Rat Poison Media – Saturn In Pisces: Fear & Faith

faithI wrote, “Saturn in Pisces supports those who have faith while disabling those who do not.”

Pan remarked, “My younger friends anticipate blood in the streets; I fervently pray we are better than that.” See: Dissatisfaction With Your Life.

This disturbs me to no end.  I hate the idea, younger people are scared of unending pain and despair.  Scared they’ll never be able to get traction in life. Scared they are going to die from everything under the sun.

I believed the scary stories when I was young. End of the world was always right around the corner. Time and time again, the day came and went and we all Failed To Die!

With Saturn in Pisces, hologram fear and can and will come out of nowhere. It can not only cause you to suffer, it can make you do stupid things, because you’ve taken in the rat poison. I’m talking about the poison that’s slipped into the media you consume.

Things you think are real are fake, and things you think are fake, may very well be real. Your time dissolves, worrying about it and for what?  You may as well assume the good and positive things are true and the negative thing, false.  The evidence that accrues with experience, actually supports the latter. You may or may not be treated to some clarity during this transit. Either way, your best option to get through this period this is FAITH.

You actually have solid (Saturn) reasons to believe you will be fine.   The killer eclipse came and went, yes?  And one hundred other things that you were afraid of, also came and went.  At what point, will you at least try what I’m suggesting?

peelThe next time you find yourself, slipped on banana peel, waiting for the hologram horror, why not assume you’ll be fine?  You’re fine at all the other times, right?  Rather than tell yourself, you’re going to spiral down into oblivion, why not tell yourself, the thing isn’t going to challenge you at all?

I notice no one reassures anyone anymore.  I guess people are so scared of what’s going to happen to them, they’re not in a position to reassure anyone else.  Does this not seem “off” to you?

Most of the collective is currently gripped by fear to the point, it’s disabling them to varying degrees.  This sounds way off to me.

Consider breaking the habit of waking up in the morning to check what imaginary missiles might hit you today.   What if you just got up and lived… assuming you would be fine and it would all work out?  I think this is how people are meant to live.

If you try this, I think you’ll find, you’re fine and it does work out. It just takes a little time; time which passes, independent from your level of worry. What if it’s going to be okay and it was always going to be okay?

I’m not saying there aren’t hard times in life.  But if you’re in a period like that, the last thing you want to do is concern yourself with imagined, possible catastrophes that do not even exist.  Try calming yourself and methodically working through your issues.

Reading that last sentence, did your heart slow a bit?  Try calming yourself and methodically working through your issues. YOU CAN DO IT.

Here’s another thing… Saturn in Pisces offers a “get out of jail free card”.  It’s effective and easy to use.

The fear is a ghost. It is a formless, wisp.  When you feel it grip you… how about, I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Seriously, turn this song on and sing with it, LOUD. ABSORB it!

This is about shutting down the fear programming and replacing it with something useful.  Program yourself to feel happy and confident and able to deal.  You have a lot to say about how this day is going to go for you.  Jupiter will soon be in Gemini. You definitely want to develop and upbeat mindset.

Have you made some kind of effort to escape, Fear Prison (Saturn in Pisces)? Or are you wasting away in there? Why not face the ghost, which is generally easily defeated. I mean, you are the one dreaming it up.  Dream it down, instead. Done!

23 thoughts on “Rat Poison Media – Saturn In Pisces: Fear & Faith”

  1. There is a fear that emerges from deep in the body from and beneath the root chakra.
    It is not so easily managed by some sort of rational machination or mental reprogramming.

    1. Well, I’m not suggesting something “rational”. I am actually suggesting a person try irrational exuberance. Meaning, believe you can, even though you’re being beaten down at every turn.

      And I’m speaking as someone who’d been beaten down, profoundly. If you don’t think you can escape, you will never escape!

      1. Another useful technique with fear, or any other unpleasant sensation is acceptance. If you try to accept the way you feel it tends to move through and releases quicker. If you bat it away using various methods it just keeps coming back. Also, yes, some fear buried very deep is utterly unbearable and with that a person may need support from another person, to go through the experience with them so they realise they won’t die. Then it becomes easier bit by bit to face it, and learn to do it on your own.

