Pluto Transit To The IC Or The Moon: Internal Transformation

My son has transiting Pluto conjunct his IC. This is the equivalent of a Pluto Moon transit.  It’s only once every 60 years or so, Pluto crosses an angle of a person’s chart. It’s always profound.

In this case Vid has Pluto transiting in hard aspect to natal Moon, simultaneously so the situation is even more extreme.  He’s also got Saturn and the stellium in Aries in play here but I want to put that aside to focus on the Pluto Moon element.

A Pluto transit to the Moon will  see you root around in your family psychology.  You deal with your family legacy. What do you inherit from your family  (for good or ill)?

The Moon rules the mother of course and here is Vid, who has learned more about his mother in the last three days than he has in the last year. The impact is enormous but the changes in him are private. They’re internal and they’re deep.

I believe it takes at least ten years to even begin to assimilate the effects of a Pluto transit. In other words, Vid will recall this trip when he is 20 and when he is 30 and 40 and 40, still realizing the layers of meaning.

Is there an experience (or perhaps a year) in your life that you constantly revisit?

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  1. I have Pluto conj Moon right now and while I’ve always helped out my family, I realized the reason I do it is because its what I’ve learned from them. My mom was a single mom and a nurse and the only daughter in her family. So she is very involved in the affairs for my grandmother and my handicapped uncle (he has cerebral palsy and even had polio back in the day). My other uncle is a retired police officer, and my third uncle is an emergency service provider for NYC housing… its in our blood to help on large scales.
    As for my grandmother, she was a seamstress who has been babysitting for over 40 years and the impact she’s had over the generations is evident when they still remember her address and show up just to say hi with their children.

    I’m sure this experience for Vid is helping him establish his role in a powerful and wonderfully eccentric family 🙂

  2. What a great question and I don’t know the answer but this makes me want to figure out when Pluto crossed my IC and what happened at that time.

    There are bad experiences and bad years that I am revisiting less and less it seems.

  3. Pluto has been transiting my IC for the past 2 years. I am sure later on I will look back on this time with interest.

  4. Yes–the year I turned 26. t. Pluto was in my 12th and activating my Grand Trine. Easily one of the worst years of my life, but I’m proud of how I handled it. I think I handled it perfectly:)

    t.Pluto is conjunct my Moon now; I’m seeing a psychologist and it’s incredibly beneficial to me.

  5. It’s probably gonna be the last 2-3 years or so, pluto square pluto, then conjunct my moon/opposing my sun and finally conjunct jupiter. It’s still to close in my personal history to feel like revisiting yet, I need time and space. Let the dust settle before I try to see what’s there.

    Vid’s one lucky guy to have you looking out for him, Elsa.

  6. That makes me want to go back and look and see what happened when it hit my IC. Hmmmm, not much that I can remember really. It was 20 years ago. It really did a number when it opposed my Sun, squared my Moon and inconjuncted my Mars all at the same time(they are all at the same degrees) a number of years previously…at the same time Solar Arc Sun squared Saturn. Sometimes these transits are very internal as Elsa said, and we’re unconscious of what we’ve actually processed through.

  7. Interesting. I have Pluto sitting on my IC natally.

    The year of the Big Change, I revisit from time to time. I was 27 or so, so this seems about right.

  8. And …. Pluto on my Descendant. Divorce, upheaval, bringing new life to my relationships and my approach to them. Ah HA!

  9. Yes…when I was 11, Pluto was conj. Pluto near my MC squaring my Venus in Capricorn in the second house. Uranus was conj. Uranus in my 9th. My father took us to live in Switzerland his home land. It was an experience I will never and never want to forget!

  10. Not that I can recall but I note Pluto is currently at early-ish degrees Cap and I have a late degree Cap moon so I’m expecting something to hit in the next few years.
    I do note, however, that during the time I was diagnosed with cancer and the resulting chemo all my kids had Cap Pluto Square their suns (2 Aries and 1 Libra). The oldest also had Pluto opposite his Cancer Moon.
    Interestingly enough they all had Pluto conjunct or darned close to their natal Neptunes and they all kind of pretended I wasn’t sick.

  11. Yup. Pluto in Sagittarius! When all those mutable signs in the outer planets and Saturn hit me, I was so lost I needed some guidance, but I somehow made it through.

    I will always remember the 1995 to 2011 era (Pluto in Sag/Uranus in Pisces/Saturn in Virgo).

