Posthumous Charts?

soul in grave“Hi Elsa,

What happens to a person’s chart after they die? Do ongoing transits and progressions continue to affect it? Does the chart get “retired,” never to appear again in anyone else, or can its imprint be recycled and reassigned to another soul?”

I’m pretty sure a person’s natal chart is sensitive to transits, after death.  As an example, consider a situation where a well known person is deceased.  Let’s say there’s a major transit to their chart. Next thing you know we have “Hologram Frank Sinatra” playing in Vegas.  Or what about, Elvis, dying. His house was transformed into a business. Sounds like this would correlate with a transit to his chart.

Another example, my grandfather, Henry.  I published his writing in the form of personal letters he wrote, fifty and even seventy years after the fact.  Transit to his chart? Probably.

There are private examples too. Let’s say an adult child neglect their parent… who passes. They’re okay with it, until some dark night of soul.  Now the memory of this parent come back to haunt..?

Progressions make less sense, because the person is dead and no longer progressing.

As for being recycled, I don’t think so. How many years would it take for all the balls to line up in the same way?  Even if they did, the “nurture” part would be different as would the rules of society at the particular time.

I think people are one-up. We’re that special and also not special. Because of this, I feel it makes sense to honor the individual, as well as to manifest your unique being, because no else can… ever.

Thanks for the question. What do others think?

4 thoughts on “Posthumous Charts?”

  1. I think, and feel your answer to be wise. A person’s physical body was transformed but it’s affect and potential weaves through like dilution. Energy is energy.

    The question is poignant and personal as the issues of whether or not to become involved (after years of none) as my first husband approaches rough waters at end of life; and I ride those unfamiliar waters myself.

      1. It’s my ex-husband, not Pete, who faces the challenges. My challenge is whether or how to get involved after 30 years.
        Thanks for your concern though, energy is energy and stepping away from the corpse has many interpretations ✌️

  2. Liz Greene talks a lot about this. I think it is the ‘astrology of fate’. She does whole breakdowns of how when people die, the people in their vicinity are letting go of them and such like that.

    I think this is another part of the conversation. Like, you can see the ‘father’ in the chart and such like that so perhaps when that energy gets excited it relates to the person.

    I believe the fourth house to be the father and the tenth to be the mother. My half sister has her Neptune in the fourth house exactly opposing my Sun to only twenty minutes difference. So themes to do with me relate to her father and both of us are shrouded under Neptune.

    This means patterns energy patterns seem to go through their own journeys of sorts. When something happens and someone dies on say, a Mars- Chiron conjunction. That hits a persons chart in which exact way? Then in future more of the story, more personal insight, comes out in relation to that.

    With my family example there what happens when Pluto goes over that Neptune in a few years?

    This become relevant when different political things effect large groups of people and additional things are revealed. For instance if something happened with the economy and it changed a few peoples status. Some people were able to get more money or something. Then the behaviours of people around them change and more is revealed of what is truly happening. Say, Pluto going through Aquarius absolutely obliterates some political or spiritual ideas. As an example say something surprising came out that changed the way we view Christianity, something about the bibles texts or something. Those people using that spiritual or political tract will no longer be able to hide behind them to justify behaviour.

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