
    As in: “Oooh, so much negative energy, my sensitive little spiritual essence of being is being polluted.”

    You don’t have to worry about being polluted. Learn a few little tricks about pyschic protection and stop pretending to be more fragile than you are!

  3. Anything labeled “Reality” – usually just the opposite. πŸ™‚

    when Saturn moves into Virgo around the first of September, we could start getting hints of what’s to come. Keep in mind that Pluto is the gristmill of the gods . . . he grinds slowly and exceedingly fine (as those of have experienced him up close & personal know!)

  4. Oh my gosh, yes! Enough of the reality shows! And enough porn! In the last few years we have all been positively saturated with porn, and I an frankly sick of seeing all the body parts. And enough with desperate need to protect ‘free speech’, no matter what is said. I am sick of protecting nasty people’s right to be nasty.

  5. I’ll just be glad for it not to be squaring nearly every planet in my chart but even then i’ve got planets in aries so i’m quite looking forward to it being in aquarius πŸ™‚

  6. I thought of another one – exaggerated, huge, over-sized (Sadge)sexual (Pluto) characteristics

    ie – lips, breasts and vagina renewal and enhancements!

  7. OMG YES! I thought of another after catching about 20 sec of her on the news . . Anne Coulter, an example of Sadge’s worst qualities! Loud, self-righteous and totally obnoxious . . . πŸ™‚

  8. Gossip blogs that focus on pseudo-celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian.. the Brad and Angelina/Tom and Katie stuff in the gossip magazines. I don’t think that gossip has been less dark and more boring in years. And meaner.
    P.S. kashmiri, psychic protection doesn’t always work and can often shut you down and screw you up as I’ve experienced it. And it really sucks to be so filled with the crap energy of a place that you become less pure/innocent. In being desensitized to anything negative, you can’t feel much at all. I’ve experienced that in college. Maybe it’s sometimes better to be completely open than to close yourself off and even become reserved. But one thing I don’t like is people claiming to have good energy and be particularly psychically adept who are not (often gross, perfumed old ladies).

  9. I’m sick of people not taking responsibility for things they do or say. The problem is not that they blame it on anyone else, they just don’t have the presence of mind to know its THEIR fault. For example Paris Hilton. Is it a tragedy that she got a sentence ( a number of DAYS) for committing an offense she was already warned would give her jail time if caught again doing it?
    I’m sick of non-news such as this overruling the television and radio waves. Who cares?

  10. I’m sick of 9/10ths of the pluto in Leo generation…um…getting old happens, do it with dignity please.

    Pluto deals with transformation…that which is no longer working well..yeah grist mill analogy… watch structures fall (capricorn) with poor foundations…that covers anything from micro cosm (family) to the macro cosm (civilization)…

    In my opinion, now that Pluto is done kicking my butt (years and years of pluto transits people)…I kind look forward to the observation platform.

  11. Mauve! “Once it hits Walmart, its over for chrissakes.” Funny.

    I am sick of people using religion/ beliefs as some sort of front for not taking into consideration something even more important:

    The Human Heart.

    Pleeeeease stop.

  12. Celebrity.

    Trends of any kind – the whole “trend” concept.

    “Us” vs “Them” – religious, political, social – bleh.

    Youth obsession. I wanna see old women be “dames”, “characters” and “class acts”.

    I want to see people such as myself stop overusing quotation marks! LOL

  13. Political punditry. Who are all these “experts”?


    Media gleefully peeing on parades and/or stalking people.

    Media gleefully trying to scare people.

    Every freaking TV show is a reality show or dead body show. I don’t mind the latter but can I have some variety & watch a show without an autopsy in it once in a while? No wonder all I watch is the Unit, now.

    Super-partisan politics.

    Getting sick of identity politics too.

  14. I agree that infotainment HAS TO GO! All these cutesy nicknames are just sickening (TomKat, Brangelina – and yesterday I heard B-Rock!). Adding into the infotainment, the papparazzi and their terroristic ways of stalking and goading celebrities into polaroid moments also needs to go out of style.

