Pluto Transit Conjunct Natal Mars: Encountering Darkness

Pluto redHi Elsa,
Just wondering if you know much or have experienced transit Pluto conjunct natal Mars. I have this now and wonder if I should be worried?

Ruth from Canberra Australia. 

Hi, Ruth!

I’m really glad you asked this question. I’ve had this transit but never thought about it. I checked the dates and HOO BOY!

I had this transit when I was a teenager.  In fact, the chapter in my book, “Teenager”, tells the story.   Let’s see.  My boyfriend inadvertently killed someone and spiraled into the abyss, and my darker nature was revealed to me, though others may see it differently.

I was also sexually harassed by my smarmy boss and met the shadow side of my angelic roommate.

Ha ha ha!

Textbook enough for ya?

I do think you have to worry. You can expect to meet darkness; yours and their. You’ll probably also have to fight; perhaps even for your life. It’s the end of some type of virginity, that’s for sure. This transit proved I was a danger and a force to be reckoned with.  It was purifying.

Has Pluto transited conjunct your Mars? What happened?

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  1. Pluto transit my natal Mars in Scorpio 1993/94 and my marriage seemed to fall apart. My man had a huge relapse (heroin) cause we had enough money and he thought he could keep it under control, he couldn’t. January 93 he checked himself into a rehab and met a blonde young alcoholic who was convinced that he was sent by God to rescue her. He wasn’t sure about that but he surely liked to be worshipped.

    I spent the year holding the business together and found out that I can do it, actually very well. My teenage daughter told me to send her father to hell and my teenage son went undercover and plotted to send the blondie to hell.

    I never doubted that she would disappear after a while but do I want the man back?

    Finally we decided to go on a trip together, an adventurous travel though Russia of all places, on motorcycles, I drove my own. Kids were in a summer camp while we were literally on another planet, not even a phone call was possible at the time, finding petrol was a challenge too. Although it was an organised tour, well as organised as it was possible.

    Our problems seemed very small and insignificant at the end of this trip.

    I know from reading your blog, Elsa, that you really dislike unfaithfulness, but he never did anything behind my back and never lied to me. Honesty is more important to me than doing everything right, the whole episode didn’t kill our love.

    So, a year later we started over on a new contract. Looking back I learned and did a whole lot of things I thought I couldn’t do. I felt much stronger and capable than before. My decision was made from strength and courage, not from a sense of need or complacency.

    The thinking was, divorce is the easy way out, it’s what most people do and it’s no guarantee for happiness either. So let’s see if we can see this though and grow from it. We did.

    1. My mars pluto transit was a similar story, except I was more in the husband role. My relationship survived, stronger and better, to this day.

  2. Hi! I had this transit on my early childhood, but I have Mars conjunct Saturn. I guess the conjuction changes things. However, I remember that at 4 years old, I had this magnet at pre k for bully kids. There was one specifically that was obsessed with hurting me. He choked me, he knocked me and put sand on my eyes (we were playing at a sandbox) … and punched me if I dared to talk to any other kid. That kid had darkness inside.. he had neck scars as he tried to hang himself, and his voice was really weird, he drank caustic soda…at 3!!
    My parents got divorced over that period too and it was not in very good terms. Saw the dark side of both of them.
    I have very vivid memories of those times, so I guess it’s definitely a transit that “marks” you somehow.

  3. I have this transit approaching. Mars at 13 plus North Node at 14 all in my 4th house. Not sure what to make of it but I am thinking end of life as I have known it. I am aware of how the deep changes Pluto brings and have worked with that for many years with Pluto transiting through my houses, the last one being Pluto conjunct my Venus at 28 Capricorn, 3rd house conjunct Nadir, which is now slowing moving out of orb. I remain focused on the positive, as thoughts are things, and not focusing on anything harmful from this. Not really sure about what will transpire, but I am totally alert for what is about to show up, being that is Pluto is often very sneaky. I am a positive thinker and planner for the good, so of all the challenges I’ve had in my life, I am most concerned about this one. With the current affairs of the world, I am concerned. Fingers crossed , eyes on my Heart and a positive outcome for all.

  4. I have had almost every rough pluto transit there is and this one takes the cake. I would focus on the safety and security of your physical body with this. Don’t get mixed up with bad men, lol (not really lol). I mean, you probably will, but focus on damage control/mitigation. This transit is definitely worse if you’re young, don’t have your life together, and are not good at boundaries. If I had this transit coming up now, I would probably sign up for martial arts training and gravitate to some wise, even-keeled elders. I would want to feel confident in my ability to protect myself and make good decisions. Sniff some vetiver. Take walnut flower essences. Turn down invitations to go out and do rowdy stuff. Etc.

