Pluto Opposing The Sun And Moon In Pisces: Ethereal Goddess With A Shadow

pisces fish pillowI once knew a mean Pisces. She had a boyfriend and he was great. She was great too, but not to him!

The Pisces had lots of friends. She had tons of friends and tons of family.  Her boyfriend was a patient man who always treated her well. Taurus.

She told me what a moron her boyfriend was.  She’d sent him to the store for toilet paper. He came back with one-ply tissue, rather than two-ply or three-ply or eleven-ply.  She read him the riot act over this.

“How can you be such stupid idiot?”  She said she bitched him out for a half-hour.

I was appalled at the stories she’d tell me in regards to how she and this man interacted. There were a lot of them.

I asked her why she was so compassionate with everyone but him. She thought it was a good question. She was a double Pisces. With her Sun and Moon in the sign, she had no shortage of Piscean traits.

She said that she could easily forgive a convicted child rapist or murderer, just not her boyfriend who had the balls and misfortune to come home with the wrong toilet paper.

Then Christmas came. The Pisces said she had a bunch of presents under the tree.  She said there were tons of them, from her family and friends who loved her.

She said that her boyfriend, the twerp, only had presents from her. He didn’t have a family, see? And he didn’t have many friends or maybe he did not have friends with whom he exchanged gifts.

She berated him for this. “You don’t have presents like I do, you must suck…”

I didn’t see her after that. I couldn’t bear her cruelty. I got tired of hearing about how great she was up against her lowly boyfriend.  And the astrology?

The Pisces had Pluto opposing her Sun and Moon. Consequently, she externalized her shadow. She was not the ethereal goddess she thought she was.

If you have Pluto opposing your personal planets, natally or by transit, watch your blind spot!

65 thoughts on “Pluto Opposing The Sun And Moon In Pisces: Ethereal Goddess With A Shadow”

  1. She’s sexually frustrated. Everybody needs a safe place to dump or we’ll go crazy. I for one completely understand opposition pluto types.

  2. My sister has Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aquarius opposing Pluto in Virgo across her IC/MC. I have a Cancer Sun parallel Pluto on the north planetary node of Pluto. being the brunt and seeing right through it.

  3. I hope he left her. Taurus can get beaten down by this type of thing over a period of time. I know. She sounds abusive and awful.

  4. Pisces get blamed for a lot of crap because it seems the easy thing to do I found this post to be shortsighted and limited, there’s not even a mention of her rising sign nor where her Mars is for instance.
    Being nitpickily critical is a typical negative Virgo trait, so I must agree with Frank Clipper’s observations on that plus not always blame again in this case Pluto.

  5. I knew a sun in Pisces (29th degree/anaretic, in the 12th) opposing Pluto in Libra (in the 7th and signs that quincunx) in the whole sign system. I don’t know the exact time of birth, so I use the whole sign system to get the general energy at play. Yeah…she projects (opposition) her shadow (Pluto) crap (Pluto) on to close/one to one relationships (7th) that’s stemming from her subconscious (12th) about herself (Sun). Then wonders why those that love her, finally leave her, after enduring repeated abuse (Pluto) from her. She also has a retrograde asteroid Psyche in the 8th that further confirms this energy at play for me. Retro Psyche projects their issues on to others, and in the 8th, her traumas and inner demons.

    When I was reading your article, I felt Nessus was at play. I bet her asteroid Nessus is Conjunct his sun. Or, possibly his Venus. Especially if his Venus and her Nessus are in Gemini. Verbal (Gemini) Abuse (Nessus).

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    Katherine Chant

    Well if he never really loved her who cares if she lies. Sounds like they are both pieces of work who deserve each other.

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