Pluto Opposing The Sun And Moon In Pisces: Ethereal Goddess With A Shadow

pisces fish pillowI once knew a mean Pisces. She had a boyfriend and he was great. She was great too, but not to him!

The Pisces had lots of friends. She had tons of friends and tons of family.  Her boyfriend was a patient man who always treated her well. Taurus.

She told me what a moron her boyfriend was.  She’d sent him to the store for toilet paper. He came back with one-ply tissue, rather than two-ply or three-ply or eleven-ply.  She read him the riot act over this.

“How can you be such stupid idiot?”  She said she bitched him out for a half-hour.

I was appalled at the stories she’d tell me in regards to how she and this man interacted. There were a lot of them.

I asked her why she was so compassionate with everyone but him. She thought it was a good question. She was a double Pisces. With her Sun and Moon in the sign, she had no shortage of Piscean traits.

She said that she could easily forgive a convicted child rapist or murderer, just not her boyfriend who had the balls and misfortune to come home with the wrong toilet paper.

Then Christmas came. The Pisces said she had a bunch of presents under the tree.  She said there were tons of them, from her family and friends who loved her.

She said that her boyfriend, the twerp, only had presents from her. He didn’t have a family, see? And he didn’t have many friends or maybe he did not have friends with whom he exchanged gifts.

She berated him for this. “You don’t have presents like I do, you must suck…”

I didn’t see her after that. I couldn’t bear her cruelty. I got tired of hearing about how great she was up against her lowly boyfriend.  And the astrology?

The Pisces had Pluto opposing her Sun and Moon. Consequently, she externalized her shadow. She was not the ethereal goddess she thought she was.

If you have Pluto opposing your personal planets, natally or by transit, watch your blind spot!

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  1. Huh..! Very different from how we usually imagine Pisces! Look, what that Pluto can do to people! I wonder what her boyfriend astrological signature was, so he put up with that ?

  2. 🙁 such a sad story, i have a blind splot but i have great friends to tell me when they see it. my pluto conjuncts my sun i in scorpio. i guess that everyone sees my darks side. it’s in my 11th house. so, everyone. and the sun is opposed to my taurus moon. i have been cruel when i was younger and now this moon took over… the sun. i think. i can’t stand cruelty, but if i am attacked in any way, i think the person should run for cover. i said what i did when i was a little girl and was kind of asulted by a teacher to a friend, and she said it was psycho. and it was. i didn’t see my monster side, now i can control it i guess. and a lot of empathy has been shown to me by my mother (moon), i always said i would have been a monster if it wasn’t for her great heart and love.

  3. But he has several red flags. A Pluto Sun sqaere and a Mars Saturn sqaere which i have learned is cruelty, and can be manifested in many ways. This guy killed women for fun, and did horrible experiments on women that were pregnant. Mars in the 8th house of surgery… He was never punished, he lived a normal life after the war and it was long as well… I guess it was his Neptune in the first house that made him vanish… For me, this is an incarnation of horror, and there is a lot of Piscean themes here. He killed for fun, when he was to serve (Pisces), and protect as a doctor. Also, i think the Mars conjunct Uranus only followed by squares made for outbursts of anger that were sudden and uncontrolable. This is The Monster chart, I kind of have it in my mind as a warning chart for life.

  4. I have a Pisces girlfriend who used to hit a couple of her boyfriends. It came about when she found them ineffectual or too passive which reminded her of her father who had no ‘get up and go’. So she took out a life time of frustration on them.

  5. that pisces gal is horrible.I am a double pisces, too but I could never say such hurtful things to anyone, let alone someone I love. It would hurt me more knowing they would be hurt by more words..I couldnt even imagine the scenario of talking like that.

  6. Wow. A timely topic for me, as I’m currently dealing with a friend who seriously “externalizes her shadow”…I couldn’t have put it better myself! This is causing some big problems in my opinion.