    Even if Neptune squares my Sun, I don’t think it’ll be as bad because I won’t have 3 planets all in my face, Lol!

  12. Pluto is going to come back to the same place it is right now, about 8 Cap, in June of 2012, but in that same month Uranus will be at 8 Aries. Talk about getting hit from both ends of the stick for people with Cardinal planets around 8 degrees.

  13. Pluto conj my decendant in 2001, crazy year. 10 years almost today, my dad had bypass surgery , and I think that shaped the rest of that year.

    ((Hope Vid is allright from the fall))

    Going to see where your parents grew up is so signifigant.

    Both my mom and my dads places mean alot to me. My mom grew up in the same city as me but more central, I love it there and when I am thinking about a flat in oslo in my future I want it there.

  14. Pluto crossed my IC around winter 2000/2001, a time when I was dead broke, living somewhere I didn’t want to be, and feeling horribly trapped in every possible way. I was being courted by a married man, who I only found out was married when I’d become fond of him. Not a time I choose to think about, at all!

    Interesting to look for other people too: for the Man it was 1995 – just after the first big break up we had late 1994 (which should really have been the final one, and was for a while). It was also the year his father died, which although it left him quite well off, also created a lasting rift within his family

  15. Iathina, my daughter had Pluto on Desc by transit when her dad had the same op. Intriguing. I have it there natally.
    A year I revisit is 2001 too, Pluto squared Mercury, ruler of my IC. It redefined me through a painful situation, yet what happened then revealed how loving and caring and rock solid my friends and family are,despite the fact that Plutonic situations have to be much revisited before they can be diffused and integrated as part of self in my experience. Good listening ears are never forgotten after such a time.
    Best wishes to Elsa and Vid on the trip, hoping all is good with you and yours.

  16. The year I turned 7. It was pivotal in a lot of ways, most of which I don’t want to talk about. (Wonder what my Solar Return for that year looked like… hm!)

    The year I was 17, the first time I escaped my family dynamic and uncovered new facets of myself that I’m still incorporating in some ways.

    I have Pluto on my IC *nods @Shannon* in equal houses, and vaguely connected to my IC in Placidus, so I’m constantly plumbing the depths of my family and it’s legacy, how I’ve been impacted by that. One could almost call it an obsession. (Very small joke, there. *grins*)

    Does Vid have a natal moon-Pluto connection, too? I can’t recall.
    But I was thinking as I was reading, “He’s going to remember and refer to this trip a LOT as he grows.” 🙂

  17. my pluto nadir crossing was accompanied by a significant death in the family… and a week spent camping by the ocean in the middle of a winter storm (oh, the waves!!) on its anniversary
    i have neptune near the nadir.

  18. yes, 2008, when my friend actually passed over after I had premonitions about it for 6 years before, it didn’t lessen the shock… surprisingly.

  19. Pluto conjunct my IC and opposite my venus heralded a deeply scary few years. Externally three women(one family member)of my age range that were my friends died of weird tumours/syndromes. When I look back it felt like I was walking through some scary canyon in the dark. i found out who my friends were which was uplifting in places but so sad to see others let go unexpectedly. Pluto has felt better since it moved into Cap and towards my 5th.

  20. I forgot that Pluto aspected my IC/Chiron conjunction about 2 years ago. My longterm common-law relationship imploded.

  21. Pluto passed my IC in the beginning of 2009, at the same time transiting Saturn passed my famous 12th house Uranus/Pluto conjunction/opp Saturn, while transiting Neptune opposed my natal Moon.

    I got divorced, moved country, got fantastic visions and rare diseases, and other minor stuff..

    I am today extremely thankful for this time of my life, and I hope I learnt so much from it that a repeat performance won’t be necessary:))

  22. thanks Elsa,

    I was reminded by it all by a dreams I had a couple of nights ago.

    I was in the front seat of a car with my grandmother, my father driving from the back seat.

    Suddenly, my father couldn’t manage driving anymore, and my granny said, well I’ll take over.

    I told her, certainly not, I’ll drive from now.

    Drove straight to a nursing home, where I delivered my dad.

    Went out, then back again and had a moment of such incredible feeling of love between us as I said goodbye to him and went back out.

