Interpretation Of Minor Aspects And Unaspected Planets

“Let us just say I was deeply unhappy, but I didn’t know it because I was so happy all the time.”
–Harris Telemacher, L.A. Story

The semisquare, sesquiquadrate, semi-quintile, quintile, bi-quintile, they’re minor aspects. There are more, many more. When I see them in the chart, if I’m interested in the relationship of the two planets, honestly, I have to look them up. I don’t remember the names for these aspects or necessarily what the exact description is. Why? Because they’re not usually the most compelling relationships in the chart. But most of us have some of these and they are a part of the whole.

They can be helpful in micromanaging a particular influence if it comes to that, but generally I find it more useful to understand things in broader strokes, sign and house placement and the major aspects they do make. Frankly, everything in the chart relates, even if it does not seem to. How is that? All these individual placements are a part of of the one big thing, You.

If you concentrate on the broader strokes you naturally become attuned to the interrelation of the minor ones without further study. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Get to know the big stuff and the small stuff will follow. You’ll just “get it” eventually.

Do you check out the minor aspects? Are there particular ones that stand out to you?

6 thoughts on “Interpretation Of Minor Aspects And Unaspected Planets”

  1. Yes indeed! I am fascinated by the words as well as what these little aspects do and mean. The Quintile and the Bi-Quintle especially. Still trying to understand them. Can you shed some light on them Satroi? Great post! Glad you and Nota are putting out some beginner stuff to help us navigate the waters of astrology. It really helps!

  2. I’ve been vaguely looking at semisextiles and quincunxes. I’ve decided that, if it’s (sort-of) in the same degree, then it counts. *grins*
    That being said, I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing with them yet. I just kinda look and go, “Oh! X with Y. *file away*”

  3. Yes the sesquidrate. In the natal chart this reads as strain to me and in transit it can represent the tipping point that precipitates events on a daily basis. When I was oncall the square itself tended to block events but it was the minor aspects that told me I could well have a busy shift.

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