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lizard brainWhat about your “lizard brain”? This seems a good topic for the trigger-happy Pluto-flavored full moon in Aries coming up.

I was thinking about a gal I know who had a TOXIC spill, personality-wise. I’m talking about a person getting triggered from reason and going off on a mind-boggling, destructive tirade.  “Let the bodies hit the floor.” No one was spared.

How would you see this astrologically? It seems a Pluto thing to me. 8th house. I’m capable of entering this zone myself, though I’ve gained control with age.

You may see this happen in relationships or with the family but what about society?

People are stressed, that’s for sure. And there is talk of barring people from shopping for groceries. So what if this happens? Will the people who are not allowed to enter a store, accept this limitation and quietly starve?  It seems unlikely.

Here’s an old post on a similar topic:

Your Lizard Brain: What Can You Not Help But Respond To?

And here’s the song…

Now what about your lizard brain?

“I don’t have one, Elsa.”

Hmmm, okay.

When is the last time your lizard brain took the wheel? What else can you tell us?

14 thoughts on “Your Lizard Brain”

    1. This makes it a bit clearer. The only time primal drive kicks in for me is survival. Like when I fell 10 feet to the ground and couldn’t walk I had to scoot on my butt using my arms to propel myself indoors to a phone. Survival situations are primal for me.. I do feel like I use my cancer moon as a sensor around people as to the feeling I am getting or the sense I am getting. I read instability in the form of aggression and have to mentally apply myself to deal with the situation. However, the driving force behind that whole process is survival. And I do have a mothering primal thing that I am getting over. I don’t have to fix everything. I don’t have to rescue the underdog. If it is an older person that is on their way out I can do that. But with the younger chronically ill I feel at a loss because I want want want to make it all better.

  1. Probably the last time I danced to a tune like the one on the video. I had to give that up though when I started physically hurting myself in the process. The old gray mare and all that.

    And before y’all go lizard, you can always do curbside pickup. I think the lizard is within looking for an outside target to blame for their unhappiness instead of dealing with the critter themselves. Pluto in the 3rd decan cap is Virgo’s worst on steroids.

  2. The thing about all this hoopla going on is I really don’t understand what the dissenters want. They don’t like this. They don’t like that. What do they want. The libras I know will force, connive, manipulate to get what they want. If I tell them ‘I’m not going there’ or shut them down on something, they just pick it up from there and continue on to something else. Like the woman who lets loose on everyone in her path, what does she want? I just hear a tired crabby child who doesn’t know what she wants. Waaaaaa! Everything sucks. How can that be?

  3. With a 6 th house NN conjunct the Black Moon in Aries –
    uncovering the value of the lizard brain ( basic survival instinct) in defining identity and creating boundaries has been important.

    A number of empathetic Piscean types are now showing up struggling to uncover their lizard brain potential in order to empower themselves against predatory narcissistic types.

  4. Lizard brain aka basal ganglia
    …. referred to as the reptilian or primal brain

    I called the year of 2020 (now into 2021)
    **** The Year(s) of the DISAPPEARING Prefrontal Cortex****

  5. My lizard brain, which includes my intuition, is pretty smart..But fortunately I’m old enough to overrule it when it wants to see immediate and very excessive action..The lizard brain is about survival, after all…

  6. Hey hey hey I think I am getting this. I can feel it. It’s the primal scream. I don’t really feel anything about it. And don’t feel stress that I can identify. I don’t even feel like screaming. But I get the energy of it. I’ll just channel it into work. Then again the moon’s not quite full yet so who knows. I may be howling by then! If I howl at the moon outside, I will most likely be carted away. ?

  7. Lizard brain is connected to the amygdala and it functions in concert/balance with the prefrontal cortex in the same fashion as the Midheaven and IC.

    1. From what I am reading, arousal happens in the midbrain connecting it both to the limbic lizard and the prefrontal cortex? Screaming comes from arousal, fear anger surprise or excitement. There supposedly is a link between arousal and aggression. And it limits other cues. Does this make sense?

  8. I relate the right and left brain to Venus and Mars – attraction /arousal and aggression. The Descendent and the Ascendent.
    The vertical axis – The MC/IC connects the spiritual – the prefontal cortex – with the instinctual – the “lizard brain” as it is described here.
    But there are healthy components to the Lizard brain/IC that have been over looked and de emphasized. It is not just fight or flight. The IC also imputs the rising power and joy of grounded being. Sovereignty and individuation.

  9. Interesting correlation Don with Neptune being the higher vibration of Venus snd Pluto the higher vibration of mars. Also find the 4th correlation interesting as having a cancer moon and Venus in the 8th natally, I have thought that my emotions, when de-dramatized, took me to another level of being able to experience the pure joy of existence. And natal 4th is Pisces as well housing natal mars. I have to do well being quietly because it can make people angry. Have to let a lot of confrontation peter out nonchalantly. Had been kicking around studying human biology. Now I am thinking that the brain would be a good place to start.

  10. I think we are all driving on autopilot much more than we care to acknowledge. I was recently exposed to “Bowen Family Systems Theory” which basically states that our family dynamics and social interactions are mostly due to humans being pack animals. This totally adds up and sheds a lot of light for me. I don’t think that means we don’t have freewill. I think it means that we have the ability to harness the power of our animal instincts and must actively work to avoid “amygdala hijack,” as needed.

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