Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Vile = Morally Despicable or Abhorrent

Pluto god flowersI have trying to post more frequently and had little trouble until today. Today I stalled and here is why:

“I am having trouble writing my blog today,” I confided to a friend. “It’s because everything I know right now is… well, it’s vile! All I know is all this stuff that is completely appalling and I am just not sure I should hit people with it.”

She seemed to agree.

“Yeah, I don’t know why I am being shown such a steady diet of stuff so thoroughly disgusting but I am and I just think I should understand this better than I do at the moment before I go trying to write. Because everything I have to say now would be raw and scathing and I am not sure this suits my blog at the moment. Hopefully things will become better refined. I just think if I am going to bring this stuff up I need to have a good understanding exactly why I am doing it. You need a reason to inflict this on people and I don’t have one at the moment so I am forced to contain and process this privately which is okay. But unfortunately it cost me a down day on the blog.”

Do you ever have to pull your horns in?

7 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Vile = Morally Despicable or Abhorrent”

  1. Yeah, about half the time . . . good thing my S/O is a flaming Aries w/Mars in Scorp too. At least that way we can vent to each other & not blow somebody else out of the water. Most people would far rather deal with that nice Libra lady than listen to my Scorpio side tell them what the heck’s REALLY going on. 🙂

  2. Pretty often in the last year or so. Pluto is opposing my moon, and it does seem like everything disgusting about humanity has been thrown in my face. And the challenge is not only dealing with that, but trying not to force that knowledge on everyone else.

  3. Aah, Elsa hope you feel better soon. Understand how you feel though..when pluto first started playing havoc with my angles (ouch), it was just as i discovered loads of astro forums that i really wanted to contribute to but every time i started to write it was either too painful or i just couldn’t write with any coherence, so much emotion tied up with my abilty to express so i gave up and still dont if i’m having an off day.

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    Doreen Gordon

    ALL THE TIME. My natal Moon is in Scorpio, squared by Pluto, so that part of me does not recoil from vile stuff. BUT I also have a Cancer Sun squared by Neptune, so that part of me is not only inwardly sensitive, but too “nice” to share vile stuff with people I don’t think can handle it. I also have a Mars-Mercury conjunction in Gemini, so sometimes I just blurt it out anyway.

  5. Yep Yep,I have to watch myself. 8th Stellium which includes a scorpio sun. My Pisces rising and neptune-mars conjuction usually helps but tranisting pluto is in conjunction with my natal neptune-mars conjuction at the moment and everything is deeply dark. Ive back spaced a bit too trying to comment.

  6. I vote that the dreamy Spring honeymoon is over, and this reader is officially ready to be hit by your Pluto-Moon transit shit. I think it may help us gear up for the summer, in fact! Reality, I am ready for you in any shape or form. Even credit card statement form.

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