    Anyway I was fascinated to read this because this friend is a Cancer moon and Cancer rising. I just double checked the degrees and transiting Pluto is exactly opposite her moon right now, almost to the arc minute.

  7. As for the man, as I recall, he loved her. While I spent most of my time with her, I met him a few times. He was very cordial. She told me all the time how well he treated her. His name was, Kevin!

    Anyway, she would treat him well too…right up until she needed to take a dump.

  8. “I have a Pisces girlfriend who used to hit a couple of her boyfriends.”

    Hmmm, a friend of mine had a Pisces girlfriend apparently who once woke him up by hitting him with a wet towel, repeatedly. They had been partying the night before – I was there too -, but had a picnic to attend that morning. This girl used to plan their weekends on Excel files too. It didn’t work.

    After this couple broke up, another friend – a woman – went on holidays with her and some two guys who weren’t their boyfriends at the time, but now are. My friend was a major nervous wreck when she came back. Apparently, the Excel file had appeared again. And the last night, her now boyfriend and she had decided to stay awake and finish their last bottle of wine rather than go to bed, because they had to wake up 4 am anyway to get the flight back home. This girl had a major issue with that. She thought they should sleep – even if they’d decided earlier her now boyfriend would drive. My friend and his now boyfriend were firmly in their 30’s, this girl had just turned 25. They don’t hang out together much anymore.

    Pluto is not affecting this girl’s Pisces Sun, but yes, there’s a possible Leo Moon square Scorpio Pluto. I have a Libra Pluto square Capricorn Moon myself, know something about control issues, but really, don’t think I was quite that bad even in my early 20’s.

  9. Oh, and my Husband…. He has a very tight Aries Moon oppose Libra Pluto. Luckily, his Moon is in the 7th house and conjunct Jupiter, so he is nothing but loving towards me, and a generally speaking a gentleman towards women in his life. There’s one thing he finds hard to deal with: being nervous. He seldom is, but somehow, taking a plane brings this up. We’ve had some pretty absurd conversations on airports with him repeatedly telling me to calm down, when he has been the one to lash out on everybody and everything.

  10. On the other hand, there is something bright and beautiful about having your shadow side in the open as long as you are self aware. My eldest has her pluto conj with her ascendant in Scorpio. She can’t hide her dark side. it is out in the open. In my opinion, some people can’t handle the truth; they want everything covered up and hidden away. This type of person is very very hostile to her.

  11. Adolf Eichman, Rupurt Murdoch, Robert Maxwell all Pisceans.

    Not forgetting the dasterdly Keneth Williams, Bruce Forsyth, and the little bird (Stalins daughter).

    Just goes to show that modern astrology really makes sense when it focuses upon the star signs and house positions, and not upon the aspects!!

  12. I wonder if she has resolved her issue by now. It’s not that we can run away from our ‘stuff’ forever. Sooner or later, we have to face it. Hope she got some help with it …

  13. There’s really nothing worse than a shitty Pisces. The worst part is that it’s so hard to see that they’re assholes because the energy feels so benign; and they always think they’re so compassionate and emotional.

    Like leeches. They have anesthetic in their mouth so you don’t struggle while they suck the life out of you.

  14. I know what is wrong with this the boyfriends chart is not shown or mentioned in particular the aspects to her chart from his chart and vice versa.

    This is it her friends had different aspects with her than her boyfriend. Isnt this it?

  15. “This type of person is very very hostile to her.”

    flip, my Taurus sister has Pluto in her 12th conjunct her ASC. Her experience is similar to your daughter’s. As well, her Pluto trines her Moon/Merc/8th conjunction, soooo…yeah. She feels the hostility acutely.

  16. “This is it her friends had different aspects with her than her boyfriend. Isnt this it?”

    I don’t think that’s it.

    My mother had Pluto opposing her Sun and Moon in Aquarius. I know this drill backwards and forwards.