  2. What a timely article for me. I have been one of those angry, miserable people afraid of everything and I guess I finally hit rock bottom because I started to turn myself around. Now when I see one of your blogs referring to a Pisces Saturn, I feel supported rather than complete and total dread. What you said above, “Saturn in Pisces supports those who have faith while disabling those who do not”, made me feel warm inside. I have experienced both in a short amount of time. This surprises my usual snarky self, but like I said, I must have hit rock bottom recently.

    It started innocently enough when I came across an article about meditation and how it can settle a troubled mind. Usually I ignore anything about meditation because I just don’t have the patience. This time I clicked the article and one thing lead to another and here I am, reading about quantum physics and how thoughts really are things. What you think is what you get. I never really believed in such nonsense, or so my snarky Virgo mind thought. However, science…

    It didn’t start with Vadim Zeland (Russian physicist who wrote a book about how we create our reality and the laws of physics that he calls the Reality Management Technique. The book is Reality Transurfing. Google it.) It started with Meditation, which lead to an app about guided meditation, which lead to binaural beats (I’ve been a big fan for years so this was natural for me), which lead to subliminal affirmations, which lead to the Law of Attraction, and Manifesting. I am a voracious reader so I kept reading and going down the rabbit hole and the quantum physics thing is my latest discovery. I have to admit, it is tying everything else together.

    In a short time I have gone from a snarky (albeit funny) angry person to a much more relaxed, good humored optimist (still a bit snarky though.) I am so surprised by the changes just because I decided to change how I thought. I am posting all this to say that I think Elsa, this is what you are trying to convey. Change your thoughts – change your life.

    The real change comes when you get those new thoughts to filter down to your subconscious mind, where 95% of our reactions to experiences come from. The subliminal I’ve been using has been a huge help for me in that regard. I found a site with excellent subliminals using cutting edge technology. These aren’t just affirmations repeated over and over again (I tried those and they helped, but I could only get so far). There are scripts within each program to counter resistance, fear, etc. This is what makes the subliminal I am currently using so much more effective than the regular subliminals I’ve used. The caveat is that you must commit to whatever program you decide to buy for a decent period of time (each program has different requirements). I am using the Learning program as I am trying to improve my learning speed & ability as well as improve my memory and after just a few weeks of use, I am noticing some nice and even unexpected changes in me. This program requires a commitment of about 3-4 months. I suppose because of some of the scripts included in each program, it has effects other than just the desired result. I am getting organized, which let me tell you, is not a strength of mine, nor did I expect to have this benefit from this program. Instead of over analyzing it, I am just going to go with it.

    Thanks Elsa for continuously pushing us to remain aware of our thoughts and attitudes!

    1. What exactly do you recommend from someone who is kinda set in her ways and accustomed to seeing the negatives over the positives? I have Sun at 17 degrees Pisces which might have led to a very difficult period emotionally for me recently being exact which I am trying to dig out of. Strangely, at the same time I bought a sort of dream house to downsize which is helping me some in this period of feeling traumatized by old stuff and a new personal event that was overwhelmingly hurtful. Kinda feels like my gift/motivation/kick from Saturn to get out of the ditch.

      1. Everybody is different. What works for me may not work for you. I was so miserable and I think it opened me up to considering alternatives to what has always been (since that obviously wasn’t working out for me). The concept of change your thoughts, change your life never appealed to me until recently. I tried it and I liked it. I keep reading more and more and I listen to whatever resonates within me. Forcing things doesn’t work, so if I come across something that doesn’t resonate, I move on. Sometimes you gotta try on a lot of dresses before you find one that fits.