    That seems so much Pluto/IC to me, that I went surfing on the web and stumbled on your page..

    xx Mads

  23. I’m currently going through a Pluto transit on my IC, Saturn on my Asc and Uranus about to hit my Descendant. Internally things have been nuts. I feel like I’m just waiting in the curtains to see what changes strike. Scared out of my damn mind!

  24. Oh, but my Pluto and Jupiter are also trining my moon. I hope this helps. Saturn oppose my sun as well. Not exactly the life of the party. 🙂

  25. Thank you Elsa. I just feel like big changes are lurking without knowing what is yet to come. I also have Neptune going through my 5th, crossing my Venus and about to hit my Jupiter and my daughter (Sag) seems to be having drug problems. I also have just come to the realization that I have been in an obsessive relationship with a scam artist. Too much drama? Yikes! I am working on getting a new job and maybe an opportunity to relocate. Maybe that’s what Pluto has in store for me. : )

  26. Thanks for all your comments. I’ve got Pluto transiting natal moon on the ic. I thought I was going mad, and probably other people are thinking the same. I feel kind of supported by your experiences. They mirror mine to some degree.

    “House arrest” describes it quite well. I feel I got trapped in this place and situation I’ve never wanted to be in. I actually did a lot to avoid this. I feel betrayed by fate. Why this?! The worst is that right now I don’t see any way out, but I keep looking for this little door of opportunity. Where is it? It must be somewhere.

    I’m searching frantically. But what, when there is just no door? What, when it is not the Pluto-transit? What, when it is just me? Maybe I’m just a looser. Maybe everyone can see it but me. I can’t think clearly. I’m loosing my mind. One opportunity! ONE! Please. I will give anything for it. Would you sell your soul for it? Some time ago I would have said no, but now I’m considering.

    This is about the state I find myself in. I try not to let it go too much to my head. As my grand-mother used to say: “There is an end to everything. One way or the other.” So no need to loose faith. Bless you.
    in deep sympathy with all of you… and thanks for the support and the good advice.

    1. I really do understand this. I think it comes to resisting what Pluto is showing us or not wanting to work with the knowledge that we bang against a closed door and circle a cage. I am kind of out in the world with nothing on my back no home. The shame I feel at what I am makes me want to retreat or

