Progressed Sun & Stellium In Scorpio

Time flies! My progressed chart will look like this by the end of the year. That’s what I call a stellium in Scorpio! I am going to update this post in blue.

I first saw this coming in 2018.  Knowing where you’re headed is a real advantage.  With Mercury and Venus set to leave Libra, I was thinking, bye bye, codependence! This has occurred.

With all those planets in one house and one sign, “specialist” may not be a strong enough word. Thank God for Mars in Scorpio. I should be an effective helper with the stamina to make it through some type of Fixed daily routine. I’m proud of this one.  I forgot I wrote this but I can tell you, I am a firm, controlled schedule at this time, which is not at all like me.  I read it right, that’s all.

It definitely looks like I’ll be consulting and writing.  But with this level of concentration, I think there will be more to do. Like caregiving, for example. It looks like much of what I do will be covert in some way. All of this is correct as well.

I can’t say I was happy when I saw this but I do have a packed 8th house, natally. It’s not like this type stuff is unknown to me. My thoughts here are along the lines of noting the elegance of life.

This chart made me think about, Doug Bennett. He’s a (dead) double Scorpio with Venus and Mars in Virgo.  You can see why I thought of him.  He’s the man who wrote a song about working in a dirty grave. It makes me laugh just to read that. You either get it or you don’t.

Doug Bennett’s band, Doug And The Slugs, was one of my all-time favorites. From the instant I heard them I was sold. The lyrics, deep, insightful, creative, original, clever and funny. Now I think it’s funny that four decades later, I’m Doug!

Note that my Progressed Jupiter in Aquarius squares the Scorpio.  That might be a problem for some but not for me. How about, crazy perspective on my angst? That’s a good premise, right there.

Today, I note that Pluto in Aquarius is going to hit me quite hard, if you happen to believe transits to Progressed charts are valid.  It’s unfathomable, really.  Freakishly deep and hidden.  Basically, the carpet does not match the drapes.  

What’s happening in your Progressed Chart?
What’s happening in your Progressed Chart five years from now?

You can get a report here – Progressed Chart Report. They are interesting!

29 thoughts on “Progressed Sun & Stellium In Scorpio”

  1. This is one funny song, “Too bad, so sad,” that phrase is so familiar and probably from the memories of the ’80’s. Don’t know what my Progressed chart is like, probably a good time to check it, or order another.
    I get the dirty grave scene, “too bad …”

  2. I have had quite a few progressed planets in Scorpio for a long while now myself and it intensifies my Plutonian nature. Sometime in the future, my progressed Sun will slip into Sag and just maybe I will feel more free. But that is a while off.

  3. Well I had my Sun and Moon progress into Scorpio together in 2014, along with progressed Mercury and Midheaven. The configuration slowly grew on me, and I like it now as the Scorpio placements, excluding the progressed moon, now sit with my natal Ascendant in Scorpio and North node. It makes for more intense smouldering feelings and thoughts which nudged out all the Libra diplomacy!

  4. My ascendent changes from Capricorn to Aquarius that year! Mercury, Saturn, mars, and Jupiter will have progressed to the first house and they oppose the progressed chart ruler, Uranus, in the seventh house. Pluto at home in the eighth widely opposing my progressed Pisces sun in the second. Sun is trine Neptune in the tenth. Projection city if I’m not careful, I think.

    1. Progressed Neptune is less than 1° from my natal sun in Scorpio…how long will progressed neptune affect my natal sun? Please and thank you.

  5. It looks like this is going to be an intense time in your life. Not bad, just deep, probing. I like the Venus/Mercury conjunction. I’m sure it will be noticeable in your writing.

    The Mars in Scorpio is conjunct the Sun, if you go by luminary aspects having a 10 degree orb. Neptune could also be conjunct the Sun. I think that aspect is less powerful as Neptune is a slow moving planet, but the Sun/Mars aspect is a real dynamo. Nothing will stand in your way.

    Maybe the Scorpio energy is intense, but its fulfilling on a very deep level. The thing I don’t like about Scorpio energy is you can’t get away from it.

    I have four Scorpio planets natally, but in my progressed chart, I have Sun conjunct Venus in Aquarius, with Scorpio rising at 29 degrees. I can feel the Sagittarius rising coming in my progressed chart, in 2019. I can’t wait to be free from the abyss.

  6. And here I was getting all anxious about still having a year left of progressed moon in Scorpio, ha!

    In 5 years my progressed Sun goes from Leo to Virgo so that should be an experience.

  7. My progressed 10th house is packed with Pluto. Venus, Moon, Uranus, Sun, MidHeaven. Mercury just left for Sagittarius. Progressed Mars in Leo squares Venus and Moon, as well as Chiron.

    With all that Scorpio, I’ve given blood, sweat and tears at work, as well to my late husband and his care. Now that he’s gone, I feel like Meredith in Grey’s Anatomy, knitting sweaters quietly at the local bar because she doesn’t know what else to do. ?‍♀️

  8. Elsa, with six bodies in Scorpio natally (Merc, Venus, Pallas, Juno, Ceres, Neptune), and four there in progressed (including Sun), and Pluto conjunct natal Asc, and three bodies in the natal 8th house, I don’t think know for certain how life is WITHOUT tons of Scorp/Plutonian juice!

    Maybe that’s why I really like your Doug and the Slugs video. I just laughed to watch it!

