Weekend Love Forecast – Rolling Into the Rocky Full Moon

em surpriseThe full moon won’t happen till Tuesday, but its prime component pops on Sunday: the Taurus Sun’s square to Pluto in Aquarius. Sun square Pluto happens twice a year and can take a powerful toll on our confidence (if we don’t consciously appraise its presence).

It’s a skirmish of ego and will (and in this case self-esteem, or the lack thereof) against impersonal forces, but it is not a war. It can be stressful, but it can also be informative and preparatory. Do you wish to change and grow? Whatever stands between you and that upgrade is undoubtedly not kittens and rainbows. Instead of battling a windmill, how about taking another angle at the windmill in order to see what it’s got going on (probably not a lot, it’s a windmill)?

So if you’ve got a problem this weekend? Own the problem: It’s your way through to a solution, to an upgrade. A BIG one. That’s also Jupiter-Uranus in action in Taurus, exact Saturday night.

Ultimately, we want to be asking: Where am I the problem for me? But it usually takes some wrangling before we’re willing to frame it that way. It’s “who stole my lighter” writ large (it’s in my pocket, oops). Even if someone else really is the problem, we’re still in there somewhere. And THAT’s the part we can control. So before Tuesday’s powerful Scorpio Moon (an energy ripe for utilizing volcanic vigor), it would be best to have that figured.

Friday night, Pisces Mars perfects its sextile to Uranus as the Virgo Moon heads into trine with Jupiter, opposition to Mars, and trine to Uranus. Virgo-ruler Mercury continues retrograde in Mars-ruled Aries. What’s the first order or operations? Pay attention to what’s going on around you, and don’t take what you see (hear, smell, taste, touch) at face value. Be ready to pivot and act on your intuition at a moment’s notice. Grab the (equivalent of) the brass ring. You won’t know it ahead of time; it’s a surprise.

The brass ring could be an idea… or an attitude. It could be an AHA moment. Or it could be a shock that benefits you (eventually).

Saturday night, the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces then moves to Libra and a trine to Pluto (exact overnight). At the same time, Aries Venus connects in applying conjunction to Chiron. Listen to invisible inspiration and allow yourself to follow it into a brainstorm. It’s not just “what’s in it for me?”; it’s fuel to a fiery swirl of inspo that takes us all up several tiers. When I “get” this, I can take us all up another notch! It’s the need to succeed, and it comes with the skills to do so. It’s preparation to level up at a later date. Primed.

Early Sunday morning, the Libra Moon floats on its extended breeze from Pluto in Aquarius as Libra ruler Venus perfects that Chiron conjunction. Late morning to midday, the Taurus Sun makes its exact square to Pluto. The mood and its primary need for symmetry and balance is a mood for compromise. But it’s not humble. Whatever challenge erupts, stay civil. It’s absolutely in your best interest. We’re learning here, and we’re going to profit from it. Don’t blow your bet!

The Libra Moon continues on into the night, heading into opposition with retro Mercury in Aries. Weigh your options; reconsider your positions. You don’t have to decide or act just yet, so keep that balance in play. Stay gold, Ponyboy.

Do you have any weekend plans? Early degrees of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are particularly stressed, but everyone will find a challenge somewhere in their chart. Are you feeling it coming in?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Love Forecast – Rolling Into the Rocky Full Moon”

  1. OH, The the old volvo. I do have the manual. It’s almost too much. I must follow along and self diagnose. I can do it, I can do it. I’d rather be in the garden………..

  2. Oh yea
    Mars Neptune 1 and 2 degrees Scorpio
    NN 10 degrees same sign
    Got my sun there too! Oh baby
    Uranus and Jupe in my South node house 8
    I am moving and a shakin into a newness and feel like a new babe
    Thanks Satori and Elsa for this space!

  3. “How am I the problem for me?”
    I keep trying to make appointments with therapists but that dang retro Merc is blocking all exits!

  4. Taurus Sun at 4 degrees here, There’s a lot of stress and some fun. I’m going to go with it and hope for the best…following my passions lately has helped a lot.

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