    I would also like to see an end to the whole “your religion/culture is being practiced against my will”. I am sick and tired of having to be PC. We are literally going around in circles trying to make things more equal for everyone (like equal employment laws which I agree with) just to find a groups of people trying to tear them down (a group of Muslim women somewhere on the left coast trying to sue a municipality into having “women only” public pool time with only femal lifeguards).

  15. In academe in my field (social science) there is something called “the strengths perspective.” It is a so called therapeutic approach whereby, no matter what is wrong in the persons life, you don’t ever want to address the ugly stuff. You, the therapist, you only want to help the person talk about what their strengths are.

    I hope it dies so dead that never even gets a mention in any books on social science theory and therapy perspectives. That is how useless I think it is.

  16. Photos of celebrity cellulite on the cover of newspaper rags like Nat. Enq which are sitting there right in your face when you are trying to check out your groceries.

  17. Alas I don’t think political pundentry will ever go away. I remember people yelling at each other on TV when I was a child, and I am old. Likewise, preachers are not merely function of Pluto in Sag. I grew up exposed to oral roberts type of yelling on the television, and that was way before pluto was in Sag. surely.

    bew that is cool. One of the healing groups that I belong to does special healing session groups … one for all life phases, and now I just heard they are doing a special for what we call crones (either over 50 or having no more monthly cycle whatever age). Crone is also a state of mind as in wise as the most ancient soul. wow I so would love to be there!

  18. I hope it is the end of everyone’s trash (britney, etc) being important enough to be next to how many deaths were in Irag today in the news. Its one thing to be on entertainment tonight, but it just has to stop being sandwiched between starving children in the congo and the stock market. Or better yet, lets abolish tv altogether and go to streaming internet shows. I wonder if pluto in cap will help with really restructuring all this. When you think about it, we should be able to get any movie, show, radio or blog right on the web. What happened to the age of acquarius? Do we have to wait until Pluto in acq?

  19. porn ain’t goin’ anywhere either (which is OK with me so long as it is not hurting anyone) but I think what we are discussing here is not porn at all, but just rather rude ‘in your face’ rude. Porn is a private thing, has always been around and always will. Kinda like prostitution and having nothing to do with Pluto in Sag.

  20. Religion becoming a political trend..
    Religion becoming a justification for death.
    Religion defining good and evil doers…

    Having 5 babies at a time through invetro.

    Grandmas taking hormones to have babies.

    People who are addicted to crack allowing to keep throwing there kids in and out of a foster system based on there desire to go in and out of rehab.

    Men having sex with 13 year olds and saying it is a form of religious practice.

    Capricorn will bring plutonian changes in the way childbirth and children have been manipulated. Pluto in Capricorn ruled Saturn is going to put structure and restriction on the Hades/Persephone relationship…

  21. In an attempt not to repeat everyone else’s I’ll just say SUPERFICIALITY–on all levels.
    Sometimes I ponder–what did I do to deserve to be in my twenties in this day-in-age? It’s just cruel….haha.
    I just want to be a good wife and good mother without society telling me that it’s a terrible choice because I might be left homeless someday without a 401k. Does anyone value a woman who still likes the traditional definition of “wifery”?

  22. Shell – I’m a good bit older than you but have had to face similar societal pressure to question my choices. All I can tell you is that the choice that makes you happy (and no matter what that choice is, it seems) is going to require you to recommit to it repeatedly. In my experience, you don’t get to make the choice, and then enjoy everlasting peace (darn it! πŸ˜‰ ). You choose it, and then choose it again (and again.) But if it’s what makes you happy, then it’s just the dues you pay.