    If a person does not mind themselves, they will choose a dumping ground and that person is IT.

    The boyfriend put up with it. If he were to stop putting up with it, she’d replace him.

  17. Elsa I do think this is it. You have mentioned that she has friends where this does not happen. So why with him?

    And maybe you have some aspects with your mother that dont quite gel.

    So its not pisces then if your mother had this? Was your mother a piscean?

    Why does the boyfriend put up with it – aspects again? Look for saturn aspects from her chart to his sun. I would look for this first.

  18. I guess I wasn’t clear. I didn’t say that my mother made me her shadow.

    All I am trying with this post is if you have Pluto opposing your Sun and Moon (in any sign), odds are, you will project your shadow.

    The “who” is not important. But if you disagree, me, that’s fine.

  19. Elsa, and yet its pisces that comes across. You even have a picture of two fishes.

    No aspect in ones birth chart is bad – seriously. Its the aspects by transits and what is made from others charts that are either good or bad. We either get on or we dont or are somewhat imbetween depending on the balance.

    Pluto is about big business anyway. Is she a business woman in someway?

  20. Relationship dynamics will bring out the hidden and unresolved parts of our personalities or our unconscious behavioral patterns as reaction to something; that is our more intimate relationships can serve as a trigger to help us face it if we actually choose to do so. I think that’s why it happens in the close relationship (man-woman-sex-sharing etc) but not in her other friendships. I am not a therapist, though. And no astrologer either. Just adding my 2 cents 🙂

  21. But she must also have had relationships before. Was she the same way in these other relationships presuming there were any of course. And was he the same in any other relationships?

  22. The boyfriend stayed with her through thick and thin. He did not have many friends. he was a patient man who always treated her well.

    In a carer and patient situation who is in control?

    It seems to me taking the astrology out of it that he stayed with her for a reason. Perhaps he cherished the relationship, after all he did not have many friends, and perhpas did not get along that well with others for whatever reason. I’d say he was in control.

    Reminds me of whos afraid of virginia wolfe.

  23. Elsa, would this also apply if you had pluto squaring both your sun & moon, or is more just the opposition (and not seeing your shadow)?

  24. @Angie, people still offload things they don’t like, but it’s more of a t-bone as opposed to finger-pointing.

  25. My ex had Venus conj Chiron in Aqua opp Pluto. Charming, manipulating, confusing, bright. Definitely projecting on women. Exhausting and sad, I’m sure he couldn’t see it. Hurt, betrayal, lying – to hold you attached! Crazy. Sat in that hole for five long years. My venus was conj his Pluto.

  26. Elsa, you are so right. I remember distinctly that when she and her (now husband) got engaged, her then-fiance’s sister was newly pregnant at the same time, and my sister was worried that no one in the family would make an adequate fuss over the engagement b/c it would be seen as less of a big deal than the pregnancy.

  27. Thanks Elsa, I’ve been mulling this over all day, as I have the T-square, but both my little ones also have pluto aspects. It’s been a real thinker, yet also very informative.
    Thanks for the post 🙂

  28. BAM, Psycho mom has Pluto stellium opposite Moon in the 5th house.

    Double whammy: the man I love has a daughter who is frequently in psychiatric wards and she too has Pluto as part of a stellium opposite Moon in the 5th house

  29. Avatar

    Me personal Pluto aspects..

    Pluto 2°01′ Я Scorpio, in House VII

    Pluto Aspects
    Sun trine Pluto orb -1°03′
    Pluto opposite Ascendant orb -3°07′
    Pluto square Midheaven orb +0°10′
    Neptune sextile Pluto orb +0°12′
    Moon semi-square Pluto orb -1°33′
    Mars trine Pluto orb -8°05′

    I do ooooozzz shadow projection at most times..
    Though i have some lovely aspects in there to smooth out the oppositional bitch in me..
    The ouch factor would be my Pluto opposing my empty (no planets) Aries ascendant 12th house..& squaring my MC – Jupiter in Aquarius 10th house..but lucky Jupiter is there to save my but…i hope (”.)?
    & Moon in Virgo 5th house semi-squaring my Pluto in Scorpio. Guess I’m lucky its only a semi-square. Not sure really..