        I suppose I’d suggest looking into the law of attraction as well as manifestation techniques. My favorite is the 5X55 method, sometimes referred to as 55X5 method. If it resonates, try it. If not, move on. First maybe try thelawofattraction dot com and see if you like what you read. If it makes sense, start small and see what happens. If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you. If you have more of a scientific bent, look into the book by Vadim Zeland. Read about it online or watch videos on YouTube before investing in the book to see if it’s something that resonates. For me, it started with an app called Insight Timer where I found all kinds of free guided meditations and free subliminal and audible affirmations. Get a pair of headphones and listen. Simple enough, right? There is enough free content on that sight so don’t feel pressured to sign up for a paid subscription unless you find the free stuff isn’t enough. There is a woman on there named Karina Louise who does energy clearings. I particularly like “Free Yourself from Intrusive Thoughts – Energy Clearing”, and “Powerful Quantum Clearing Statements” (that one blew me away and was very helpful for me and it is only 11 minutes so not too long for my impatient self). She has other free guided programs that you can look into if you like what I’ve suggested. Another person I like is Sharon Kirstin. There are plenty more on this app but this is a good starting point. There are also some free binaural beats programs on this site that I have used, particularly the sleep programs.

  3. I was talking with a good pal yesterday; “chewing the fat” is something us old gals used to call it. Is that even done any more? Yay, it’s kind of an intimate thing and takes time.😏

    She was helping me do just that sort of irrational don’t get caught up in edging god out of the equation thing (ego horse womanship) I’ve been braking out in hives for many number of reasons some of which I don’t even know what.

    She told me a story a trusted friend told her: “Get a can, any can will do. When you get all wrapped up in fear, holographic or volcanic. Write it down. Put it in the can. Call it your God can.” Practice faith. Just do it.

    She said it worked for her. I found a can. God can.

  4. You’re so right! Oh this is funny, I read this post then I thought alright, let’s check a news website see what we’re being scared with today. This is the first, front page headline “Federal panel lists 35 ‘plausible’ future threats to Canada and the world”. Like…ugh.
    You’re right! The only way is in spite of, and with faith.

  5. Great article. Please keep these coming. I did the negative nihilistic spiral the last time I went through this transit, and it did not help. You are right, Elsa, this helps. Last time I had a teacher, a Buddhist nun, who did an all day sit with us in Knoxville – . Loved her, her background was Jewish, she degreed in History from UCLA, and felt called to Buddhism. Her all day teach spoke to me, and there really is something with setting up your energy field. She also said to turn off the news, and clean up your corner, and I started doing that. I moved out of my parents basement and went back to work, and learned the wonderful concept of boundaries. Now the transit is back, and I am looking at it again. Have been attending a Bible Study group with a group of Ladies – mainly to stay in touch with the ladies. The next round will be “Revelation” which I will not attend, and have to figure some excuse to back out. This goes on for a year. I know better. I am a cancer patient, and you do not want to spiral down, and there is one in the group who believes in the LITERAL interpretation. I am too much of a Jungian for that. So I spent all of Sunday reading about what the Jungians, Edward Eddinger, Dr Elaine Piagels, and more had to say about the Symbolic Intrepretation as well as the time period- of history. I do believe in God by the way. I need to go watch what the Pope had to say Sunday. Anyway, after doing all that I felt better and your article popped up in my email. God Bless you Elsa – great timing. There are people in the USA, a whole group of them, who believe in the Literal interpretation of the Book of Revelation not the interpretive, and that accounts for some of the free floating anxiety. I learned that from my Pluto to Sun transit thirty years ago when I met the Buddhist Nun, that if Pluto wants to take something away, you need to let it go or it will get real painful. Part of my letting go was an unhealthy belief system. So, as far as the Americas, I do think a whole segment of the population is living in fear of an apocalypse. I do not believe there will be an apocalypse. I do believe we keep cycling through here until we get it right, and the purpose is not to escape this beautiful planet but to learn our lessons and to clean up our corner, and to develop a sense of humor. I plan to Buy Dr Elaine Piagels book on the Book of Revelation. What she said is there are many books of Revelation, and many were not included in the Bible. She also said you have to put it in the context of the times. Jesus left us in 33AD, Vesuvius erupted in 67 AD, and Rome destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple around 66AD- which was traumatic for the people living there but it was a rebellion threatening the empire and so they put it down, and then the book of Revelation was written around 90 AD. Eye opening for me. I spent yesterday reading about the Jewish rebellion in Jerusalem. Remember, by ancestors were Germans in the woods running around at this point in history. 🙂 I plan to buy her book. So, I have turned off the news. Media attempts to control through fear based methods, and out rage gets more clicks, and all the major outlets are owned by For Profit Corporations so it is in their best interest to keep you afraid and controlled. I find reading Quanta Magazine, Discovery Magazine, some substacks, some blogs healthier, looking at pictures of the day from Nasa. I occasionally glance at CNN just to know what is going on. I think things bend toward growth and love. It is such a miracle this is all here.

