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zombie jamboreeI came across the transcript of our last Blood & Guts astro class.   This was the class from 2023.  We work hard on these and collapse when they’re done. I went back and read it and it’s quite good! I was surprised to some extent, because I remember it being very hard to write.

In hindsight, it’s because the problems people presented weren’t easily solved. I think it might be the climate we’re in. Twenty years ago, a person might run from a sticky problem.  There are fewer options out there nowadays! People are more likely to be forced to grapple with things they could have tossed or ignored in the past.  I’m talking about a marriages, or perhaps you have face yourself and your own limitations, simply because there is nowhere to run.

I like these classes to be FUN, but I see now, the class is going to reflect the times.  Times were hard and I feel it shows in the transcript. In other words, this class is relevant, right now.

The deal with the Blood & Guts classes is I take all comers and do not shy away from anything.  I advertise “meat” and I deliver it.   Sometimes there are neato-spiff charts and problems. Other times, I have to WORK, which for me means I have to tell a person there is not a neat solution and explain why this is.

Compare this to a teaching astrologer who carefully chooses the charts they present in order to look genius-y and make sure all the people will be happy and unoffended.  A “clean” demonstration.

That’s fine, but astrology is not a parlor game to me. It’s a TOOL.  And people with messy charts and messy situations should not be shut out of something like this.  The title “Blood & Guts” is your first clue that I’m not playin’.

Most people who read this site also read charts for others.  What are you going to do when you get one with multiple serious challenges, either natally or by transit?  Talking to someone in trouble is part of this job. I mean, cuddles are nice but they’re wholly insufficient when a person has a hard-core problem.

I like doing these classes, because the content is not public and not indexed by search. This allows me to just type.  It sounds like this:

“This is a big part of the problem. Now. I’m sorry. I’m not being judge-y. I’m not coming at this from some moral perspective. It’s really this simple: if you get involved with another person’s spouse, things can go terribly wrong and often that’s exactly what happens.

Yes, I know I’m stating this after the horse has left the barn, but this man is in his forties. That’s old enough to know; and frankly, taking responsibility is probably the precise thing that will allow him to begin to get back on his feet.  This affair did not just happen. He’s a man who made a choice.”


“The floor is a great place to stay when you’re this badly beaten. But have some faith in your body, your mind, your soul. You WILL heal. This will improve.”


“I did not set out to choose super complex charts like this; but it keeps happening so I’m going with it. Mars Pluto is associated with rape. But it does not mean that anyone who has this signature in their chart is going to rape or be raped. This gal’s story illustrates this. She’s in her 50’s and she’s avoided it thus far.”


“I am competitive (Mars in Libra) in love. I think this is why I used to go out there and play cute and dumb until my sister called me out. I had good bait and was happy for a time just reeling in the men for fun, sex, and study. This woman has more integrity than I do, or maybe she’s more of a rebel.”

See what I mean? This workshop is written (for adults) in my natural, unfiltered voice.

Here’s what’s included:


This transcript is over 80 pages long. It’s focused entirely on blowing off denial and getting to the meat in chart. I don’t bother placing doilies over flaws, as we’re all human and we all have them.

What do you have to do to make your chart work?  That’s the burning question!

Get your copy here: Blood & Guts Astrology Workshop Transcript

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  1. I should really look into this transcript. I could really use a good dose of *get up and get the unstuck F*ck up, coffee*

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