    The week after next, my progressed Sun enters Sagittarius… and I am very much praying for some much-needed release, deliverance, lightening and brightening. The pressure, the feeling of oppression has been intense for some time now!

    Best to you in navigating your own situation…

  9. Avatar
    gretchen kushner

    I’m a Scorpio sun, Asc, Juno with 5 planets in Libra 11th natally – Libra Moon, Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto, this is me natally! Intense, all or nothing, deep, dark, reclusive, lover of all things dark and creepy (as I have my ID channel on which is 24/7 true crime :P.) The deep research of deep dark subjects that others find scary, gross, weird. A fabulous sense of humor that loves it dark, deep, it’s fine if only 1 gets it – that’s your person! Thankfully all my Libra softens me up because I might be a serial killer if I didn’t! Enjoy the darkness! Gretchen, mistress of the night! <3

  10. The most exciting thing that’s happening in my progressed chart is currently N.Neptune is at exact degree aspect to Prog. 1st/7th cusp.

    Also, the infamous day of Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, my Prog. MC changes signs.

    I’m so ready for change!

  11. Progressed Neptune is less than 1° from my natal sun in Scorpio…how long will progressed neptune affect my natal sun? Please and thank you.

  12. Progressed charts are funny.
    I have nearly all my progressed planets in Capricorn now.
    So much is about my career, working towards my goals and reworking the structures in my life.
    In January my progressed moon shifted to Aquarius – thank god!
    I def. felt the shift in energy becoming lighter and less lonely. More detached. I have a Libra Moon natally (even if she is swamped in the 8th house), she was clearly relieved!

    Capricorn is in my natal 12th house. So, sometimes I tend to do things the hard way. I am also terribly bad ad reaching out and asking for help. So much shame and guilt popping up I think.
    In my progressed chart, Cap is in the 10th.

    The most ironic thing though, is that whereever Saturn is transitting, the partner I attract, has some of that quality and energy of the current Saturn sign going on also.
    The transit now? Well, no surprise – my partner has a Capricorn ascendant. My last partner had a Cap Moon, matching my progressed moon.

    My current partner is also Saturn-ruled, so every move Saturn does, affects him enormously. It’s really funny how things is so related to a degree that’s kinda hilarious.

    I am an Aqua rising, so I guess it makes kinda sense.

  13. My progressed sun is about 3 months from fully progressing into Libra. It’s nice! I really feel it: my natal mars/asc conjunction doesn’t act up as much anymore. I’m much more willing to placate, compromise: to smile and laugh things off are much more appealing than an ugly fight or discussion.

    I don’t mind it. The same asc/mars conjunction progressed into Libra when I was a child, so I feel like my life for a long time has been about learning Libra values anyway. As an adult I am seen as a hot head you don’t mess with, but at the same time I’m also considered to be fair and objective, with a good sense of judgement. Those are traits I’ve grown into: but progress my sun into Libra and – I mean I can just FEEL the Venus energies emanating from me. I feel balanced, more harmonious… more open to love and peace than I’ve ever been.

    It’s great! ?

  14. In two months, my Pr Moon will be conjunct my IC. I have been feeling the urge to move for several months. In February 2020, my Pr Moon will be conjunct my natal 4H Gemini Mars. In recent weeks, my boyfriend mentioned that he is seriously thinking of buying a condo as a summer home for us! There’s the astrology – I think definitive action will be taken this winter!!

  15. My progressed Sun is moving into Virgo, officially on Monday. My first progressed Sun sign change in conscious memory.

  16. Holy Scorpio! That’s a full bag. Mayhaps in the 6th too. It’s the mix that I like – virgo/scorpio. My progressed chart has nothing of interest at the moment except one thing. Saturn, uranus, neptune even pluto will move houses yet venus- will move into 5th house in two weeks and will stay there forever and I am not complaining. Someone must’ve seen my progressed saturn in the 12th (dreadful- 2 more decades to put up with it) and said, you know what, let’s not kill her will to live entirely. Don’t know how natal venus in 5th feels but remembering from transits it’s not bad. ✨

  17. Progressed charts are a lot to digest. I love the extra layers. I’ve been reading through the report I bought from you, elsa, and it’s superb. I’ve been taking notes day to day along with my transits. Looking at my progressed charts over the years, I see a dance between Mars and Mercury throughout my life. I’d like to make it into a little animation, and maybe I will. Just to see a visual time lapse of how things are progressing in that area for me, with so much back and forth… With mars’ current transit in Gemini, this area is of great interest to me!
    I have progressed moon in Aries (H8). Gemini Sun. Leo rising.

  18. What a fun song! I like his voice.

    My progressed chart has me

    29 Pisces sun
    20 Libra AC
    0 Scorpio moon in the 1H (I’m already moon Pluto in 1H)
    17 Aries Mercury
    23 Pisces Venus

    Much of this has been hanging around for awhile, except the moon, so I suppose it still feels familiar.

  19. I don’t understand progressed charts. I have progressed sun, mercury, Venus and Saturn in Virgo in 12th house. Have to say the past few years felt like my Saturn return in Virgo all over.

    And over 10 years I’ll have a stellium in Libra . I am healing from codependency. O my gosh.

    1. It sounds like it’s working, though. It’s making you work through it. Elsa has progressed charts for sale here, too, if you wanted more detail.

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