  23. I’d like to say farewell to all of the above, ant also to the fashion for excess..overindulgence, binge drinking being “cool”.. yuck. Pushing little girls to be women through fashion that’s way too adult..
    The magazines that are so anti women,but presented by women..where every headline attacks image and not one focusses on kindness and achievement. In UK there are booksellers with a section entitled “Spoiled Lives” dedicated to fictional and non fictional accounts of child abuse. Salacious TV news that brings horrific images into our living space.. but then I guess I could find the off button for that one, but who the heck wants to read all that. Mind you who wants to read the ramblings of a Pluto in Leo person like me who thinks she’s learned a thing or two and rants on in lovely Elsa’s forum!! Have a good day guys x

  24. welcome welcome welcome to my fellow pluto in Leo friends on this blog, I am not sure if y’all were here when the poll was done before, but we were the considerable minority then and probably still. It is soooooooooo nice to hear your voices here!

  25. # Melody says on 6/27/07 at 12:24 pm:Guru wannabes πŸ™
    Great Melody, the first one the best! At least the best of the first 3 posts ha ha ha . Ok I’m a sadge rising, I have enjoyed this time intensely. Pluto is as a Sensei for me a kind of teacher of kung-fu.. Always in the end give me a valuable gift. Although I am not going very well with this cap ingress…It is intensely sad,…I am seeing masks falling. I’m breaking long standing family relations. It is hard for me because it is a very valuable aspect of my life (being moon centered) HOwever it is very productive in lot of aspects for me. (pluto is in my two house now)
    I hope that with this ingress the sadge hipocrisy ends. I am sadge but let me confess the worst trait of my sign.
    I will miss the hope, the fun, the freedom… yet the reality shows. πŸ˜€
    The Best of Pluto in Cap for all of you

  26. Overzealousness of all kinds.

    Not necessarily obscenity, but “extreme humor” Cruel jokes and general in-your-face obnoxiousness. I think the fictional character The Joker symbolizes some of the worst parts of Pluto in Sagitarius.

    However, I have a feeling once we get into Capricorn, everything will become so buckled down and censored we’ll wish for the past. So let’s be careful what we wish for, yes?

  27. “P.S. kashmiri, psychic protection doesn’t always work”

    I beg to differ.

    Physic protection will not prevent you from experiencing the grief of a loved one, or the frustration of being mistreated, or the anger from injustice, but your psyche will be protected if you learn what it is you need to to protect yourself.

    For some it is detachment. For others it is getting into the heat of the fire.

    And I am not, in any way, condoning staying somewhere toxic. I just do NOT tolerate the idea that we cannot uplift ourselves with information and a change…

  28. I just want to kiss a big ol’ ta-ta to Sagittarius men in general. What a bunch of flakes. Maybe that’s because they’ve had Pluto up their butts for the past few years… maybe Pluto going into their solar 2nd will make them formulate a set of VALUES for once. Let’s hope! πŸ™‚

  29. I felt uncomfortable reading the criticism of people who do not yet know how to use psychic protection and talk about their sensitivity to negative energy. We’re all on a continuum and are all learning at our own pace. I only learnt about that skill because I had mentors around me and dug around on the net and tried a lot of things and it is still something I have a lot of questions about. It would be great to see those that do know come forward more and more to help us all learn.

    I feel that the combination of Pluto/Sag, Neptune/Pisc, Uranus/Aqu has made this an amazing time for the world to be aware of mind-body-spirit connections and to be aware of energy in general. This is a whole other way of looking at what had once been interpreted as bad people/ good people, blaming other people for our feelings, and shame, that some people are just born unlucky or born happy and that’s that.

    Pluto in Sag brought a sense of possibility and a broader scope. The feeling of abundance (even fractal art) and the idea of vibrations and raising vibrations so we don’t have to dwell in negative energy.

    Pluto in Capricorn, I think will bring more opportunities to learn practical skills well, like grounding and psychic protection, and drawing these from tradition. There’s going to be more respect for what the best of what has been passed on through the ages, rather than looking to a guru, I agree. The word that comes to mind is ‘guilds’ instead. I think of Pluto in Sag as the mind-opening time, and Pluto in Cap as the apprentice becoming master time. Step by step….