    But yes Elsa you are completely right, in fact i would personally label Pluto ‘The Blind Spot’ in my own psyche at the worst of times.

    That Pisces chick will just end up with someone as nasty as herself.
    Guess that’s Pluto for ya, don’t look out your blind spot & you will end up in a nasty prang!

  30. My abusive ex has transiting pluto coming up to his sun and opposite natal moon. I’d never seen so much projection. He accused me of everything he was guilty of. The abuse and cruelty was repulsive. I’ve never been so relieved to get rid of someone. Natally he’s got pluto square AC and saturn square moon. Total nutjob. It was terrifying to be involved with him. Totally delusional and unwilling to accept reality, wouldn’t take any responsibly for his cruelty and abuse. Refused to see what he was. I left before the exact opposition. I feel very sorry for whoever took my place. I hope they drop him hard and run for their lives. Oh just a curious little tidbit. His pluto/moon midpoint sits directly on my sun! The guy barely took a breath between putdowns, accusations, blame rages, betrayals, deceitful abusive acts and rage attacks. It was terrifying and really delusional. Frightening stuff.

    I had a transit of pluto opposite moon when i was little. My moon is inconjunct my mothers sun, so she was also having pluto opposite sun transit. The psychotic battles were nasty and we lost our relationship forever. I was removed from her care by the police and placed with my father. Pluto was transiting my 3rd, so my older brother and sister were in on the fights against mum and quite abusive toward me also. That transit tore my family apart in the worst way. Bro tried to kill me a few times, the doctor warned after the last set of stitches to my head not to leave me alone with my brother again. He’s a Libra, so pluto was nearing his sun opposite my mum’s sun and my moon. He has natal aries moon opposite sun. So when pluto transited, he bashed and abused every woman in his life bar my older sis. Horrible stuff. I think pluto moon opposition is totally psychotic energy.

  31. Well, this certainly explains a lot. Mom has natal Pluto opp. Moon, Cancer/Capricorn. I have only recently allowed her space in my life again, please tell me this transit isn’t going to cause a return to viciousness towards me. I just straightened her ass out after 40 years, she starts pulling that shit again and that’s it, no more. Which is especially shitty b/c she’s 75 and I would like to have goodness between us in the home stretch here. Elsa~ if people have these difficult aspects and don’t reconcile them, do they only get worse or more pronounced with age?
    And as far as the woman in your piece…WOW! It almost makes one feel sorry for the guy except he’s getting something out of it, obviously. Even if it’s him playing the martyr, he sticks around for a reason. I wouldn’t call it love. But hey, I guess everyone has their own definitions.

  32. Also in researching the info in this piece I figured out the big puzzle of the last few years of my life. Dammit it all if RIGHT WHEN my life went kaboom, transiting Pluto was EXACTLY on my moon and squaring my natal pluto. Then to explain the duration of the death and destruction that bastard retro’ed and went back over this point. I mean it was absolutely “evolve or die” and dying is exactly what I felt was happening to me and my life. I mean I def had some psychosis going on b/c of this transit. Holy crap! To me, Saturn is child’s play compared to Pluto. He’s one bad bitch! I mean he doesn’t just rip your guts out, he stomps on them and then says grow new ones, wimp.

  33. Very interesting. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m a double Pisces with pluto opposite venus, my pisces is also in the 8th… I can be so hateful towards people, I admit it.

