Pluto Transit The 12th House (Mine) – Slow Processor (Predictable Cow)

cowI’ve always had a quick mind but these days I take my time to process things.  I can still read a chart on the fly. I’m talking about my personal life.

I don’t know that I’d have chosen this. I feel it’s been forced upon me somehow and I’ll give you an example.

We hope to move into our bed and our bedroom sometime this weekend. We left our old bedroom in March. It’s almost August. Is this slow enough for ya?

At another time in my life, I might be irate over this. But I understand now, it makes little difference. We don’t plan on ever moving out of this bedroom. That is far more important than how long it takes us to move in!

That’s analogy for my new way processing information or making decisions.  I take my time until answers trickle in. I move when it’s obvious to move.

I give this to Pluto’s transit through my 12th house. It’s not smart to speed through the inky darkness with no clue the depth of the water you’re submerged and/or floating in.

I think I have some people pissed off at me. I’m sorry but I don’t see an honest way around this. For example, I told one gal I didn’t feel well because guess what? I didn’t feel well.

I didn’t say anything else. I didn’t promise to feel better in X number of days, because I had no idea when I might feel better…or if! I need to feel good, to commit to what she wants me to do.  Impossible, unless I were to lie. I’m not willing to lie.

If you know someone with Pluto (especially Pluto in Capricorn) transiting their 12th house, I would avoid prodding them along to where you want them to be, as if they’re a predictable cow.  In short, life has become extraordinarily complex.  You can have your expectations but I am a card player from way, WAY back. The first thing I learned was not to let a person rush my game.

This extends to choosing furniture and decorating the house.  It’s far enough along, I’m not doing anything more until I’ve had a chance to live here awhile.

“When are you going to X, Elsa?”

Elsa shrugs.  And it’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I care more than I ever have in my life, about everything.

Have you ever (dramatically) changed your speed, or seem this happen with someone close to you?

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36 thoughts on “Pluto Transit The 12th House (Mine) – Slow Processor (Predictable Cow)”

  1. When Pluto was transiting my 12th house, I found myself unable to fake it anymore, to fake liking the job, to fake liking certain people, to fake relationships that weren’t serving me. Sometimes I feel like I became a cranky old lady but I think when Pluto goes over your Ascendant, it’s like a voice inside you is telling you that you need to live your authentic life and be honest with yourself, even if others aren’t happy about that. They’ll either come around, or they won’t.

    1. I am feeling more and more like that too. Haha! If I live more like my natural self and the things that I like, most people will be saying, “I never knew that woman.” LOLOL!! I keep my true self hidden and have been reading that the 12th house will bring the private side up to show the world especially when it gets closer to the AC. I may end up like a Gypsy fortune teller after all of this is over.

  2. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Thank you, Elsa! After reading this I do feel a bit better about wasted time, money, and opportunities due to my slowness about making choices. Pluto has made one contact with my Ascendant, now backing into 12th again for a while, and Neptune is still fogging things up in my 2nd and opposing my Virgo Moon that needs to “get it right.”.
    I’m also seeking my forever home, so the next choice needs to be right, no matter how long it takes to get there. I feel like a crank for taking so long to know, and I’m certainly not happy about the losses, but I hope I’m learning from my mistakes. One step at a time…

  3. I have Pluto in the 12th, the last degree of Libra. This post rings true for me in relationships. Fated much? I wrestle with whether my gut is stupid for having parked itself in the middle of the ocean when so many others’ seem to be partying in those fun little cabanas.

      1. My chart is full of oppositions (all planets in 6th, 7th, 12th, 1st, 2nd), so I constantly experience the impulsive excitement of life on earth during breaths after I have been diving deep. Rested is a good word, and satisfaction in being true to the core of your soul. The quiet depths help me to focus on my journey, and learn to make good decisions. Lots of prayer and faith, too, that I don’t have regrets. You never know when you are going to be standing in line to meet St Peter so might as well prepare now! (I also have Scorpio mars conjunct Saturn in the 12th so this isn’t all Pluto speaking).

  4. My ex bf has this transit, has had this since we first met 8 years ago, our back on and off relationship has been traumatized by his inability to decide weather he wants us to happen or not. Yet he keeps coming back. Maybe Pluto transiting natal mercury in the 12th could bring him to a decision once and for all ?

  5. Pluto is transiting my 12th House until April 2014 if my rectified chart is correct. Strange time. Spending a lot of time alone and that’s ok, most of the time. Alone but not lonely. Friends seem to be drifting out, mostly through changes in their own lives. I’ve always been very gregarious so it takes some getting used to! I feel I am sort of biding time until the next Big Thing happens and I am trying to be content with that. I’ve wondered if April 2014 might be my Final Exit but there are trines and sextiles going on then which may prevent it. Currently spending a lot of time pondering over my life!