  30. Nija, I am a fan of psychic protection and some very wise people have counselled me that it is very fine to be that way. I have suffered no ill effects from doing it, and someone like me who has Pisces rising and therefore that very pourus boundary anyway, well, it is absolutely necessary sometimes. Otherwise I’d just get nuked to toast all the time.

  31. cool, I like what you said about guilds, also, Nija, and also about Pluto in Cap as apprentice becoming master time. This is one of the things I will pick up from this blog today that will really have an impact on me in a positive way.

  32. Guys, I said Uranus/Aqu… when I meant Uranus/Pisces & Neptune/Aqu but you got that…the mutual reception and all.

    Loonsounds, I’ve got plenty of Pisces like you and have learned the necessity of psychic boundaries you speak of. I would love to do this in a peaceful effortless way…because that is not always how it has felt.

    Through this site and in our communities, I’m interested to see how we can be mentors and ‘supportive citizens’ for each other. I think Sagittarius opened up self-disclosure on a massive scale. Although Capricorn can be considered a loner sign, there is also the formalist group affiliation aspect that I look forward to. I feel it in my small town, a trend that we are fostering a sense of belonging here, more than ever.

    I feel the same with Elsa’s community, that we can contribute to something historically significant and lasting — a ‘guild’ of research and understanding perhaps. Elsa’s goal of making Astrodispatch a widely-used widget — is an example of a modern way a guild can be established. Thanks Elsa, all you posters, Loonsounds and all the great astrologers out there who are contributing to this feeling of support and sharing– and especially to anyone who is using the widget, which is helping to formalize the astrology community.

    (Capricorn) mountain goats climb higher and higher, til they eventually climb down the mountain. The elders on the way down always make room on these narrow passes for the young to have the right of way going up. Capricorn is a sign associated with old age, yet it is also the sign that is ‘old before it is young’. This could be a great time to bridge the generations.

  33. I’m sorry you feel uncomfortable Nija. If you are referring to my comments, I was actually being as supportive as one can be while offering an alternative opinion. I thought I was respectful.

    I think part of the issue here is also that have of this thread was posted over a year ago. I think it would be difficult to read it, given the fragmentation of response.

    I also really like Dina and we have conversed in a mutually supportive way before and since this thread has appeared.

  34. I know the question is about saying buh-bye to Sag…
    a wish list of byes, much like you all’s:
    -Fox News, Jerry Springer, Rush Limbaugh, twisted or trash media. Respect, standards and reasonable behaviour are going to rule. If we don’t know our standards, we’ll be working on that.
    -the ‘save the earth’ mantra co-existing with having more trash than ever, and more suv’s than ever, and people who are not recycling because it’s ‘too hard’. By necessity, we’re going to be rethinking all aspects of our responsibilities to this in the most mundane ways, like whether to use a mug or a paper cup for coffee.
    -‘let-it-all-hang-out’ talk and sex. It’s been fun, but Pluto in Cap is going to button it up and make sex dirty again. ; ) (Did you see that…an emoticon wink…are you blushing? )

    That’s what I think/foresee anyway. What else do you guys think?

  35. Kashmiri, I appreciate that your intention is to be respectful and that the thread is from earlier in the year. I read yours and Dina’s and the comment in question came across to me as hostile and condescending. But it is just one comment, a moment in time. People who are aware of energy (and are not yet sure of how to handle it) are people who would benefit from your patience, wisdom and guidance on the subject.

  36. Well, I agree celebrity worship for damn sure. Never, ever, ever hearing another word about Britney Spears (Oh God I know that will probably NEVER end!) And reality shows about a bimbo and her entire family simply because she has a big ass!!!!! Or the one about who wants to date a bisexual slut!!! Why the hell would you want to anyway???? Oh and God, please, please, no more The Apprentice, ever , ever again, lol!

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