  6. Just VOTE TRUMP! That will HELP Save the Entire Planet! I did, today in Kentucky! He’s on the Ballot! TRUMP 2024+++ This makes me feel SAFE and SECURE!!!

  7. Avatar
    Kelly Thompson

    Yes! You’ve helped me a lot with this. Staying in the boat best I can. And even starting to enjoy myself for the first time since March 2020!

  8. i was definitely in a doom spiral after realizing the massive covid lie. what helpes me sometimes is asking myself -what is in my control? if its not, im not gonna loose sleep over it. people were spining out about an emp attack-talk about something you cant control—this one is it.

  9. another thing i keep reminding myself—-the devil (the concept of evil) is the domain of the air- aka words, thoughts—this includes the media. Media is guilty until proven innocent. The less I consume it, the better I feel, the more grounded in reality I am.

    1. Hmm i think thats a good point. I always read Capricorn (saturn) is devil, with horns, but Aquarius is also saturn, so with air elemental.

  10. Hmmmm.
    You’re cooking with gas for this one!
    First of all dat damned ‘Coco’ (end of which ushered in Saturn in Pisces) has triggered the vast majority of this.
    That and of course the Pluto led stellium in Cap back then but I digress.
    Everyone has isolated themselves so thoroughly that despite the illusion (Pisces/Neptune) of things being ‘normal’ n ppl being out and about again they’re really not.
    Still seeing masks n inside everyone’s secretly clutching their pearls.
    And of late gender wars are at their peak.
    The wars are a manifestation of the initial fear from a few years ago.
    It’s not hate or disrespect or anything like that. No, it’s fear.
    And Elsa you pointed out the fear in our youth.
    They’re the main ones.
    Fear of getting cheated on because if you do you’ll most certainly either go postal n die or just die of an utterly broken heart.
    Relationships are less about coming together and more about being aware of the red flags which properly ensure we all stay apart.
    It’s tough being single right through here.
    Nothings good enough.

    Lastly it’s dawning on me that both Neptune and Saturn have been living in my 6th house.
    Without going into a long medical history tour suffice to say certain things with my health are real n others are either questionable or downright fake.
    My doc and I have been basically at war since 2020.
    Elevated blood pressure, kidney issues tied together are usually a precursor for the worst.
    Yet it won’t get better but it don’t get worse.
    And I participate in all the major dis-ease thwarting activities.
    Lotsa water, cardio and strength training, nutrition, low salt, meditation…you name it.
    After reading your message today I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably my normal.
    I feel fine and most days better than that.
    I can run n jump n lift n cycle and whatever else I want to do.
    As long as I can do what I’m doing I’ll just continue doing it.
    No harm no foul.

  11. My own antidote to fear is to tell myself

    “Yes, this might happen. But … You will have evolved too, so will be in a completely different place at the time, which equips you to handle it”

    I got this philosophy from your blog and your own words here. That’s what stops me from being too anxious.

    I have also taken a deep dive into the concept of anxiety.

    Anxiety is the worries. It’s the horror stories we tell ourselves. The difference between fear/anxiety is that the things you worry about and is feeling anxious about has no concrete solutions.

    Real things is fixable and have a solution. That’s how I know when I feel anxious – is a REAL problem or is it something you cooked up in your head? That gives me the answer of how to treat it – the first one has action steps, the second needs cognitive therapy methods to be broke down into smaller pieces and real facts about the topic I am worried about.

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