The House Of The Composite Sun Shows The Purpose Of A Relationship

sun shine round astrologyThe composite sun shows the purpose of a relationship. It shows where and how the couple shine and express their vital life energy. Not surprisingly, my husband and I have a 8th house composite Sun.

Correspondingly, we live (and shine) in the shadow. People are attracted and repelled. We’re comfortable in uncomfortable places and we’re attracted to them.

We deal in depth. We are intensely loyal and we lack interest in anything superficial. We live for transformation via exchange of energy and thrive in 8th house realms like death and psych, healing and regeneration.

I thought it would be interesting if people who were partnered noted the house of where the Sun falls in the composite chart with their partner, along with a sketch of how it manifests.

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Where does the Sun fall in the composite chart of you and your partner? How do you see it manifest?

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  1. does a composite or wedding chart take precedence in a relationship? Just curious ‘cuz our composite chart says 12th house Cancer. Wedding Chart says 8th house Cancer. I see a little of both in us. We’re emotional, shoot ourselves in the feet with that emotion on occasion…very dreamy/loving but occasionally delusional. That’s 12th house. But we are also great at surviving tough situations. We’re great at changing and evolving. We’ve got a ninth house moon that’s dedicated to learning in the wedding chart. I’m curious which one is the real us?

    1. I would think the composite defines the energies of our personalities when we meet and interact. I think the wedding chart is more like our natal chart, for the moment of the “legal” or “spiritual” agreement. Would you still use transiting aspects and progressions on a composite chart? I definitely would on the wedding chart.

  2. 10th house stellium here, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Aries Asc, Moon in 8th!!!

    Business, business, business (10th) and deep private, healing emotional depths behind closed doors. (moon in 8th)

    Our home is our cave. The Business(es) all in the Sun.

    Together 23 years. Love at first sight.

  3. Well the only relation I have had, is with Venus sq sat guy. ohhhhh…my v/s…
    We have stellium in 12th Virgo- Sun,moon, mercury, juno and Saturn all conjunct with eachother. WE did start out as a clandestine affair and have pretty much stayed that way, execpt for 2 outings and 3 attempted outings, but they always fell through. Jupiter is in 5th though. And little Venus in the 2nd.

  4. Sun in Gemini in 11th house Taurus. We’ve been friends for a long time, and we took our sweet time in coming together; this is at the core of everything. My moon is in Gemini, so how could I not feel comfortable with this one. We definitely have a Taurean kind of trust.

  5. Avatar

    I have exact birth times for only two of my friends.

    My Aries friend who I met in high school and have been friends with for 15 years now – our composite Sun is exactly on the cusp of 8th house, and Venus and Mercury are in the 7th. Libra Moon in 1st house. Our friendship has not always been very communicative, meaning we don’t call each other every day or something. But it has always been characterized by fairness and reciprocity. I confide in her, she confides in me. I rely on her during difficult times, she relies on me. It’s fair and balanced. There’s no taking advantage. Interesting… it seems to reflect our composite Moon even more than our composite Sun. But we’ve always been very open to each other. She was the first person ever who I told about the abuse I endured with the ex.

    My Virgo friend who I met only 3 years ago, our composite Sun is in 8th house. Venus and Mercury in 3rd. We talk a lot and we have fun communicating, that’s for sure. We play with words and engage in witty laughs. And there is a certain compulsive quality to the friendship. Fatedness, if you will.

    Thanks Elsa. It seems that an 8th house Sun in the composite seems to be a pattern for me.

  6. I ran across this thread and like it alot. Doesn’t the 8th house and 12th scare anyone? Or am I only looking at the negative?
    What are your thoughts on it? Also Saturn, is Saturn always “a downer” of a planet?
    Example..Pluto in the 12th house..I seen that in a composite and I instantly got worried, also Mars and Saturn in the 8th…instant uneasiness.

  7. Scorp 6th house wife, Pisces 8th house husband. 7th house is our composite and we are partners in every sense of the word. He is the provider and I am the home and manager of it…he does all the work in the world and I do all the work in the home, from the finances to the lawn to homeschooling my 3 kids. We have turned our partnership into a well-oiled machine 🙂

  8. Spouse and I have a 4th house Taurus Sun. We have lived in 11 homes in 16 years, owning 5 of them. We have an Aquarius Moon in the 1st house and live in an Aquarian state (per founding date of state). We are homebodies. He likes to buy more upscale appliances and creature comforts for the house than what I would have purchased on my own.

  9. Hi Elsa,

    A pretty packed Aquarius on the 12th House cusp – so that old mover-n-shaker, Uranus, rules the house of the collective, the hidden, spirit. The Sun is in Pisces, conjunct tightly with Mercury (<1 degree)…a curious one. The house ruler remains at the front of my thinking, so Aquarian themes rule.