    I don’t do this outwardly though, I seethe internally. Only occationally does it come out…

    My mother tells me that I bring most of my problems on mysefl by carrying resentment. This is not easy to face, because my pluto conj saturn scorp in the 3rd is extremely paranoid and doesnt trust anyone. I think I don project my shadow onto others. I don’t think that my perceptions are wrong exactly but I know that I tend to dwell and I tend to replay negative scenarios in my head over and over to the point that I can’t see anything clearly. Ultimately this all becomes so intense that I drive people away or I run away myself.

    God, it is really hard to resolve this shit and I don’t know if I ever will. Being neptunian AND plutonian is hard. It’s confusing because you have all this intuition going on on top of paranoia and resentment. Hard to tell whats really going on and what or who is to blame…

  34. The fuck? How insulting to people with moon Pluto!! I have the opposition with a Taurus moon opposing Pluto in scorp. I have mars in Pisces and a Scorpio asc, cancer sun. I’m not this much of a bitch! This woman was obviously afraid to admit to having any problems. I pretty much lay it all right on the table. Pluto will oppose my sun. I see this as a breaking point for me rather than a blind spot. Why are astrologers so mean to Plutonians? Were not always like this evil woman. Maybe I am lucky to be blessed with Pluto trine sun so I can actually see what I’m doing wrong at least at some point in life. Hmmm.

  35. Dear everyone,
    Stop dooming and glooming people with natal Pluto oppositions and squares. I have one in my chart and I like to think my Pluto wrath only comes out on people who are deserving of the energy. I am a sweet Taurus moon lady and very polite. But beware, do not Mess, I repeat do not mess! There is a certain fiestyness about me yes. Maybe it helps that I’ve got Neptune trine moon. I will speak for my plutonian brothers and sisters here. We are not all bad people!!! I love my mother but then again I have Taurus moon (very good Moon). She has issues but she is a sweet and supportive influence on my life now. I’m proud to be her daughter. Fuck you shitty mentally abusive people who are talking shit about your plutonian exes. You’re no better than they are for unleashing your dumb past relationship problems onto the internet. You messed with the wrong plutonian today. Guess what? You’re going to die!! Haha I’m just kidding y’all. But you do suck though for belittling my brothers and sisters kthx. Have a shitty day 🙂

  36. A cousin of mine married a Pisces woman who lied to him that she was pregnant to get him to propose to her. She even admitted it right before the wedding, but the wedding took place anyway. Then again in the first year of marriage, she lied AGAIN that she’s pregnant ’cause he wanted to divorce her. Not only that she pulled the same ol’ trick again, but he again stayed even after it turned out to be a lie for the 2nd time, even though he was determined to leave her before her little act. The next 2 years she kept dragging him around the world multiple times, going on ‘vacations’ to Europe, Hawaii, etc. to ‘work on the marriage’. He even had to put his career on hold for a while. (She actually stopped working as soon as they married and is not working ever since, even though she had quite a successful career of her own prior to that. Unbelievable but 100% true.) Earlier this year after 4+ years of that joke of a marriage, he once more tried to get out of it, after which she pronounced she was *SURPRISE!* pregnant. Only this time it turned out she’s pregnant for real. Being familiar with her previous manipulations I might even suspect she intuitively sensed he’s gonna try to get away once more so she staid pregnant on purpose this time to keep him. Of course, he was stopped in his tracks and yet again didn’t leave her, although he’s in complete shock over this unexpected baby. He married a woman he (tbh) never really loved, who is perpetually lying and deceiving him, making his life living hell, yet he can’t get away. Every time he summed up the courage to break it off, she somehow managed to lure him back in and he found himself incapable of ditching her even after he found out it was a lie the first 2 times. I’ve never seen anything like this even in a soap opera.

    He is a Virgo Sun with Moon Opposite Uranus. (Literally the only hard aspect on his chart.) One of those people who go out of the window the second you say ‘commitment’. (I have it myself, only Square, so I know exactly how it works.) Everyone knew him as a ‘not marrying kind’. People can’t believe this woman managed to even keep him in any kind of relationship, let alone the fact that he ended up marrying her. Not to mention that he still can’t untangle himself from her web after 5 years. I wish I knew more about her chart, other than she’s Pisces, to try to figure out what’s going on there. Anyone ever heard of similar situations and got any idea what’s going on with those kind of couples?

