When Bad Things Happen: My 8th House And The Efficient Use Of Any And All Energy

use-of-energy.jpgSnapdragon asks on The Day The Police Came To Get Me regarding how bad things happen to me…

“Well, you do have the odd good thing happen to you… (sounds like you in particular would really need to focus on whatever good things have happened)…”

Snapdragon, I’ve said this before but I’ve not said it lately. I don’t care what happens to me. What I value is experience and  it makes no difference if the experience is good or bad.

I think this is a function of my 8th house.  I make efficient use of energy and it makes no difference what generates the energy (something positive or something negative).  What I care is that there is energy available which I can make neutral and direct in whatever way I design.

Like most, I would not trade my life for someone else’s so like I always say, ‘No complaints.”

When it comes to the happenings in your life – are they more good than bad or about even?

7 thoughts on “When Bad Things Happen: My 8th House And The Efficient Use Of Any And All Energy”

  1. Elsa, I have Neptune/Venus/Uranus in the 8th House. The last while I have been having this strange feeling of almost being outside of myself. Or watching myself. Almost like things aren’t really touching me – or they do big time, and then it goes right back to me kind of standing to the side (watching myself). I don’t know if I am explaining this very well… I almost feel as if I am living someone else’s life right now.

    Is that at all how you feel when you say that you don’t care what happens to you?

  2. I don’t know if there’s more good or bad but the bad definitely makes for more nail-biting stories, that’s for sure.

  3. Lots of both. I’m loved, so I don’t give a shit either way. Though I do like my earthly pleasures, gotta admit. If the food/sex situation ever went bad I’ll just top myself and get it over with, LOL.

  4. i get what i ask for. not sure how to characterize that, but i’m going somewhere, and everything in my life seems in service of that.

    sometimes i think i’d like to know what it is, other days i realize i’m probably better off not knowing.

    and i keep learning, which keeps me on my toes, and not bored (which would feel like death.)

  5. (as they say, be careful what you wish for… and i can attest to that… but it’s good to know what you want because then it’s easier to see it when it shows up.)

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