  27. Wow this is really interesting Melania. I have been studying me and my ”ex’s” first meeting chart -the time when we met, with the transit when we broke up in a major way. Pluto was crossing our IC, Venus was almost conjunct our Neptune in the fifth house. Saturn was crossing our ascendant in retrograde, which was almost exactly square to transiting Pluto also. And transiting Pluto was opposite our Sun within 7.. Transiting Uranus was in our sixth house. Transiting Jupiter was in our fifth house.
    Well my girlfriend started hanging around with people who took drugs – cannabis, they smoked it everyday. I started seeing less and less of her. We were in a violent relationship, though at that time, I complained a lot about her not being around. I was scared about her getting ill because she has had bi-polar disorder, and I didn’t want her to get sick again. I had read that cannabis is very bad to people with emotional problems. We would argue everyday, although, I tried to reassure her that our relationship would be better soon, if we stuck together. I believed it, I felt like it was only a matter of time, until we would be happy together again. She neglected me, by going out, smoking in other people’s flats watching tv, or playing computer games. It was really depressing for me. I noticed her changing. One night she came back, and I expressed how I wanted to spend time with her, she did something with me for half an hour. Then she said she wanted to go to watch a film in someone else’s house, I said that I still wanted to spend time with her. Then she started getting angry with me, and said I was trying to control her. I said she could do what she wanted, I was just saying that I wanted to be with her. Then she started getting more angry at me, and kept saying I was trying to control her. This argument didn’t make sense. She was making me really nervous. I got so angry with her not making sense, I told her to shut up, and she wouldn’t, kept shouting about something that didn’t make sense. Well I used to lock the door sometimes before when she came back too late or something, but I had promised a couple of weeks before that or something, that I wouldn’t ever lock the door for her again. So anyway, I tried to shut her up physically, by putting my hand over her mouth, and she bit my thumb. I said ow when the pain was getting enough. Then when she let go with her teeth, I went to sit down, and started crying, in silence, She sat in the room, I got up, and sat down opposite her, still crying. Then after a while I had a thought that I need to get some sort of revenge – bad idea obviously – I had pretty bad OCD, BPD, and OCPD. I wanted to bite her leg, gently maybe, I couldn’t tell her what I was going to do -OCD – so I just went to stand up and move towards her, and I think I started wrestling with her, then she saw I was trying to bite her leg or something – lol sorry – then she slammed my head against the wall, well finally I got to bite her finger back later in the wrestling match, and then I wanted to hug her, but again I couldn’t say what I wanted to do – OCD – she was still wrestling me, and I was still wrestling her, for about four minutes, all I wanted to do was get my hands free so I could hug her. So after about four minutes of feeling frustrated, I had another compulsion to bite her one more time, so I tried, I think she smashed my head against the wall again. She ran out of the door screaming. I went after her – bad idea probably, I was pretty messed up though. With my OCD it was like I had to bite her, otherwise I thought it would have negative affects if I didn’t, I suppose OCD mixed with BPD can be a bad mix, when alone, they are already bad. So I ran after her in the corridor, I caught up with her near some stairs, I know it must have been scary for her, and I knew that, I was telling her to calm down, as I held her from running away. I tried to bite her a few times, even pulled her hair, only as a distraction for her to divert her attention, so I could bite her. But I wasn’t wanting to bite her in a hard way, just for two seconds, it didn’t matter to me, it wasn’t like I felt I needed to hurt her. After all her screaming, a neighbour, friend came out, she tried to break us up, we were still wrestling, I really didn’t like my girlfriend screaming, I was talking really quietly telling her to calm down. Anyway, later it was too annoying for me, with the neighbour getting hysterical as well, and another neighbour came out, who was a stranger, by that time, we were just in an argument. And the neighbour was saying something I didn’t want to know. I just went back to my flat, because I didn’t want confrontation with anyone really. I think I went to bed, because it was late, about 10. Then the police knocked on the door, and I got arrested, and handcuffed. They walked me out, and I went in a police car. I was having a conversation with the police in the car. Well I had to stay in a cell all night. I promised myself that night, to not start violence with her again. In the morning I heard my girlfriend, and my neighbour talking in the corridor – in the police station. I had to give an interview to explain myself. I went home at about twelve o’clock. When I got back home, all her stuff was gone, and she was living with the neighbour. The police had told me that she didn’t want to see me again, but I told them we would get back together. One of the policemen, said if I’m sure, I said yes.
    Anyway, later I called her mum on the phone and told her what happened. I went to see her. I heard her talking to a friend on a telephone in the corridor, I went to hug her, and she was really shocked. She didn’t say anything or much I think. A few days later I did get to have a good talk with her. She said that maybe after five months she would come back to me. I was quite impatient at that time though, because I felt like it was all right now, because I had promised that this violence wasn’t going to happen again. A few days later we were hugging each other, but then a neighbour walked in, and spoiled everything, she didn’t want the neighbour to see what we were doing, and she went back to the neighbours house. After that I think she started smoking more cannabis, than she had smoked before, she changed a lot, and it was very evident that she had become sick. I had warned the neighbours a month or two before that, that she had bi-polar. The neighbours didn’t believe me, and said she’s fine, and when she’s taken the cannabis she’s fine. I knew her very deeply though, and I could tell she was starting to get sick before our last mutual fights.
    A month after she had moved away from me, she had been in a fight with a neighbour, a man who she decided to move in with, the same man I warned about her being mentally ill, and the same who said she is fine. I went to see what was happening, a different neighbour said she saw police outside. I went to see, the police were moving her stuff out, and the man was complaining about how crazy she was, and how she had brought two Italian men in his flat a couple of days ago, or the day before. When I saw her she had a black eye. I hadn’t ever given her bruises to the face, our fights had always been mostly wrestling. Later I found out in the newspaper, and from her, that it was her who threw the first punch, because he was verbally abusive
