Liars Who Tell You The Truth AKA Gemini And Sagittarius In The Same Chart

I’ve been thinking about the truth-telling liars I know. I attract them and no, it’s not because I am one. Remember that debate? It was grand. Does Like Attracts Like? Or Is There Another Explanation?

So yeah. I’m not a truth telling liar but I am (and always have been) closely associated with people who are and I have a theory as to why. They’re interesting!

As for current, both my daughter and the soldier routinely lie and tell the truth. They both have Gemini and can readily lie for any number of reasons or even for no reason at all other than to keep things interesting.

But they both have Jupiter in Sagittarius and in the end, the truth comes out and not because they’re found out. The truth comes out because they just can’t lie.

And understanding their natures, I cut them a lot of slack but last night I thought I should wonder why. Because there have been times I’ve ejected people from my life for this exact behavior and you know what they say. If someone can do it, they can do it you.

I can do it so realizing this; I thought I better figure out just exactly how much this pisses me off. You know. Could I be mad as hell… a Mars in Libra powder keg ready to blow?

I thought this possible but once focused I was able to see what distinguished current situations from the situations I’ve reacted strongly to in the past. Basically it comes down to motive. Why is this person lying? Is it manipulative? Is it something sinister or the reason more benign?

In the case of the soldier and my daughter, their lies are sort of funny. Although they are technically lies, I see them more as placeholders for the truth… ::snort:: …which will be along shortly.

And I will come back on this (it is a Saturn in Virgo topic) but meantime, do you know any truth-telling liars?

15 thoughts on “Liars Who Tell You The Truth AKA Gemini And Sagittarius In The Same Chart”

  1. I know one Truth telling liar-Does she do it to hurt the feelings of others b/c she dislikes her life or is she getting off on it? I guess both and she is so negative, I had stop hanging around her—I couldn’t take it and this is coming from a [supposedly negative, according to descriptions] Cap.

  2. First, I love your assessment: that a lie with this type is just a placeholder for a soon-to-arrive truth! But yes, I’ve known a number of them, and the motivation was always the burning question. I think I came to feel that, as irritating as the persistent telling of tales could be, it didn’t matter, as these people largely failed to leave a mark on the ether. And this seemed to be, not out of insubstantiality, but because that Jupiter in Sag seemed to make them always seeking, and a little spacey and starry-eyed because of it. TCed has a point, though, as I’ve also noticed that, if you take the truth-telling liar seriously, it can become a devastatingly negative drain.

  3. I don’t really understand this. Like, what sort of “lies” are these? I mean … are they like, saying something and then modifying it to mean something different later? That drives me nuts, honestly. I can never really tell when we’ve arrived at the truth at last or if it’s still a work in progress.

    I have a Gemini friend who does this and leaves out details that might come around and bite me in the ass later.

  4. father is one and I am one as well..but it’s to amuse or tell a story..and it’s with the intent and the ability that when called out (with the simple response of “really?”) we smilingly fess up or make it so outlandish that people know it’s a joke. 😛
    I place much more value on intentions to not lie.
    And to recognize when what you say will mislead someone and to choose not to. People of strong character who ultimately trust in the truth.
    My ex would knowingly lie – about simple things to avoid consequences – to me, to his family – and it always bothered me. Why would he have to lie?? I always wondered and asked him. He never had an answer. Hence I didn’t respect him. And of course those lies added up to the ability to abuse my trust. THAT is a liar.

  5. Sun+mercury in gemini in the 9th house, here. I generally just keep my mouth shut and let people believe whatever it is they want to. Truth is relative to the moment; perspective is everything. If I think I’m going to be attacked if I’m truthful and I HAVE to respond, well… I’m going to be bending some reality. Otherwise, I’m generally honest, straight, and real with people.

  6. well, i’ve known gemini liars.
    and gemini truth tellers who get their facts wrong sometimes.
    and geminis who’ve convinced themselves of a lie

    and geminis who use the truth to tell a lie.
    (my mother is that sort. and all three of her daughters have virgo ascendant or moon. go figure.)

    but not geminis like this.
    i know sags who do it all the time. but you can tell. they usually do it with a twinkle in their eye and a sardonic grin.

    i can see how it could get interesting with a mix of both the gemini and the sag.

  7. Sun, Merc and Jupiter in Gemini, with with Scorpio. I tend to see truth as relative depending on your perspective, but I have a strong commitment to never knowingly lie. With Saturn in Pisces and a Pisces mom who told me I would always be caught in any lies, I learned very young that lying would never serve me well.

    Interestingly, I now have a five year old step son who is Gemini sun conjunct Saturn. Guess who catches him in his lies every single time? 🙂

  8. I know someone with a close Sun-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Sag (a former friend). I can’t say if this person is a liar or not…they live in their own wacked reality.

    I suspect the friendship ended because I have a lot of Virgo in my chart, squaring all that Sag, and Virgo doesn’t take too kindly to abstract “realities”. 😉

    This was someone who was always going on about being self-educated and how they were so much more in tune with the world than people who were conventionally educated; and their thoughts were too special to even be contained by the limitations of the brain. All you Virgos out there can understand why this friendship ended! 😉

  9. I have moon and venus in gemini conjunct saturn…I think I am pretty serious and do not lie intentionally. All this opposing jupiter in sag….so even if I do leave things out it comes out. Which is fine. What you put out, you get back.

  10. Wow, I don’t think I know anyone like this. I don’t think I would like it. I do know people who leave out important details, but I think this is due to spaciness, not intention to omit information. That doesn’t bother me.

    But, knowingly substituting one story for another, I could tolerate that once in a blue moon but any more often than that and I would probably want to distance myself.

  11. I know a Gemini (Sun, Mars & Mercury all in Gem 1st house)- chronic in evasiveness and fibbing or as they would describe it effective dancing a/k/a fluid truth!

  12. I am one myself, and it causes maajor relationship stress relatively frequently, it’s obnoxious. No Gemini, Sag. rising, Leo sun.

  13. my husband and i don’t have any gemini natally, but we do have Sagittarius and we both have 3rd house. The problem is, we do keep secrets, but we’re pretty open about telling the truth to eachother. the problem is having pisces and 12th house natally, which means, keeping secrets/hidden. it’s just 2nd nature to me. my libra mother with the stellium Scorpio hates liars! and she can spot it a mile away and Always tell us do not bald face lie to people! if you need to keep things secret, do so, it’s none of their business. Of course Always tell the truth. that is such a huge responsibility too! especially in the day and age of internet and open communication.

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