Real Practical Guidance

D.E. writes…

“I had a reading with Elsa today, which was not my first. One thing about Elsa, is she will tell it like it is, which I truly appreciate. I have had a reading or two from other’s and she is by far my favorite Astrologer. My questions revolved around my future pending move and retirement and need to get my ex to understand what we need to do, to get where we are going. Elsa came right out and let me know where my actions were not helpful in the situation regarding my ex and mine’s relationship and how we could approach looking for a new place to live. I agreed with every thing she guided me towards and she has a real gift of seeing reality for what it is and has practical guidance to follow. Thank you Elsa!”

Thanks, D.E.

5 thoughts on “Real Practical Guidance”

  1. This is so true. I wanted to thank you for your kindness and words, they always help with a change of perspective and a lifting of spirit. Tis a rare gift and I’m grateful to know you.

    If anyone has contemplated working one on one with Elsa and not quite sure . . . do it! It’s one of the best values you’ll find anywhere and to be honest, downright priceless.

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