    Food for thought, talk and action.

  10. My latest ladylove and I have Sun in Capricorn in the Ist house of composite AND Davison. In the “older” style composite our Sun conjuncts Saturn right on the CAP ASC. Yes, we are both Saturn in CAP, but a complete cycle apart. We have a lot of fated transits and synastries.
    Any not-so-obvious thoughts or ideas from you?

  11. Addendum: Our composite ASC is 12CAP within the same degree of Saturn, and our composite Sun is 13CAP w/in one degree of Saturn. My Eros is 13CAP, and it is the midpoint of our squaring Suns, mine 28SCO and hers 28AQU conjunct her 26deg Moon.

  12. Depends on which chart we’re looking at. In the midpoint composite, Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo falls in the 11th. And in the Davison, it falls in the 5th. Same axis and the energies fit both

    Yep –we’re the best of friends. We’ve been ridiculously affectionate and lovey since day one. (We met under the last Jupiter in Leo cycle) Yep–we have a whole gaggle of babies who bring light and joy to our lives. We lucked out. Doesn’t mean life’s without challenge (far from!) but it makes it a *whole* lot easier to share a life with someone you have a strong Sun with. ?

  13. Stellium in the fifth, including Sun, in two partnerships. Never really got off the ground in either case, though one was very long, and the other short.

  14. ST and I had the Sun in our composite 7th house, along with Saturn, Venus and Mercury—all in Leo. People said we balanced each other out.

    Our composite Capricorn Ascendant had its ruler in guess where? 7th house. Our partnership took WORK!

  15. My husband’s and my composite chart is Aries sun in the 7H. Our 1H Libra definitely shows that we are an attractive couple and complement each other.

    We do lots of things as a unit and we often have a difficult time doing things with other couples unless we are free to do the things we want: leaving when we want, going at our pace, insisting that we do XYZ and if you want to come along, you’d better play along or go your own way.

  16. In Sun in 1th in cancer. Taurus 29 degrees is the Asc.
    I don’t really know what it means, sorry but this post is not guiding me lol :p

  17. We have a composite 6th house sun in Taurus, conjunct Venus and Mercury. We like to look after others, cuddle and make up new words.

  18. My ex-husband and I had a Taurus ASC, 4H Virgo stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto), 10H Aries Moon. 7H Sag Saturn squaring the Sun; 1H Taurus Mars squaring Pluto. Feeling the love? Yeah, I didn’t either. It was all about his work. I also got fed up with enabling his alcoholism – 6H Scorpio Jupiter/Neptune conjunction – a big secret withheld from family and co-workers.

  19. Composite Sun in Aries 1st House. Difficult marriage, learning lots about ourselves. We have a composite grand trine with Mercury, Uranus and MC and no matter how difficult we are feeling with each other we have always been able to talk about money. We took over a failing family business when we got married to build it to a large corporation, we work so well as a team in business.

  20. Composite Sun conjunct Juno and Venus in the 1st house- Venus conjunct South Node also in the 1st-11 years marriage and still going but very rocky, personality clashes, frequent fights. We don’t get each other because if our egos and we both know it but don’t work on it.
    I recently met someone with whom I have composite sun in pisces, on the cusp of the 12th house. Our chart shows great compatibility but I dont know what this placement means for the longterm. Hidden relationship or dissolution of ego? We are both pisces, we have power control issues.

  21. My partner and I have planets in 1,2,3,4,8,9th house. We have sun in gemini in the 8th house, along with mercury and chiron.
    In the opposite 2nd house, we have saturn in scorpio and moon and uranus in saggitarius. Pluto scorpio in 1st. In the 3rd sagittarius mars and aquarius jupiter. And venus in the 9th.
    We have been together for more than 12 years. Our relationship is intense, deep, full of emotions, sensuality, sexuality?. Started out in secret and the beginning was hard. Lots of power struggles and verbal fights. We broke up a couple of times. Then after 2 or 3 years it became serious. As individuals we both need lots of freedom. We love to travel, are both adventorous, love trying new things, but love to come back to our little house with a tiny garden, the nest that we have created together and means a lot to us. A couple of years ago (during my saturn return) we broke up, for a month or so. We bith had broken hearts and broken egos. We realized, we are meant to be together…forever.. but we need to put effort into it. So we burned to ashes and then slowly started again (as many times before at the beginning). Everyone thought we were not together, but we secretly dated and slowly but surely redefined our relationship, our boundaries, values and goals. I am new to astrology but I think that that i can say the 8th house theme of transformation and intense sexual energy, depth etc has always been the predominant on our path. We have lilith in taurus in 7th and north node in gemini right at the beginning of the 8th house. Can anyone tell what that means? Thanks, Estella

    1. Hi Estella,

      What made me do a double take is your name – which is mine. ?

