Feeling Bad? Check Your Lunar Return!

tulips snowI moved from Arizona to Colorado at the time of my first Saturn Return. I’d never seen snow to speak of so this was fun, but I’ll tell you what was not fun!  It was seeing February roll around and it didn’t warm up.  Little did I know, it would not warm up until June!  This was depressing. I had a lot to learn.

As it turns out, if you grow up in a certain climate, you become acclimated.  Winter is short and sweet in (Southern) Arizona. I fully expect to be wearing shorts post the first week in February. In fact, Arizonans know or they did in my era, the whole city goes into a striptease around that time. Back in the days of tube tops and halter tops.  Men loved this and so did women, for that matter.

I also came to understand that having, Leo, in my chart, I really need sun exposure. I used to post about this every year, as a community service thing. Leo is predisposed to having SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  Matter of fact, I bought one of those lamps and still use it, daily, and I mean, all day, every day. It sits above my computer and shines down on me so I am always having a sunny day. I’m talking more than twenty years at this point.

I adapted to the climate in Colorado with time. The prior owner of our house had planted these tulips outside the front window.  When they popped up, Spring was on the way?   For the first few years, I would wake up in February and go look for them.  They were never there and this would crash my mood.

I eventually realized it harmed me to see they we’re not there in February, March, April… not only did I quit looking for the tulips prematurely, I started to advise clients in this manner…

Your transit will last X many months.  It’s like winter, I’d say.  Accept it’s winter and do winter things…. don’t go looking for tulips because they won’t be there.  Yes, I said that. I said it a lot…  now let’s get to the meat of this post.

moon lunar womanI don’t monitor my transits that closely at this point. I know what influences are affecting me. I generally know what I’m doing and why. But if I get to feeling bad, where “bad” describes any feeling I don’t like, I check my Lunar Return chart for insight.

This makes sense because the moon is associated with emotions. I’m looking to understand my uncomfortable feelings.  I’m not talking about depression, necessarily. Boredom. Malaise.  Feeling irritable. Whatever. These are feelings I don’t crave so if I experience them and they persist, I look into it.

How this helps depends on what I find. If my moon is trashed in the Lunar Return, it can be as simple as knowing how long I’ll be dealing with the issue but it’s usually more subtle.  I don’t feel great. I see my Lunar Return moon in the 4th, aggravated by Mars.

Natally, my chart is focused on the 7th-9th house.  I like to be out and about and interacting. Maybe you can see where the stuck at home, pissed off, is not the scene for me!

This doesn’t mean, I write the month off as a loss.  Instead I embrace it. If I’m to be stuck at home with Mars, I’ll do something with the Fire. Get the house ready for cold weather? Clean? I work at home, so I can pour energy into my job.  So the chart helps me by giving me perspective. I felt a lot better in about one minute.

This is where Colorado comes in. If I see I am to be stuck at home, I quit bitching about being stuck at home! I do “home” things.

mosta and violetI’ll also look ahead at what’s on deck next.   Next month, my Lunar Return Mars is conjunct my ascendant from the 12th house side.  I can live with that.

The following month, it’s well aspected in the 9th house. Watch me be obnoxious and feel good about it!

While it’s been awhile, but I’ve consistently wrote about how much I like Lunar Returns. I have looked at every single one of my Lunar returns since 1994, when I was pregnant with my first child. I wanted to see when she might be born.  See? The MOON.

The month of my daughter’s arrival was readily apparent when I flipped through my Lunar Return charts. It was the month of TOTAL CHAOS,. What else would you expect, coming home with your first baby? When I got it right, I was sold on these charts and I’ve never looked back.

To update this post, my lunar return moon is on an angle this month; same as it was last month. Personal things about my family are being put forth.  I don’t love it but don’t mind.  Next month, I have a 4th house Lunar return moon. I may be relieved.

I sell Lunar Return reports, one month at a time but because I think  a string of them are so helpful, I sell a year of Lunar Returns, deeply discounted.  You can buy one, three or six months but if your take the thirteen month option (Baker’s dozen), it gets the cost down under $4 each. I have never raised this price because, I just think they’re very cool.  Why feel bad, when you can feel better? Lunar Returns are the way! Check out your Lunar Return here.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Bad? Check Your Lunar Return!”

  1. This really made me realize even moreso what an astrological oddball I am- a Leo sun that hates the sun! But I have the moon conjunct my ascendant and a venus-mars-jupiter mashup in Cancer so that might explain it. I did the Myers-Briggs test and I’m an introvert-Leo!

  2. This is always good to remember when times are tough. My current Lunar Return has lots of lovely trines and a kite, and I’m feeling the best I have in a long while, even though the Moon only makes one positive aspect, a sextile to Jupiter.

  3. I feel irritated, limited and stuck, with no opportunities on a horozon. It’s not a monthly thing, I can write off the whole year. Saturn is sitting on my Sun right now, and in SR chart it’s on my Sun and Moon. I got six months of feeling bad at least.

  4. Thank for posting this info. I have not really checked my lunar returns. My lunar return was March 7th with Mars exactly conjunct my moon to the second @ 18 degrees Aquarius. My Mercury is @ 12 degrees Aquarius being squared by transiting Jupiter. My brother died unexpectedly on the date of my return. While he had been sick for better than a month, his death was unexpected and a shock to the system. Seeing all this makes me feel a little better in thinking this was just his time. There is always so much second guessing about maybe if I had done this or that things would have been different….

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