  6. Have you ever (dramatically) changed your speed, or seem this happen with someone close to you?

    When I moved. I slowed down a lot, because everything suddenly got a lot more difficult. (As in, ‘I need to paint, oh wait, I’ve got to work this wall over to flatten all the holes and dings, oh, I’ve got to primer this bastard, so now I need primer and some dry walling crap, and the stuff at the store is why expensive so the whole thing is going on hold until I can swing getting stuff. But I will fix it right, because I don’t want to do this again.’)

    Everything got a lot more difficult here and I don’t know why. (Something about Saturn relocating from the 6th to the 5th perhaps and maybe Mercury relocating from the ascendent to the 12th. Maybe.) And if I do manage to go fast, everyone else thinks this is too fast.

    Interestingly, when I have everything to hand, and no one trying to throw ropes under my feet I can go at what I regard as my normal speed (fast).

    [‘But I had Pluto through my twelfth a long time ago, when it was in Libra, and now it’s still more or less in my second.’]

    1. Me too, Max. Husband said to me years ago, “You have two speeds: one is ‘fast’, the other is ‘off’. My life is going like your first paragraph, and I’m not even to the point yet where it makes sense to fix the house. So much is going on, yet nothing seems to move forward – I can’t do one thing, because three other things need to happen first before I can start on the one thing. Pluto is not in my 12th, but the 4th. Once I get the first priority taken care of, then I can go from ‘off’ to ‘fast’, and as in your third paragraph, that’s if no one tries to throw ropes under my feet, as you say. It’s frustrating, because I’m not in charge of starting up all matters that need to be taken care of first and foremost – and I have people dragging their feet. Hhmm…maybe Pluto is in THEIR 12th? Nothing I can do about that, insofar as I can tell. Things have gotten a lot more difficult in my life, and I too do not know why. This time around, I will not blame it all on myself (as I’ve often been told that I’m too hard on myself). I probably can’t blame it on Saturn either, as I hear tell that the retrograde more affects those in the later degrees.

  7. anonymoushermit

    Libra rising here. I think Pluto is at my 4th house. No wonder I feel like digging a hole, and never coming back up.

    As for speed, I have slowed down. Maybe more fun times when Pluto is in my 5th??

    1. Libra rising as well and Pluto through thru the fourth house. What made my life come to a complete halt was Pluto crossing my IC. Things are ever so slowly moving forward now. But goodness this is one slow slog. I’m beat.

  8. Well, Pluto is transiting my fifth but Leo is my twelfth house and I understand what you’re saying. I have been in hermit mode lately thinking things over, considering what my life has been and what I wish it to be. I’m absolutely on a quest for authenticity and I am fed every time I come here. Thank you. I’ve always been about instant gratification. I’m being forced to slow down and contemplate. And wait. I’m happy about this.

  9. Well, since 9 out of 10 planets in my chart are from early Scorpio to late Capricorn, I’ve been feeling the Plutonian influences my whole life, from my birth, up until now when it’s 5 degrees from my Ascendant (I’m beginning to feel it coming, the transformation, and I really don’t know how it will manifest). And it will continue till my death, I’m pretty sure… So, I’m always a bit slower than everyone else. I need time to process stuff, to digest things. But, there were times when I was in a “survival mode”, which I remember being from my 7th birthday (t.Pluto conjunct n.Sun-Saturn, 1st t.Saturn square), up until 2 to 3 years ago (t.Saturn conjunct n. Pluto, 1st Saturn return). I was investing a whole lot of energy just to get around in the world. So, it’s easier now, when I “know my measure”. It’s easier to go slow now, when you know that all the things have the beginning and the end, and some of them is inevitable, so you don’t have to struggle so much “to keep the head above water”, because one day you will have a better and clearer view of the situation, and then you can act, and it will be significant.

  10. It has happened to me since I had my Daughter. Although, the worst came early this year, when I had what I’ve since learned was “fibro fog”, sense of disembodiment related to fibromyalgia, and more precisely, lack of deep sleep (which I hadn’t for a year or so). I’ve been really fast thinker, too, I’m Mercury ruled, after all. So, it was a shock. Since then, I’ve gotten better, but it’s still hard for me to function in any environment with too many outside stimuli.

    I’ve been hit by Pluto/Uranus. Pluto has passed to my 5th house and retrograded back to 4th, and will soon be conjunct my Moon. Uranus has spend some time travelling between my 7th and 8th house. But for me, it’s more of a Saturn/Neptune question. Saturn has been transiting in my 3rd house since late 2013, and I got diagnosis for my exhaustion when Saturn was conjunct my IC, squaring Neptune.