      While tenanted houses in a composite show areas that are important to the couple as a unit, a scattered chart or one where planets are not aspected show areas of disconnect within the relationship.

      The Sun shows where our primary focus will be. The Moon our emotions, family life or challenges to etc etc. You should consider whether chart ruler is essentially or accidentally dignified. There’s much to consider, including how your natal charts compare against the composite.

      I hope this reply finds you well.

  22. Composite sun in 1st in Cap 1deg. It’s part of a stellium with the Asc in early Sag. Merc leads it off at 28Sag, then Sun, then a Ven/Mars at 4&5 Cap! Our individual charts have water with air (me) and air with water (him), some fire each and no earth but for the nodes. Our Ven/Mars conjunct both ways. I think we level one another off with the composite earth. It’s love, passion, and a happy world together. Trouble was so many years went by b4-hand since knowing one another, that must be the Cap influence.

  23. I have a 12th house sun exact conjunct Jupiter in the 12th with a man I am interested in.
    We felt like we have known each other forever even though we couldn’t have…we are from different countries. We met at work and haven’t moved forward because doing so would be inappropriate. Our asc is in Capricorn and shows we met at work and also the age difference of 9 years.
    I am worried about it. Although we tell each other everything I know this is the house of secrets and the house of undoing. If it went well, I would likely need to leave my job otherwise the relationship itself would have to be secret. I worry with the sun here because of Neptune. Neptune frustrated me a lot. It has such big extremes…more than any other planet and I really think how it plays out depends on how it is aspected but also on the consciousness of the people involved. If there is 100% honesty and transparency then it could actually be very healing but if people hold back, then the opposite can be true. Such a tricky placement.

  24. I am big on natal Scorpio planets, he is more spread out in his natal scope.
    He is a cancer by Sunsign.
    His 85h house is Virgo, our moons are in Libra.

    So… Our composite Sun is in Virgo 7th house, close to Venus as well.
    Our 8th house is busy too!
    Moon, Mercury,Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto resides here!

    We were friends for a long time before things fell into place and we started dating.
    We pamper each other a lot, and we balance each other out. We like to do things together, and we have a pretty/aestically pleasing home in a very nerdy way.

    We are big on favours for the other – but also very aware of the energy exchange… Like, when one of us has done more of the housework than the other. It’s like a physical feeling LOL. Guess it’s the 7th house part. We talk a lot, and take care of our elders in a practical way. We want to own cats, not kids ?
    Virgo in a nutshell,ruling small animals. And of course – not only 1 cat, but 2. One cat for each of us of course 😛

    The Saturn/Jupiter/Moon part in Libra/8th house though…. Lots of issues to work through, both as a couple and as individuals. We struggle with the intimate parts, but Saturn in the 8th underscores the veritable need to be 100% authentic and vulnerable with each other.
    It can get messy sometimes when feelings overflow…
    One thing I have used astrology to in the intimate department though, is using the Saturn energy proactively to simply go slow. To take our time when it comes to the physical department. He does not know it’s astrology, but I finally found a way to really turn him on by taking my time quite deliberately LOL!

    But it is certainly transforming our lives for the better and in a big way (Jupiter). It’s healing and vulnerability and the shady stuff. Emotional intelligence, equality, grace, emotional digging, vining, tabuism, The Dark Side of the moon and stuff like that. We are more connected than anyone I have been with for sure.

  25. Composite sun Cancer in 7th- he cooks for me. He’s my rock and I’m his sunshine. It’s so simple and good and always has been. I won’t go on and on about the sex life but I could. Going on 20 years.

  26. Hi!
    Me and “a person” have a composite sun, Mercury, mars and Venus ALL in 8th HOUSE! I had an ex where we had a composite sun 8th and it was UNLIKE ANY relationship I’ve ever had!!! So looking at these aspects kinda scare me. Our composite sun is in Pisces. I am a Pisces.

  27. Me and my new partner of the last year have a pisces 8th house with the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn. It has been absolutely beautiful this whole time but very magnetic from day one, we still can’t stop touching each other no matter where we are or what we’re doing. The planets all have happy aspects to Pluto in the 4th and moon in the 12th but these are all deep houses so I am curious to see how this manifests. They are meant to be scary houses but I have never felt such a deep powerful love and longing for someone and its mutual. We are both very honest with each other and there is nothing but a sense of safety and kindness between each other. I am scared after researching the 8th house but I hope it all works on the positive side

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