    She didn’t say where she was going to live. I saw her a week later, she told me she was going to come and talk to me, after seeing friends, but then when I saw her, I was waiting outside, she said she was going home, I tried to follow her, I didn’t feel it was fair, how she changed her plans. She got angry at me for following her. Later she came back to my flat, and had a crazy argument with me, I can’t remember what it was about, but it didn’t seem fair to me, I followed her again, and she was running away. When I caught up with her she was telling strangers how I used to be violent with her. She didn’t even though I was around. Well I showed myself, then she was really angry with me again, I don’t think I did anything wrong that day, I just complained about not having our relationship fixed. She tried to punch me in the street, and was threatening me, with an audience, the audience told her to calm down. She went away, I caught up with her, she was with three teenage ‘friends’ – she was twenty-four. They were about fifteen. She started acting really weird telling them things about me, saying I have down syndrome. Her friends got bored with it, after a while, and called her crazy. She told how I used to ‘beat’ her, when I didn’t feel that word was appropriate, because nearly all our fights had been even, there was only ever one fight when I dominated. She said how I still wanted her back. I said how I have changed, then the teenagers turned against me, saying how people don’t change. Later that month, she was lodging somewhere for free, and she had a disagreement with the people who’s house it was, and they wanted her to be evicted. Out of coincidence, I showed up, and the same teenagers, who had family attachments to the house, were shouting at her to get out of the house. She had locked herself in. One of the teenagers told me she had been threatened with a bottle a few minutes before from her, saying that she came out of the house and threatened the teenagers to go away. I made friends with the teenagers, in a kind of way, I felt sorry for my ex though. The police came later, and got her out. She came home with me, in the police car with some of her stuff. At that time we had a friend visiting from another town. Later that night they went out together to get some more stuff from outside the house where she had been staying. She said she would be back after about two hours. About three hours later, I went to see where they had gone. And they’d gone. I felt betrayed by the friend. At about five AM my ex came back, and said she had been in a club, and said that the friend had left her in a taxi that didn’t wait for her. She was angry at the friend. We went out in the morning to the city. She told me she wanted to be alone for a while, and told me to wait somewhere for half an hour. I waited about an hour. Later I went home. Later I found out she was living in the town where the friend was from. Later she invited me to come to that town for her birthday, to see ‘her’ flat. We went there together. She said we should go to a restaurant. She kept disappearing out of the restaurant to watch football in the pub next door. She came into the restaurant and shouted ‘Chelsea’, saying that they’re winning, it was really embarrassing, but also sad.She stole my keys when I was in the toilet, later I asked where they were, she gave some code for me to follow, but I couldn’t find them, later she gave them back to me, I was relieved, she had left them in the garden. I had missed them. Later when we had finished the food, she made me pay for it. Then we went to the pub next door, to watch the second half. I wasn’t interested at all in watching football. She had never been interested in football before she went crazy. Then she told me to call a taxi to come and pick us up, to go to a friends house, but she didn’t explain it well, she meant that she wanted me to call a taxi for her friends to come to the pub, I didn’t understand this. I was getting the taxi. I came back with the taxi she had gone. I waited later, I told the taxi to go, because she wasn’t around. Later she came back and she was angry that I didn’t understand what she had said. She went off somewhere again. Then the pub staff told me her bags had to be moved, because the pub was closing, I moved her bags, and left them outside the pub. I stood with the bags, later she came back, and started getting really angry with me, asking why I had moved her bags. I said the pub was closing, she didn’t believe me, because the doors were still not locked. She told me to fuck off. I didn’t want to because I felt like I had paid for everything, and I didn’t like. She kept telling me to fuck off but I wouldn’t so she started hitting me, and trying to kick me in the head, a large crowd gathered, who had come from the restaurant, I just blocked, and told her to calm down. She hit me in the nose quite hard. Later the police came and asked me if I wanted her arrested. Initially I said yes. But later I asked if I would have to go to court, and they said yes. So I didn’t have her arrested, the police advised me to go back home, so I did. A couple of weeks later she came back with a friend, and without any conversation almost, she tried to hit me with a skateboard, and pushed me. The friend told me to not follow, and said she was in a bad way. She had been shouting at me, telling me it was my fault that she had gone to hospital or something, I didn’t understand anything. A couple of months later she came back to visit me, and stayed the night. We lived together for three days in bliss. Then she wanted us to go to the city, she wanted to meet a friend, who she had met a few weeks before, he was a 47 year old man. He was homeless. When we got out of the house to catch a bus, she started getting really weird and nervous. She was counting cars and things on the bus, and shouting out what numbers she could see or something. It was really weird, and the people on the bus could hear her. When we got to the city she introduced me to a market worker, that was all right. Then we walked further, and she saw her friend, and some other people talking to her friend. My ‘girlfriend’ hugged her friend, and it was quite strange. A woman invited us all to her house. We went, she seemed alcoholic. She was coming on to me, it was a bit uncomfortable. Later my girlfriend stopped sitting next to me, and started sitting with her friend. Later the alcoholic woman said she saw the friend and my girlfriend kissing. End of relationship. I don’t want to talk anymore about that day of craziness. A couple of months later her mum prank called me, there had been a rumour that my ex was in prison. I called her mum back, and told her I think she might be in prison, she said something like ‘really’. Later my ex-girlfriend started talking to me from the phone, I was so shocked. She had gone back to her country. I asked why she was calling me. We started talking everyday on the phone, but her patience was very short, and she got angry with me. I reminded of her hitting me with a skateboard, she couldn’t remember it, and she was very angry with me, for trying to tell her it really happened. She got better with time, because she didn’t smoke cannabis in her country. I went to visit her for two months. It was very hard, she didn’t respond to me much. Later when I got back home, she said she had been testing me. Anyway two years later after we broke up, we are still in something. She is pregnant from someone who raped her. She has had about five different boyfriends in the last five months. She has a boyfriend now. She has all her bags here. I know I will know where this relationship is going this year, either it will get closer or….
    What happened to you since this configuration in you natal chart, I suppose you have felt quite disconnected?