  11. My eldest son is a Leo and has jupiter transiting his stellium in Leo but pluto is in his 12th approaching his cap ascendant at 18 degrees. While he’s showing clourful aspects of his evolving personality, he’s also keeping a quite a few cards close to his chest (I suspect this is the 12th house pluto) He’s done some surprising things lately, in line with what DianeZee mentions. He refuses to visit his grandmother (he used to be there every day!) no concrete reason, quite simply because….I’m giving him space and looking on from the sidelines. I understand that he’s looking for and shaping HIS authentic life, and those who ‘bully’ him from the shadows are getting the boot. It’s great I’m so happy that he’s not going to be told how he should be, he still listens, but he decides.

    1. I am so aware of how my son’s shaping life, his becoming authentic, reflects a path for me, too. His many planets in the 12th aspect his Moon. I loved reading your comment about booting the bullies in the shadows. Capricorn transits my natal Moon, and that is what’s happening for me … and I’m closing in on 70:)

  12. ” I understand that he’s looking for and shaping HIS authentic life, and those who ‘bully’ him from the shadows are getting the boot.”

    This sounds really familiar. 🙂

  13. My hubby has Pluto transiting his 12th house, and has ongoing problems due to osteoporosis (quads tend to develop this since they can’t really move around or stand up). He’s in the hospital with pneumonia, but it’s joint and bone pain keeping him there. Even strong meds no longer erase the pain. I worry a little about what happens if they CAN’T get it under control. (Saturn’s transiting my 12th.)

  14. My SO has his natal Pluto in the 12th. Even with many mutable placements, he never, ever jumps into anything headfirst. He wants to sit on it, mull it over, chew on it, weigh it, compare it, draw Venn diagrams about it, and *then*–only then and on his terms–make up his mind. And once he’s got his mind made up, he’s 1000% sure and takes action on it. (Pluto conjunct Mars) but it can take months, sometimes years to decide. This is great for stability but not so much for occasional bouts of spontaneity, lol

  15. Oh man! Capricorn halves my 11th house and my 12th house and Pluto is right there getting closer than ever to my 12th cusp. I am reading everything I can find on this transit and it is a doozy. Pluto is squaring my natal Uranus in Libra in the 8th house with this and it can be nerve wracking for me, since Uranus is my chart ruler. Lately I have had bad news about my health and have spent a lot of time in doctor’s offices and at the local hospital for blood work and EKGs.
    And yes, I have had to slow down more. I have Mercury and Mars conjunct in Virgo in my 7th house and I do everything as fast as I possibly can and that includes eating. I have had to slow down a bit, but it is hard to do so. I call myself wolfie and others always ask, “Do you taste your food?” I tell them yes I do and they stare at me. I talk fast, I try to walk fast but am having issues with my joints being arthritic. I am prone to panic attacks and this transit along with the Saturn in Sag transit just sends me into panic attacks!

  16. Poor Elsa! That cow made me laugh so hard! What a lovely opportunity to be more authentic about everything in your life, and without apology. We should all be so honest and true to ourselves!

  17. hey elsa. i love ur blog. my natal moon is in capricorn. its at the end of the 3rd house, astrologers always interpret 4th house which i didnt like bc its kinda nastier imo. so anyways collective consicousness changing now its interpreted in the 3rd but its a whole new energy for me ironically. lately when i open my mouth its like a nuclear bomb, and thats when im just being non challant. i have four planets in gemini 9th house libra rising so i think thats a whole lotta ammo. i try to keep my mouth shut lately. and my emotions just seem to b a black hole bouillion, i think il feel better when i errupt. consciously. my uranus is 12th house, pluto didnt make it, stayed in 11th. i think im thankful for that. my nerves have all they can handle.

  18. I feel like i dramatically slowed down at five. Slowed down and sped up in a way. It hasn’t changed, but i have natal Pluto aspect Neptune. And when it briefly changed, well that slowed me down on caring so much. Pluto is transiting my 6th but also my Neptune. It will be interesting to note the change once it moves on from Neptune. Im thinking i should really catch up on rest before it moves… Always the slowness was due to caring deeply although it drove me nuts.

  19. Pluto is transiting my 12th. It just finished crossing my South node. I feel like I just crawled out of a foxhole. And yes, it takes a long time to get projects going. I may be inspired with an idea but it seems to take weeks or months to come together. I feel your pain.

  20. Mars rx in pisces. I should have been slower. I got that crazy mercury uranus aspect going too. I was killing myself trying to keep up with my brain. Took me a very long time to learn that uranus is about awareness. I don’t have to move on it lickety split. Let it perculate awhile till the time is right. And progressed uranus is soon to go retro so I am watching alot of commotion around me and not getting swept up in it anymore. Just letting it go. Allowing room for myself too in transactions with others. I’d be the tortoise to the hare I suppose.

  21. Beware of EXTREMELY negative, rotten, manipulative, and nasty people entering your life during Pluto transiting the 12th. These people are being set off and triggered by Pluto being in your 12th and you will likely (outside of isolation) be met with massive negativity.

    Good riddance to that transit FROM HELL.

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