    1. Indeed!!! your advices are great! I was thinking about the same, if I knew this transit was coming, I would have prepared with self defense lessons. It is true, you’ll have to fight somehow.

    2. Thanks for your response. My life is a bit different than that of a younger and single person. I will not definitely get mixed up with bad men, I am married to a wonderful guy and just celebrated 36 years earlier this month. The situation is still full of love, however now my life is that of a caretaker. He was diagnosed with Alz and is still in the early stages, so now I am getting all my ducks in a row and preparing to sell our home and move to a smaller place. Since Pluto has been transiting my Venus for a couple of years, I have been sorting and deleting many things in preparation for this. Lots of trips to donate so many things. It is amazing how much one accumulates, especially when I have been the executor of 3 separate family members and so much of their things have been with me. In my 7 decades of life, a lot has been accumulated, plus I am an artist, so I have quite a bit of my own business taking up storage space. This has not been an easy task. I have put my art aside to become a caretaker and basically a remover of ‘things’. I don’t get any invitations to go out for anything and all the people, including family, have abandoned us since my husband’s diagnosis, so we are mostly alone with our little dog. I do like your suggestion for the flower essences, I am a big fan of Bach Remedies. Again, thanks for your response.

  5. I had this transit. It was complicated by also conjuncting natal Sun/Venus and trining its own natal position. So lets just say I came in contact with my own darkness and came super close to betraying my own rules for life. It was quite a battle. Just coming close left me deeply humbled.

  6. I had this transit on my 8th house, and to this day I have no words for the darkness I encountered within my family, in terms of cluster B personality disorders, a sociopathic-narcissistic family member that allied with a sociopath high-profile human trafficker, who saught to destroy me and my elderly parents through practically any means possible, they wanted to break me down and prostitute me, I was a just a shiny pristine merchandise for these people, those were their methods, and they succeeded in causing the death of my father via harassment, extortion and threats, and the psychological damage that my elderly mother and I suffered is irreversible. We have been for 2 years with medication and psychiatric/psychological consultation.

    We did survive 4 years of psychological torture, persecution and harassment, thanks to the FBI, the Police and the Public Prosecutor office, and I would say that by the grace of God himself.

    But indeed, I can describe the feeling of a vortex sucking you down, down, down, until you realize that it´s not your vortex, it´s THEIR vortex, they wanted to suck me down with them.

  7. I have this transit approaching my Mars/SN @4* Aquarius as well as my ascendant @8*. I’ll update in the future.

    My son just had this transit with his Mars @26* Capricorn in the 2nd house. He was a victim of police brutality, followed by his first girlfriend breaking up with him in a cruel way over a text message. He sunk into a depression which he is still working through, and has not been able to move forward with his college plans as he graduated high school last spring. He is getting the help that he needs right now and I do my best to inject hope into his life each day until he gets out onto the other side of this. I know he’s going to come out of this stronger.

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    Kelly Thompson

    Luckily when Pluto transited my natal mars I made a corrective turn that made it positive; it gave me the fire to choose differently, to physically move, to fight for my life. Use it well. 🔥☄️

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    Kelly Thompson

    This is about Saturn and Pluto not mars but maybe someone can answer?

    I was so relieved when Pluto moved out of Capricorn but then I realized Pluto in early AQ and my 2nd house now squares my late 10th house natal 3 Scorpio Saturn! What challenges will this bring? How long will it remain in orb?
    Also, the full moon in Scorpio with this feels risky?

  10. yes. i totally agree with darkness and protect yourself.

    mine personally was 1979.
    i have no recollection of as its highly traumatised BUT I HAVE INFO from files and timelines that i can match up to join pieces.
    im guessing its where the ‘actual’ PHYSICAL part of my abuse from my mother started..
    i was longterm abused & neglected mentally emotionally phsically from birth, until the age of 8-9ish [where the physical started showing] in & out of courts to find placements for me.
    i should note my conjunction was just over the IC in my 4H but within a stellium of other [including sun on my 3H wall of IC].
    im not saying this to scare anyone, i am just reiterating it ‘can be’ dark, but a new strength has to arise out of it. you wont be the same.

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