    1. Avatar
      Katherine Chant

      Well if he never really loved her who cares if she lies. Sounds like they are both pieces of work who deserve each other.

  37. Stop dooming and glooming people with natal Pluto oppositions and squares. I have one in my chart…Fuck you shitty mentally abusive people who are talking shit…Guess what? You’re going to die!! Haha I’m just kidding y’all. But you do suck…Have a shitty day 🙂

    No kidding, this is the funnest post I’ve ever read online. To go along with the National Sarcasm Society (“Like we need your support”) now we have the Voice of the Pluto Challenged (“Call me angry one more time and I’ll shit in your eye”).

    Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today! Like everybody else searching the topic of Pluto/Moon pressures, my nerves are shot. 🙂

  38. I am a Pisces moon opposite Pluto Virgo. Moon in 11th Pluto in 5th. I also have a stellium of Scorpio in the 7th including Mars squaring Saturn in the 11th. My life has been very violent. But not by my hand. It could be because I also have Neptune in the 7th and 12th houses. I am actually seen as more sacrificing. My mother was a saint and my father a dictator. Hence the internal struggle to find my equilibrium.

  39. I never bought into the idea that Water signs are all benevolent.

    I’ve met so many mean Pisces and Cancers in my life, some were even bullies. Now that I think of it, the meanest people I have encountered have been Water (and some Leos).

    1. Avatar

      I’ve known cruel Cancers and harsh Pisces people.

      From what I’ve observed generally, a woman who’s a bitch to her boyfriend will often have his loyalty the way a gentler woman never will. Especially if the bitch is smart enough to mix up the cruelty with occasional flashes of kindness. The nice girl is the shoulder he cries on before going back to what really turns his crank if he’s that type of guy.

  40. treating your closed ones like shit while the others out there (strangers) are treated like royalty? I dont like that at all. 🙁 it sounds like an “image” to display to the world that you’re all good and pure and then to your loved ones, like the crappiest.

  41. Me and 2 others have Pluto opposite Sun.

    It is a BATTLE!!!!!! I know bunch of sun square pluto,but that aspect is a different one,same as the conjunction and a semi sextile etc etc…i don’t know why people put these two different aspects in one article,no not you elsa but the people in the comment section,i was hoping to read more about sun opposite pluto people commenting since this is an article about sun opposite pluto and so many come here with oh moon or venus opposite pluto…WRONG,i got mercury opposite Pluto too but it is not about that one…you need to differentiate,there are PLENTY other links that talk about venus opposite pluto blabla…
    And to get one full bloody picture of a horoscope you can’t throw in 3 aspects on a random page and think it is done,but i appreciate when i get a full understanding of ONE aspect to connect the dots to other aspects better.

    anyway…the people with pluto opposite sun i know,including me,are loners,we know a lot of people,but we just don’t want to be around them since it always feels like we leave something behind whenever we engage…they say it,i say it. She is a Pisces Sun and Virgo Pluto,she joined the Jehovas,cause she wanted to be around “decent people”very very loving and insightful psychic and sweet person with a lot of pain the world gave her…but oh so beautiful…she sends me the loveliest texts,no man can compete to what she is capable of in just a text,she knows me without saying anything,but we also do not want to be around each other cause it is safer like that.The other one is a Taurus Sun Pluto Scorpio,he is ultra stubborn,next to him i either give the discussions up or we get into fights…we tried a romance but due to our extreme characters we stopped,but we never stop pulling out the truth of each other,i am Taurus Sun with Pluto Scorpio too…when he talks i know he is right,so i listen to better myself,when i talk he knows i am right,so he listens and step up his game. That is the only reason we stay in contact lol. It can be exhausting…

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