My Taurus Kid And The Family Criminal Mind

My eight-year-old is always trying to hide from me. He’s pathetic at it. Matter of fact he’s only hid from me successfully maybe two times out of one hundred. I have told him point blank, “You’re no good at this.”

Now that may sound shocking and negative to some but this is my family not yours. We are not only blunt, we like a challenge. And this was my intention when I said that. What you’re doing isn’t working, try something else…

And so he did.

Couple nights ago I was in my bedroom reading when he called me out to the living room. When he does this it is usually because he’s hiding or he has perfected some new flip or trick or cartwheel off the couch.

So I walked out and I see him sitting in the chair, head covered up with a throw, feet sticking out at the bottom.

I laughed because he looked so stupid and then leaned over and put my arms around him and started kissing on his blanket-covered head.

I did this for awhile, unaware he was standing behind be, silently… the kid in the chair was a DECOY! ::snorts::

Yeah. This kid I was baby-talking and kissing on was actually a backpack for the trunk, a bike helmet for a head and he’d stuffed the legs of his pants at the bottom and stuffed his shoes as well and put them in place.

I was so embarrassed. You should have seen his beaming face.

“Okay, well you got me that time,” I said, reaching down to squeeze one of the fake kid’s legs. “Pretty impressive. I am entirely impressed with you, you’re one up on me now.”

I looked over and could tell by the look on his face he has every intention of opening up a wider lead so I just shrugged. “Go ahead, babe. I want you to have a good time in this life. You go right ahead and enjoy your abilities.”

8 thoughts on “My Taurus Kid And The Family Criminal Mind”

  1. What a gorgeous little boy 😉 Good on him for getting you!

    You have to let them win sometimes…..just to make them feel good.

  2. Chuckle, this reminds me of when i was a kid and my cousin who was quite a bit older always used to find me when we played hide & seek (she’s a scorpio). So one time i laid under the duvet really flat and then scrunched it up all round me so it just looked messy(i rarely made my bed so she wouldnt have noticed it wasnt flat) and bingo she could not find me. I remember being so chuffed that i’d finally got her. Mercury trine pluto.

  3. Hiding in plain sight…

    He’s a beautiful kid, with a one in a million smile.

    And he knows his mom will always go looking for him, that’s the important thing!

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