  28. And different to Melania transiting Venus was four or five degrees from opposite our Saturn conjunction to Venus, at the start of this story.

  29. Know how you feel Sasha.
    The slightest relief would
    be appreciated beyond expression.
    Were we such evil, evil ones in another life? 🙂

  30. My family moved from NY to Florida when I was 3yrs old and that was exactly when transiting Pluto was conjunct my AC. My Moon & Pluto & Rising are all in Libra. Mars & Saturn & MC in Cancer. Transiting pluto is approaching my IC. I have no idea what to expect!!

  31. However the year/age that I keep on revisiting (8yrs) I had no major transits. However, pluto was transiting my 1st house & moved into Scorpio. Could that be why I love that year so much?? That year is when I felt my creativity really make some leaps & bounds.

  32. I was born with pluto/mars conjunct ic from my 4th house. This is the effect on me: I am the eldest. My grandmother loved me tremendously as her 1st grandchild. She was my protector from my heavyhanded mother. My gramma died when I was 5. She was survived by 8 children.y mom was the eldest and 23 yrs old. The youngest was 7. Her death in a violent car crash affected our family and the community. She was loved by all. It has shadowed my whole life. My mother was intense after her death. I was molested by my granfather. My mother coninued with a heavy hand til my adulthood. I was raised in an extreme religion as well. I read somewhere that Jon Bonet Ramsey was born with this configuration as well. This seems bad but i was able to overcome much of this and find some success in life. I also composed a beautiful song in honor of my grandmother. I have alot of resentment towards my mother that rwars it’s ugly head occassionally. But, I survived.

  33. Hi, I am so relieved I found this chat… I will have or had (as I don’t know which way it’s turning) my natal moon in capricorn and pluto sitting all together on my IC right in between my 3rd and 4th house.
    My son and husband moved to another country, getting divorced, turning 50 and all the rest…I feel like I just might die.

  34. Having an afflicted Capricorn moon Is bad enough , But Pluto is ready to make it retrograde pass and last direct conjunction on my moon in my fifth house . I have fallen for a 28 year old ( a student of mine) who is more than half my age and married( as am I). Her Saturn is conjunct my Venus in Sag and her Pluto is conjunct my natal Chiron in Scorpio. She is a nurse who somehow fallen out of love with her quadropelegic policeman husband as I with my wife. This has cause me to have to deal with the depths of my possessive ,jealous soul and am ready to burst. I have never been filled with so much desire and need for a woman in my life and do not know what to do but look within and hope to grow when I get over this blind love rage!

  35. I can see how similar parentage brings up anxious spoiled self absorbed incapable weak children, but it doesn’t have to create ones who don’t love you. Like me

  36. Currently Pluto has gone into my 4th house. I have Pluto trining my moon and I am planning to relocate and buy my first property next year (2018). I’ve had 2 hits of the trine already and have 3 more to come. I am a little worried about buying somewhere before the Pluto Saturn conjunction and also Jupiter hits my IC which is 2019/2020. Pluto is only 3 degrees away from my IC now though so it does make sense on doing a big move. I also have Uranus conjunct my Sun which will be over next year. A friend told me that Pluto on the IC could be having a massive change like having a baby or something. I guess I will have to wait and see…but these big transits can be scary.

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