Visiting Nursing Homes

saint raphaelMost know that I used to bring Holy Communion to hospital patients in Denver. I am settled enough to get back to work for my new parish. I’ve missed this!

There are very few Catholics here so it’s a bit different. We have three people on nursing homes…and one man who visits them. I’m going to go with him next week so he can introduce me. I will fill in for him a few weeks later, when he goes on vacation. After that, I don’t know.  

I do know I will need a church job with Saturn in Sagittarius! Or I will need to study. Or I will need to do both.

I’m already committed to join the “apologetics” group in September. Except I was told they no longer called apologetics, apologetics.

Apologetics is now called “defending the faith”. This was changed because the meaning of the word, “apology” has changed in modern times.

In whatever case, I just want to learn all I can. And serve of course! It will be interesting to meet the people in the nursing homes. There is little doubt, the man who visits now has known them for years. I’ll be something new, and hopefully positive.

Can you see Saturn in Sagittarius on the horizon in your life?

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  1. Saturn in Sadge moving into my 9th. There is a singing group in my area, a part of the Threshold Choir that will come and sing to anyone who is ill or ready to pass on. I believe they may also be singing to people in prison also. I went to a practice last year but due to my own health issues was not able to join at that time. There was also a paragraph in our church bulletin this week asking for help to support those at the end of life in a local hospice. I’m feeling a strong pull to assist in this capacity.

  2. I’m sure you will bring a breath of fresh air to the nursing home and everyone involved will be better for the experience 🙂
    I have Sadge ascendent 6 degrees I am excited to see how I evolve during the transit through my first house. I gearing up for transformation. Last go round was high school.

  3. Absolutely, I can see it, and I always have. My Godfather and Godmother had a strong influence in my life. I was 17 years old when my mother died in a horrible traffic accident, burned beyond recognition. My Godmother made a bee line to me, and said, “17 years ago, I made a promise to your mother, and I have not forgotten it.” My Godparents died some years ago. This weekend, one of their sons will be buried, and always remembered.

  4. I spent the day at the research library today… I have been longing for this and now I finally got the time. It is great. With saturn transiting the fifth and my sag stellium I hope to be doing this a lot the next two years 🙂

  5. Also wanted to mention a new center opening here – for empowerment. Actually wanted to work with that group prior to groundbreaking (employed or volunteer, either way, just to be a part of it) and, Saturn will be in my 3rd, community. The beginning of change is happening here and it’s very exciting!

  6. I’m going to back to school for a nurse’s aide position this January 2016. My solar return chart (which I plan on having one done on my b-day… early Virgo) shows a Sagittarius rising with my Sun conjunct Jupiter in 9th house. I have the transiting Midheaven conjunct my natal Ascendant… which I have no idea whether that means anything. I want to start over with new opportunities… possibly a new outlook on life and new career. I know I’ll have to study hard while in school… I just hope I have the discipline.

  7. I went to the nursing home again today. I really enjoyed it. There was new gal there. She’s not living there permanently, but in rehab. I wound up chatting with her. She wanted all my details, including who’s house I bought. 🙂

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